10 top web hosting services that you can buy with Bitcoin in 2021

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If you are in some sort of business which needs to have a website, and you want a good website host, and moreover you want to have the option to pay for these hosts by Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you are rest assured we are here to help you to find these options, and more importantly find the best web hosting services. We are here to show you the top web hosting services and list them in order so you can find them easily and know their conditions, and choose the one that suits you.
In spite of the huge growth of Bitcoin and Altcoins, their popularity, their price and also their usage, there not a lot of these web hosting service companies that accept these kind of payment. Amongst the few number of these firms, you can find all sorts of services; meaning not all of them are fast, good, and reliable so you could trust them.

Web hosting services

They will provide you some sort of services that you shouldn’t be have to compromise on things like features, performance, and security just to remain anonymous when you buy hosting.
As we are talking about this in our article, most of the companies, the big ones, are taking their first baby steps in the Bitcoin hosting market services. There are some major hosts that are accepting cryptocurrency as their payment.
Web hosting companies are keep adding new features to their offers, such as bitcoin payments. There are approximately one million Bitcoin users worldwide. As a result, it’s so normal for web hosting providers start to accept Bitcoin.

What Makes Bitcoin Hosting So Special?

We are providing you a few reasons about why you should select a web hosting provider that offers Bitcoin and other cryptos payments instead of the traditional methods:

  • cryptocurrencies hosting services that accept cryptos provide you anonymity with intensified privacy and security features. Therefore, protection from cyber attacks from criminals and other third parties.
  • Bitcoin transactions come with military-grade cryptography security so that no one can trace the trail of your money.
  • This kind of transaction allows you to have freedom of payment or facilitated transactions from any place in the world. The web hosting provider doesn’t need anything about your ID, passport, or proof of address. likewise, it won’t be capable of identifying you to third parties.
  • It is certain , Bitcoin increases the customer’s level of privacy and online security. And as bad as it sounds, smaller hosts managed to find their place in this market. On the other hand more famous hosting company names failed to keep up.

We find that some web hosting providers propose remarkable services.

What we should look for in these companies

  • Reliable performance and uptime: We want quality from these hosting so we can indeed trust, with high, verified up times up to 99.9% and quick performance. Keep this in mind that the true offshore hosting could be located away from your aimed users, which could affect their loading speed.
  • A great deal of storage space and bandwidth: Your website is gonna require these resources, no matter how you pay the price. This list doesn’t include flimsy 500MB plans that will run out of space after one backup.
  • Having domain names by paying bitcoin: These hosts also allow you to buy a domain name using cryptocurrencies. As a result, nothing can be traced back to your account.
  • Extra privacy :With cryptocurrency you will have the privacy you want. Your money trail should be hidden as well as everything else.

Essential Information About Web Hosting Services

Hosting Provider Top Features

Hostinger1. Hostinger


  • Free SSL
  • Daily Backups
  • Free Domain
  • Pay using CoinPayments
  • Pay using BitDegree
  • 30 GB storage space and 100 GB bandwidth
  • Domain privacy available for purchase
Namecheap2. Namecheap
  • Free SSL
  • Daily Backups
  • Free Domain
  • Use cryptocurrency to fund your account balance
  • Free WhoisGuard
  • Easy WordPress hosting
  • Secure SFTP access
3. Abelohost
  • Offshore Hosting
  • SSD Disks
  • Data Security
  • Privacy and Data Security
  • Easy for scaling a business
  • Fast response time
  • Bitcoin Payments
  • Altcoin Payments via CoinGate (Bitcoin cash, Litecoin Ethereum)
4. Shinjiru
  • Offshore Hosting
  • LiteSpeed Technology
  • Anonymous Hosting
  • Pay with CoinPayments
  • Uses LiteSpeed server technology
  • Strongbolt plans
  • 24/7 support
5. HawkHost
  • SSD Disk
  • LiteSpeed Technology
  • Free SSL
  • Bitcoin, Ethereum Payments
  • LiteSpeed Web Servers
  • SSD Disks
  • Offers Offshore Hosting as well
  • Free Website Migration
6. HostSailor
  • Free SSL
  • SSD Disk Servers
  • LiteSpeed Technology
  • Free SSL Certificate with all plans
  • SSD Disks
  • LiteSpeed Servers
  • Bitcoin,Litecoin Payments
WebHostingPad7. WebHostingPad
  • Free SSL
  • Daily Backups
  • Free Domain
  • Offshore Hosting (8 Jurisdictions)
  • Web Hosting Services are ISO9001:2008 accredited
  • NGINX Server Technology (faster websites)
  • SSD Disks (faster websites)
  • LiteSpeed Servers (faster websites)
  • Free Domain name
  • Bitcoin Payments
Temok8. Temok
  • Managed Hosting
  • Green Web Hosting
  • Free SSL
  • Unlimited storage
  • Offshore Hosting
  • Softaculous auto-installer and Weebly website builder
  • Support for Ruby on Rails, Python, and more
  • Bitcoin Payments


