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2Key (2KEY) ICO Review

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2Key is a decentralized social networking platform that is putting users privacy and satisfaction as its first priority. It is an innovative approach towards transparent and independent means of user data ownership, reward on ads and free of speech. It is the first get paid to content creation and sharing ecosystem that leveraged OCR token payments for its reward system.

Essential Information

Ico TimeUnknown – Unknown
Token Name2Key
Token Symbol2KEY
WhitepaperView Whitepaper
Website LinkHome
Price1 2KEY = 0.095 USD
Hard Cap20,000,000 USD

More about 2Key (2KEY) ICO:

2key’s innovative technology revolutionizes regular HTTP links by seamlessly infusing them with smart contracts. Creating scalable, decentralized, off-chain access to blockchain functionality from any browser. Our novel multi-step tracking protocol empowers links to independently track and record each participant sharing them, charting a topological graph. Each participant relaying links is automatically rewarded when a pre-defined result has been achieved from a link they’ve shared. The 2key protocol creates ad-hoc multi-party state networks through front-end code alone. Continually verifying and updating contract changes in real-time.

We believe in the power of technology to spark positive change. That’s why we’re building technology that’s not only highly effective but brings out the best in humanity.
We’re building the technology to empower people and businesses to find their ideal target audiences using an open, decentralized collaborative network running on blockchain. The real power behind our innovation is our strong team of curious, creative people who strongly believe in our vision, mission and values and work hard to create a technology that fosters digital inclusion, openness and collaboration. 

A blockchain-based social economy offering a new economic model for online sharing. 2key network empowers Internet users to regain control and monetize their information flow online.Our mission is to give the masses the tools needed to onboard Web 3.0 without tarnishing the convenient user experience of Web 2.0. Because while web 2.0 democratized knowledge, we believe that web 3.0 will democratize value.2key’s technology lets everyone earn their portion from the wealth the internet generates by simply using the web the same way they always do: by sharing links.By enabling anyone to earn money and reputation for making successful referrals anywhere online, 2key empowers individuals and organizations to incentivize the human web to produce desired results, incentivizing online sharing in respect to the business results generated from each link referral.

This network is built for the people, by the people.We’ve took time to make this paper clear and easy to read.Because if you plan to be part of the 2key network, you’d want to read it.This white paper is a work in progress. It will be constantly updated to reflect our progress as well as the updates in the market, economy and blockchain ecosystems. We’re working hard to stay ahead of the curve, and ensure that anyone contributing to the strength and viability of the 2KEY economy will be well served. That’s why we’re constantly adapting our tactics, strategy and product to make sure we’re keeping a tight product market fit. So anything you read here may be changed as the crypto-big-bang unfolds and as we work to adapt.This whitepaper is for informational purposes only. It doesn’t entail or constitute any recommendation or suggestion to purchase 2KEY tokens, nor does it attempt to promise any returns or profits from purchasing 2KEY tokens. The 2KEY token is a utility token which will be used, among other utilities, for accessing the 2key Network services, creating campaigns, paying out remuneration for services received via other participants on the network, collecting fees for services rendered by the network and its participants.

Any early adopters of the 2key Network reading this should perform their own due diligence before purchasing 2KEY tokens and participating in the 2key Network.We strongly encourage anyone with doubts, questions or uncertainties regarding 2KEY token or the 2key Network, underlying tokenomics, technology, product, architecture or any other subject area, to contact us at on our TG group at: or write us an email at: hello@2key.networkThank you for your interest in 2key Network. We hope you will join us in building a new kind of human web, for the people, by the people.

Online link sharing can generate many types of business results. When we take an active role to faithfully and selectively share links with our friends, we’re advertising the products, services, or content related to them, and can lead our peers in the network to consume content, purchase services, provide information, install new apps, sign-up to websites, donate to causes etc.In the current online reality, however, we don’t get compensated for the work and time we invest in serving our peers with relevant online information. Because we are not remunerated for our successful, productive online information relays, and also because we are not penalized for any useless, spammy link sharing, the current state of the web is that our link sharing remains random, impulsive and largely unproductive.At the same time, small businesses, organizations and freelancers are struggling to identify and reach the right audience without going through centralized platforms such as Google or Facebook and risking their budgets on costly online campaigns that often fail to lead to conversions.It doesn’t have to be this way. We’re all connected by no more than six degrees of separation to one another. If we collaborate as ad-hoc social networks, we 9Table Of Contentscould relay links from one to another and drive them to their target audience without a centralized mediator. This could be achieved if we forwarded links from one person to another with the specific goal of finding the right audience for them, in the scope of specific campaigns with specific target results. The key is to get people to actually behave in this way, on a large scale.

