ASUS Starts RTX 3070 Series Cards

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LHR is the industry’s response to the universal supply deficiency of GPUs based on miners hoping to cash in on bull market fervor. Multinational computer company ASUS started a fresh take of its RTX 30 series graphics. It is processing units (GPUs) with a feature
planned to limit its use for mining ether (ETH, +1.27%).
As stated by to the company’s updated product page. The TUF, KO, and DUAL versions of its RTX 3070 cards have a feature called as lite hash rate (LHR). The company’s 3060s and 3080s anticipate to have the feature in future launches later this year.
The efficiency limitations on Ethereum mining will only be suitable to newer cards. They won’t apply to cards that have already have been bought . This indicates that, NVIDIA doesn’t have a plan to introduce a driver or BIOS update in the future. The update that can nerf the efficiency on GPUs started prior to May 2021.

Hash rate or hashing power

Hash rate or hashing power is the speed and efficiency at which a mining system can perform. The more the speed, the easier it is to work out a cryptographic puzzle. So, you need just to add it to the block, and then collect a reward.

New feature for gamers

U.S. multinational tech company Nvidia, along with its OEM associates, made it public last month that new feature for existing RTX GPUs would be a good proposal for gamers.
However, It is not clear whether the latest feature will address the shortage problem or not. But, ASUS says the card’s gaming capability stays untouched.
Nvidia already tried to put limitation on crypto miners’ request in February. They did it by software limitations that discover when people are mining and then throttling mining hash rates, but it didn’t have much success.
NVIDIA says that they try to make certain that its new graphics card range gets gamers instead of scalpers and crypto miners.

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