  • Use CoinPayments to pay the invoice
  • Optional European hosting
  • Free SSL and dedicated IP
  • 45-day money-back guarantee
10. Hostwinds
  • CoinPayments
  • Optional backup
  • Choose your data center
  • windows hosting
  • great support

Now, we let us to describe each one of these Web hosting services;

1. Hostinger

The best and the number one in our list is; Hostinger to purchase hosting services with Bitcoin. This Bitcoin web hosting service source has a easy and instinctive user interact, as update settings run very fast.
Despite of that,Hostinger will answer the clients’ needs with extremely perceptive customer service. It will take only a couple of minutes to talk to their customer service, they will handle everything you need as a client. You can use their web hosting services without any problems and complication. And the big option, you can pay for the service with Bitcoin, and enjoy the easy transaction.
Hostinger ensures free website migration, so you can easily switch to the new platform. Hostinger is so reliable that you can put all the focus into website development, while they take care of the server uptime and monitoring.
we talked about that how big companies are left out from taking this big step in the new modern world, and accepting cryptocurrencies as their payment options, too. However, Hostinger is apart from them, it took the risk and succeeded. You can have the best suitable price from them, and you can have the option to pay for your service by Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What data shows on Hostinger

Data shows us that Hostinger is hoenest and is the best at what it does, and its pricing is so good. And in fact, it is winning the competition against expensive services. Moreover, when you sign up, you get the option of the live chat service, so when you need a hand, or you need an answer from the company, the back up will answer you. The team included free SSL certificates onto their options. They are offering more storage on basic hosting plan. You can say they have good pricing and great value for money, too.


  • Hostinger allows and provides you to pay for their hosting services by these crypto coins: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. During checkout, you’ll be redirected to the platform’s page, just the way it is PayPal.
  • Hostinger is one of the few numbers of hosting firms accepting the crypto coin BitDegree and does this transaction through a manual Blockchain transfer.
  • This hosting company has 30 GB storage space and 100 GB bandwidth. The basic plan has a lot of space for your will. More developed plans has higher features, and powerhouse VPS (virtual private server) machines are also reachable.
  • Domain privacy is available for purchases. This feature will hide your domain registration details, and also will make them unavailable to nosy parties running a Whois search on your domain.

2. Namecheap

Namecheap is on our list too. As the name shows, it provides cheap domain names. This company extended their field of work, and now they provide web hosting services too. On the top of that, from their best option, they accept Bitcoin as their payment system.
This company, “Good Guy Namecheap”, appreciates the online users’ privacy so much. They are on of the a few companies which care about their customers’ ​privacy. They fund the foundations that are defending the users’ rights to privacy. Moveover they publicly taken a case in opposition to government initiatives that intrude on them.

Namecheap’s hosting services

It worth to say that, Namecheap’s hosting services shouldn’t be underestimated. They are Performing what they more than enough. Particularly if your users are located around the U.S. or the U.K., and all plans contain great features like SSL and backup tools.
NameCheap can be named as one of the most popular Bitcoin web hosting platforms. Now, why is that? It comes with several reasons, such as: the products they prepared, from single-page websites to devoted servers, that come with strong tools and powerful security.
This firm put into the work just the latest, fastest web hosting servers accessible from Dell, HP, and Super-micro. Each one of their web hosting servers has at least two processors, 16GB of RAM, and four hard drives with RAID protection.