2key network enables businesses, organizations and freelancers to bypass centralized platforms and collaborate directly with their fans and supporters. It is based on groundbreaking blockchain technology that makes it possible to utilize regular web browsers as decentralized off-chain blockchain nodes, and to embed smart contracts into regular HTTP links, so that by link sharing and web browsers, it is possible to play out smart contracts, and in this case, to the ends of embedding economic models into link sharing. The uniqueness of 2key’s incentivization mechanism is that it remunerates EVERY person in referral chains leading up to successful conversions. Participants in the 2key Network can earn income and reputation only for providing actual service which bears fruit in the form of achieving desired results in 2key campaigns. The remuneration on the 2key Network is relative to the participant’s contribution, depending on their earned reputation on the platform thus far, and their performance and results on the given campaign. When everyone gets to earn reputation and income for driving business results via their online link sharing, a whole new way of connecting people, 10Table Of Contentsinformation and economics becomes possible. 2key’s innovative “Share & Earn” mechanism creates a powerful network effect turning the human web into an incredibly useful system for ‘target audience discovery’.


Network is an online, distributed, social economic network, in which reputation is the underlying asset. Participants can earn or lose reputation depending on their actions and results on the platform. Reputation can’t be bought, and can’t be traded, it can only be earned or lost depending on positive or negative outcome of the participant’s services rendered on the platform.Participants can serve in the network as one or more of the following roles:

• Contractors issuing new 2key Campaigns – looking for conversions (business results), willing to compensate referrers and integrators (and sometimes converters), for achieving required results.

• Referrers service providers tasked with selectively relaying information about campaigns and required results in campaigns to correct target audiences, via multi-step referrals.

• Converters participants willing and able to produce actual desired results in 2key Campaigns

• Integratorsservice providers who offer services in campaigns (e.g. conversion validation, converter validation, incentive model optimizers etc..), charging fee per conversion achieved on campaigns in which they serve.

• Miners participants who opt in to offer some of their devices’ CPU, IO, RAM etc., and willing to stake 2KEY in order to function as browser-based miners in 2key campaigns, helping to secure and sync the state in 2key Browser-Based Multi-Party-State-Networks. Participants earn or lose reputation in 11Table Of Contentsany and all roles they assume. Reputation on the 2key Network has direct economic effects on the remunerations obtainable on the 2key Network:

• Contractors can enjoy reduced staking requirements to activate campaigns as their contractor reputation increases, as well as be able to draw in more high quality sourcing seed referrers and following.

• Referrers receive higher remuneration as their referrer reputation in specific categories increases. Referrers may also be exposed to more campaigns with higher minimum reputation threshold for referrers as their referrer reputation increases.

• Converters may receive higher discounts on their purchases, or may be eligible to convert in more campaigns with higher thresholds as their converter reputation grows.

• Integrators may charge more fees per conversion and enjoy reduced staking requirements as their integrator reputation increases.

• Miners may enjoy higher selection probability to serve in campaigns as their mining reputation increases.2key network opens up the untapped potential of human networks to rapidly search and identify the right individuals for achieving specific goals or tasks. It offers a way for humans to collaborate in transmitting the right information to the right people by simply compensating each participant on the network relative to the value of the services rendered by that participant to other participants on the network. By offering a simple new and effective tool for online collaboration, the 2key network is creating a new source of value, offering people a new method for achieving goals that weren’t possible before.


Our vision is to expand human potential by empowering people to connect directly, collaborate freely and share in the success they helped create. By combining our technology with blockchain and smart contracts, we aim to build a technology that fairly rewards collaboration, transparency and honesty.


We aim to unleash the potential of human networks to achieve great things by working together. We’re building the technology to give small players who do great things the power to build on their reputation to grow and become more successful. We want to give everyone the opportunity to use the power of online referrals, by giving back some of the immense benefits of online sharing back to the people who share.


We believe in people as individuals and as communities. We believe in collaboration, honesty and transparency. We believe that humans can help each other in a much better way with the right tools. That’s why we’re building the technology to let people share information and value in a direct and trustless way. A great company once said, “do no evil”. We say – do good! then, pay it forward.


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2Key (2KEY) ICO Scam or Not?

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