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    Alaya (ATP) is a business sandbox and testing field for the next-generation of financial infrastructure of PlatON, a global data asset computing infrastructure with cutting-edge privacy-preserving architecture. While Alaya and PlatON share the almost identical underlying technology, they maintain their respective degrees of openness and independent activities. Despite sharing the same vision and ideas, their evolution paths and specializations differ.

    Alaya is the third phase on PlatON’s roadmap, marking that, after the previous development and network-testing phases, PlatON has now progressed into the application validation phase.

    Alaya is the prototype and business sandbox for the next generation of financial infrastructure. Designed to provide open service for native financial DApps in distributed economies, Alaya is dedicated to providing secure, high-performance, and expandable distributed sandbox enviroment for developers, nodes, data providers and other participants.

    Alaya is also a test field for the next generation of global privacy computing architecture and data asset computing infrastructure. We strive to provide more tools and apps that enable privacy-computing based data asset issuing and trading. By encouraging the participation of data owners, data requesters and algorithm providers, we shall combine their strength to build the infrastructure for the full life-cycle data services.

    Alaya is way beyond a conventional testing network. It will grow to be a digital life form that will sustain itself independently and maintain an independent user community. Alaya is not an affiliation or dependency of PlatON either. While they share the identical underlying technology, they maintain their respective degrees of openness and activities. Despite sharing the same vision and idea, their evolution paths and specializations differ. Guided by the prudence principles and a robust network strategy, there for has Alaya first come into play.

    PlatON strives to become the next-generation distributed finance infrastructure. After two and half years’ development and an eight-month test run of Baleyworld testnet, we have decided to further expand our product towards distributed finance.

    Blockchain technology hold immense promises to better serve financial inclusion on a global scale and provide adaptable financial infrastructure for this ultimate goal. For all kinds of distributed financial inclusion developers and participants, Alaya is a sandbox with high security standards, high performance, and rigorous compliance that we cater to fulfill this great vision.

    Alaya and PlatON share the same root, based on the same powerful technology, and equally created with the expertise and dedication to become the next generation of distributed financial infrastructure. However, any networks with such ambition are yet to face the sustained trial on their stability, security and scalability, Moreover, their compliance, user experience and compatibility must be fully tested. It is for this goal that Alaya is launched ahead of PlatON itself. Being the latter’s vanguard, Alaya serves to validate the innovation and feasibility of PlatON based on real business performance and outcome.

    Essential Information
    Started Date Unknown
    End Date Unknown
    Acceptable currencies USD, BTC
    Alaya Price $4.57 USD
    Token Name Alaya
    Token Symbol ATP
    Alaya ROI 38.83%
    Website Link Home
    Market Cap No Data
    Circulating Supply No Data
    Whitepaper Whitepaper
    Market Rank #2682
    Blockchain Own Blockchain
    Tokens exchange rate
    Minimal transaction amount

    More about Alaya (ATP):

    Alaya is PlatON’s prelude, a bridge connecting distributed and traditional finance. While Alaya is positioned as an experiment and demonstration for innovative technology and distributed finance applications, PlatON will continue to grow as a distributed financial infrastructure readily to serve global financial institutions, central banks and partners in financial inclusion. Eventually they will constitute a multi-layered distributed economic ecosystem.

    Alaya, like PlatON, is launched by LatticeX Foundation at Singapore, with the identical standards on legal framework, compliance, and open source architecture. With the mission to build a next generation data-Internet, LatticeX Foundation actively engages in activities in four fields: distributed infrastructure construction and operation, distributed AI and cryptography, full life-cycle data services, as well as the governance of distributed economies and community building.

    ATP has no initial value. It only exists as a unit of measurement for distributed infrastructure and service utilization in Alaya network. Like other utility tokens, ATP essentially facilitates a measurable systematic transaction cost, which is the essence of “trust”. By no means can ATP be valued, and it is exclusively used for measurement within the Alaya network.

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    Alaya (ATP) Scam or Not?

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