More about NameCheap

In spite of the fact that NameCheap doesn’t have the best ratings on the eyes of critics, they are trustable and we suggest that you can use this firm to buy hosting with bitcoin.
Despite of that, NameCheap possesses the network infrastructure that delivers 99.9% uptime for every month, except programed maintenance. In addition to that, they use unnecessary bandwidth providers, routers, and switches to make full redundancy at all levels available within the network.
NameCheap employs the latest hardware and software firewalls to keep their infrastructure safe. Meantime, they continuously and always scan, explore and test protection systems to confirm web hosting security. And if there is a situation that you experience any problem managing a website through this platform, you can talk and check the problem with their web hosting services customer support at any time you need.


  • You have the option to use cryptocurrencies to deposit your in your account balance. As an alternative of paying for the services with CoinPayments and waiting for payment to be authorized, you can use BitPay to deposit in your account balance. Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash are the payment system used for this job.
  • Free WhoisGuard , Namecheap supplys Whois protection for having no extra charge. Authorize the option during checkout and your details won’t be able to be seen in the Whois database.
  • Easy WordPress hosting, WordPress plans has automatic installation, an SSL certificate, and a one-click backup feature.
  • Secure SFTP access, Namecheap contains SFTP with its most basic plans, allowing you to have your site-managing activities totally safe.
  • Competitive Prices for web hosting services they offer
  • Free SSL Certificate with all web hosting plans
  • Free Domain Name with all web hosting plans
  • SSD Disks (faster websites)
  • Latest Server Technology from Dell.
  • Bitcoin Payments

3. Abelohost

The aim of creating this company was to bring the offshore web hosting standard along side with full data safety and privacy. This shows that the price of the web hosting covers protection of your civil rights with having anonymity on the top of it. Abelohost is offering high-quality web hosting services at its best in the web hosting industry.

Abelohost arrangements

This program supplies a large arrangements of offshore shared hosting, dedicated server, and VPS Hosting packages. The elements that will absorb users is the inexpensiveness of the range of web hosting services.
Furthermore, using their arrangements to measure with your establishment doesn’t hurt. AbeloHost’s web hosting services can
establish a long term situation for yo to make a long term business for yourself.
Their first plan that they are offering contains a decent 10GB of SSD-hosted webspace, a dedicated IP, and 50GB of bandwidth. AbeloHost has DDoS protection features as well, a one-click installer, and every standard web hosting attributes like scripting language support, MySQL database, and FTP access. The team is offering web hosting packages that each one of them contains a cPanel installation to let simple adjustment of the web hosting settings by users.

Abelohost data centers

The company’s data centers and offices are located in the Netherlands. This means they do business under Dutch law. And as insurance, the users who live in nations that don’t have free speech rights shouldn’t have be worried about data exposure, Abelohost will protect them and respect their privacy.
The VPS Hosting and offshore shared web hosting plans aren’t the cheapest ones, but they are reasonably priced. As their web hosting services offer some level of anonymity, you can know that they worth spending that money.
Abelohost offers a vast range of payment plans. You can see he names like Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Litecoin, Ethereum and other Altcoins through CoinGate’s payment platform.


  • Offshore Hosting
  • Privacy and Data Security
  • Easy for scaling a business
  • Fast response time
  • Bitcoin Payments
  • Altcoin Payments by CoinGate (Bitcoin cash, Litecoin Ethereum)

4. Shinjiru

Shinjiru is a Malaysian based offshore hosting service. They are offering a huge range of VPS Hosting. And also they have dedicated web hosting solutions for individuals and companies that are concerned about their security. This hosting firm started the work in 2000. The headquarter of this form is located in Kuala Lumpur.
You can be relax and use Shinjiru, because they have data security, and always they give you complete anonymity. In addition to that, they have domain name registration services to offer you. Thus, you can be sure of identity protection if you register a domain name with them.

How Shinjiru treats the clients

If you are a new client and you have some existing websites, the company itself takes care of the migration process and they won’t even charge you for that. You , as a client, are offered the option to make an anonymous Ethereum or Bitcoin payments. Shinjiru has some other services, such as; a safe and secure email hosting service. The team guarantees a 99.99% uptime. Shinjiru’s data centers cut across Europe and Southeast Asia. On the top of those other options they prepared a faster loading time than most of other providers.
They made reasonably priced web hosting plans that want to offer to you.They have also one of the cheapest offshore web hosting services in the industry. They made these offshore plans for startups and personal websites that want to have extreme privacy. Their lowest plan has 100GB storage and unmetered bandwidth payable by Altcoins.

