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Click here to view website review:Battle of Planets stands for the online card game for the topic of space and alternative future, with more than 100 unique colorful fantastic cards of quality art.

It does not go about wide-known dice or casino where players are offered to play against the company. Here you will play with other players by simultaneously communicating with to them via chats. You can play both with and without bets. The bets are made in BTC.

Essential Information
 Start Date 30 May 2018
 Website Link
 Min rate 0.00001 BTC
 WHOIS View Here
Hosting Concepts B.V. d/b/a Openprovider/Registered On:2018-08-22/Expires On:2019-08-22
 World Rank ALEXA  
Commission Fee 1%
Referral Program 3 level refferral program:1 level 0.3% + 2 level 0.1% + 3 level 0.1%
PaymentProcessors Bitcoin

More about

Each player has its own planet, planetary shield, and troops. The goal of the game is to build planet to a specific level or destroy the enemy one. The obtained losses are firstly absorbed by planetary shield and next by the planet itself by avoiding the shield.

The game has three types of resources: Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash. Each resource has its own growth during a move. Specific cards the growth of resources can be increased or decreased during the game. The cards having more powerful effect require more resources.

The user can win based on the number of collected resources besides the win for getting your planet specific level or for destroying the enemy one. Moreover, the win can be awarded in case of the opponent being idle —after 5 missed moves.

Note: “ctrl+ins” and “shift+ins” is not available due to software specifics of the game, be sure to use “ctrl+c” and “ctrl+v” instead of it.

Game rules and features:

Each player has its own planet, planetary shield and troops.
Your task is to build up the planet to big sizes or destroy the enemy one. The cards will help you with this.
From the very beginning each player gets 6 cards dealt. Each card is the sign of some action which will take place at intra-planetary battlefield
Be wise in your choice as it will be the destiny of your Universe crypto resources.The game has 3 types of resources: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash and 101 cards in total
Bitcoin: 34 golden color cards — planet element
Ethereum: 33 silver color cards — planetary shield element
Dash: 34 blue color cards — attack element
Each resource has initial growth for move. Some cards can increase or decrease resources growth level during the game.
But getting the planet huge size or destroying the enemy one is not the only way to win. Collecting specific amount of coin -resources is your chance to win as well.Readme: first game loading might require up to several minutes, as the game is not “light”. Next time everything will take place in seconds.
Bear in mind: remember to play with bot or in practice mode with other player to get necessary skills for “real battle”.
Warning: do not use a VPN connection – this may prevent the game from loading.

In fact is started since 30 May 2018 .check this page and check the latest status of it’s payment.

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Is Scam or Not?
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