Shinjiru privacy policy

In addition to that, to respect their users privacy, they do not ask for any form of documentation of identity verification when you want to register. And they are giving their word that they won’t tamper with these anonymities.
They provided a lot of options on payment systems by the cryptocurrencies, which are Ethereum & Bitcoin Payments. Shinjiru also makes sure that they give the best live support to their clients all over the world. Their support is active for every day of every year and they make sure their customer service is active and responsible.
Offshore hosting means somewhere that is far away from first-world countries that are trusted to copyright agreements and might violate your privacy because of it.
This offshore places and plans can be Malaysia, Bulgaria, Singapore, and five other locations for Shinjiru. The company performs state-of-the-art data centers in every country and offers shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated solutions.
As we mentioned before, the fee is fair and suitable. Even Shinjiru’s basic shared hosting plan begins with 100 GB of storage space.


  • World-class customer support
  • Excellent loading time
  • Budget-friendly plans
  • Generous resource allocation
  • Bitcoin Payments
  • Ethereum Payments
  • You can use the platform and pay their price by Bitcoin and Ethereum. You can use manual payment and transfer Bitcoin to the company’s Bitcoin wallet. As you know manual mode has longer confirmation process and you cannot cancel it.
  • LiteSpeed is one of the newest and most effective technologies in the market, however is not common to use. The websites which has their hosting service with it, have faster loading times and much finer overall performance.
  • Strongbolt plans include the especial protections that the basic plans doesn’t have, that includes a hidden DNS (Domain Name System) and IP address, advanced DDoS (distributed denial-of-service) protection, and a security suite to protect your site against malware and hackers.
  • They have 24/7 support through clock, through phone, Skype, live chat, and support tickets.

5. HawkHost

HawkHost is based in Canada and it started the work since 2004. They have about seventeen years of experience. Since then they are offering offshore web hosting services. This firm developed its field of work since it began to work. They manage to become one of the biggest and famous web hosting providers in the market.
HawkHost company has data centers sited across the globe. These locations are: Los Angeles, Amsterdam, Singapore, Toronto, Hong Kong, Washington DC, and Dallas.
They are able to give you a diversity of web hosting services to choose like reseller hosting, shared web hosting, VPS Hosting, semi-dedicated hosting, and domain name registration services.

HawkHost’s offerings

This is one of the web hosting services that are offering are especial that they put the LiteSpeed Web Server to use. This version takes the place of Apache, which is the most favorite web hosting server software in the world. LiteSpeed is 50% quicker when processing PHP demands and also nine times quicker while dealing with static content.
The software authorizes you to run your site much better and handle traffic simply. Their all web hosting plans come with a whopping 32GB RAM and enterprise-grade SSDs powered by 12-core central processing units to show their clients that they are committed to them.

Payments on HawkHost

You can have the payment on HawkHost monthly, annual, or biennial basis. Although, the biennial plans have the most reasonable price. When you are a client at HawkHost you can have a 30-day money-back guarantee. what that mean?!
It means you can have a refund if you are not satisfied within 30 days of using their services. HawkHost allows different payment methods. As our goal to introduce you the hosting website which work with cryptocurrencies, they work Bitcoin payments and Ethereum payments as well.


  • Bitcoin Payments
  • Ethereum Payments
  • LiteSpeed Web Servers
  • SSD Disks
  • Offers Offshore Hosting
  • Free Website Migration

6. HostSailor

HostSailor is a very trustworthy and it provides you speedy and good quality web hosting services since 2018. However, the company is considered amongst new ones, their circle of client are growing so fast, and that is because of their low prices and strong powerful hardware.
The company has perfect web hosting services and offering them to their users since then. HostSailor gives their word and gives a 100% satisfaction guarantee for the reason that they try to “go the extra mile and stand apart in a sea of competitors” all the time.
This web service has a lof of features on the plans that they provided for you to choose as your web hosting service.They are offering options like; instant setup, free website transfers, newest cPanel, unlimited number of sub-domains, email and FTP accounts, and free dedicated IP address as well. Furthermore, they will give 60-day money-back guarantee if you just don’t like the package they are sending you.
Meanwhile, uptime isn’t going to be a problem for you because Hostsailor made sure of that your website stays fully operational around the clock. HostSailor didn’t have a second thought to allow Bitcoin to be one of the payment method options and let users to buy hosting with Bitcoin. They turned out to be one of the a few Bitcoin web hosting companies.


  • Free SSL Certificate with all plans
  • SSD Disks
  • LiteSpeed Servers
  • Bitcoin Payments
  • Litecoin Payments

7. WebHostingPad

Number seven on our list is Webhostingpad. They perform their field of business globally. Webhostingpad’s team have created 8 Data Centres and they are planning to make more. They are working since 2000, more a 2 decades of experience and knowledge. The headquarter of this company is located in Mount Prospect Village in Illinois. And they are one of our target hosing web services that accepts Bitcoin.
We believe that Webhostingpad is the only offshore web hosting provider that is ISO9001:2008 accredited.

Webhostingpad’s goal

Webhostingpad’s goal is to provide the perfect protection services to all their offshore customers. They will provide them security on their identity, server, and network protection. And one of the reason that they accept Bitcoin is the same as we mentioned; to provide security and anonymity.
They have 24/7 online customer service for their users, in case something happens, they have problem or for any question they have. They designed everything on their website to be easy to use.
Moreover, Webhostingpad has frequently backups, and that permits free site relocations, and guarantees full adaptability with multiple platforms. In addition to that they have other options too, like accepting Bitcoin, and some other selected cryptocurrencies. They won’t support credit cards, PayPal, or any “classic” payment method.

WebHosting’s plans

Bitcoin WebHosting’s plans, contain shared, VPS, and dedicated servers, are heavily geared toward customers who want to stay unknown and anonymous and also unreachable. The company also provided an optional upgrade and they are offering it to hosting it is secure from copyright lawsuits and surveillance.
These services are more expensive than the others on their list, and their resources are limited as they mentioned it. If, as a user, this is what you expect from protection you’re looking for, reviewers can show you there not many hosting services that you cannot find these options on.


  • Offshore Hosting (8 Jurisdictions)
  • Web Hosting Services are ISO9001:2008 accredited
  • NGINX Server Technology (faster websites)
  • SSD Disks (faster websites)
  • LiteSpeed Servers (faster websites)
  • Free Domain name
  • Free SSL
  • Bitcoin Payments
  • When you buy a hosting service plan, it will not active for you right away. You should to enter the invoice and pay through the CoinPayments link. These payments can go through Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, and six other cryptocurrencies.
  • The basic host plans are located on U.S. servers, but if you want you can have an “offshore” European data center, which is secured from DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) issues, the PRISM surveillance initiative, and the Patriot Act.
  • You have 45-day money-back guarantee option. You can use money back policy without any obstacle. It is available for shared web hosting and reseller hosting plans.

8. Temok

Temok started the work since 2014, almost 2 decades of skill and experience that they have gathered in these years. They have a huge number of users from all over the world. So, this means people trust them and chose them to work with.
Their headquarters are located in the United Arab Emirates, however they have offices in the U.K. and the U.S. To give you more information, it is good to say that their data centers are located in Luxembourg, Netherlands, United States, and Sweden. Temok’s web hosting plans have amazing features and details. These plans are well-designed to manage any website you want to have for your business.

Temok’s payment system

You can use Altcoins to pay the price of these payments. furthermore you can see that there are standard features and details that these plans have. And they are: ​bandwidth, unlimited subdomain, unlimited domain names, 99.9% uptime guarantee, Softaculous auto-installer, and free Weebly SiteBuilder.
You get a lot of value-added features no matter you are on the Starter or First-Class plan. You can use these extra features that the team of Temok provided for you.

Temok’s tempting options

If you are one of the users that want to have a website with an SSL certificate, you can use their offer and have that for free. In addition to that, you can have their more advanced plans too, if you want to. Primarily, they are offering two types of shared hosting plans to their users, Windows and Linux web hosting.
When you are signing-up, you are you are allowed to choose between using Netherlands or U.S. as your hosting datacenter. For you, as an user, to have the perfect value from your subscription, you could pay in advance to have three years of service.By this, you can save over 50% averagely.
Temok has online and the finest customer support. On the top of that, they are offering a 14-day money-back guarantee for all plans.


  • Supports CGI, PHP5, Ruby on Rails, and Python
  • Support for Curl, GD Library, CPAN, ImageMagick
  • Unlimited MySQL databases with phpMyAdmin access
  • Unlimited emails
  • SSH access and Cron job scheduling


BitcoinWebHosting’s team worked hard to make a name for themselves and work as the company you see now. This web hosting famous and wanted because of the good options that they have provided for you as their user. The team provided Bitcoin and some other Altcoins as their payment systems. They don’t support credit cards, PayPal, or any “classic” payment method.
Bitcoin Web Hosting’s plans come with a lot of options. They are: VPS, and dedicated servers, and extreme anonymity and security for those to stay unknown and unreachable. In addition to that, BitcoinWebHosting is offering an optional upgrade to hosting that’s secure from copyright lawsuits and surveillance.
These extra services are more expensive than the others, but if you are looking for extra security and anonymity you can use them, because their resources are limited. As some reviewers said, you can compare them with other websites and see the difference for yourself.


  • They won’t activate the hosting plan you chose right away, you should go to invoice panel and use CoinPayments to pay the price through he CoinPayments link. You have these payment: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, Ripple, and six other cryptocurrencies.
  • You have the option to choose European hosting. The basic plans are using the host on U.S. servers. However you are able to choose an “offshore” European data center. That data center is safe and secure from DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) issues, the PRISM surveillance initiative, and the Patriot Act.
  • They have other options like, Free SSL and dedicated IP. You cannot see these features most of the hosting websites and their hosting plans.
  • They have provided 45-day money-back guarantee for their users as well.You can use money-back policy without any question asked. This option is available for all plans.

10. Hostwinds

Hostwinds’s hosting plans are more expensive than Hostinger, however we tell you they are still reasonably priced. They are one of the best. Their performance in providing these services is one of the best. They are offering 99.9999% uptime guarantee.
Hostwinds’ hosting plans contain a free SSL certificate and unlimited storage, bandwidth, and databases. Furthermore, you can pay for these hosting services by cryptocoins, and it contains special privacy features, such as Hostwinds’ VPN service and advanced SSL certificates.
As a result of what Hostwinds is offering, they turned out to be a well known web hosting provider and also a good one which a lot of users are their clients. The reasons are: its exceptional 99.9999% uptime guarantee, unlimited bandwidth, disk space, and a free SSL certificate in all its plans.

More about Hostwinds

Their plans are easy to set up and they have the ability to be changed in size or scale through especial made plans.
Moreover, they are also offering developed SSL certificates and some other boosted privacy-related features. In result of that, you are able to choose a server closest to you, so you can have the speed you need on your website’s performance.
They are using a lot of well known cryptocurrencies as their payment systems. You can see the names, such as:  Bitcoin and Ethereum, Digibyte, Qtum, and also Dogecoin.
They have provided more than that, they will give you full refund if you don’t like the plan, and if you paid through cryptocurrencies. They will give you this payment in the form of store credit, so they can protect your identity.
Furthermore, they have a good feature that is combination of Windows hosting and Bitcoin payment. You can use this service as your selected Bitcoin hosting services.


  • Hostwinds is one of the services that is accepting cryptocurrencies as their payment system, and that is why we talked about this program. You can use Bitcoin and Ethereum and even Digibyte, Qtum, and Dogecoin. Moreover, you can ask for a refund on crypto payments within 30 days of signup.
  • Hostwinds has three modern data centers, one of them is in Dallas and one in Seattle in the U.S. and the other one is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. You have the chance to select the one that is close to your target clients and users. This will give you the best speed and accessibility.
  • Hostwinds is offering their users both Windows hosting and Bitcoin payment. You can choose the option Windows on any VPS plan with the company, and it won’t matter it is managed or unmanaged.
  • You can have a backup service by paying additional cost monthly. This service performs entirely automatically, and it will make copies from your website which can be restored if you need it in future events.


We tried to show the best hosting services that are using cryptocurrencies especially Bitcoin as their payment systems. These Bitcoin web hosting services will give you the chance to raise your security and anonymity.
cryptocurrencies hosting services are much faster, better and safer in any way. They will allow you to wire the price so fast without any trace.
These Bitcoin web hosting services, have a lot of options that you cannot find anywhere else. More than that, you can ask for full refund on most of these cryptocurrencies hosting services if you do not like their hosting plans.

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