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bethereum Ico Review

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Bethereum is a decentralised, blockchain-powered social betting platform where you bet with friends and other players, not against a bookmaker. Built on Ethereum technology and Smart Contracts, Bethereum tackles the key challenges of conventional betting while introducing a host of innovative features. All bets on the platform are carried out via our own Ethereum-based token: Bether.

Bethereum is an innovative social betting solution built on blockchain technology. Designed to tackle the key challenges of conventional betting, it delivers a host of unique features and improvements. Starting with sport betting, our vision is to develop a wider ecosystem and establish the Bether token as the betting market standard.

At Bethereum, we believe projects should be measured not by what they promise but by what they deliver. We keep our community appraised of our progress every week, and we’ll keep working round the clock to be the project with the greatest traction in the business.

For example, our free-to-play gaming contests already got nearly 600,000 bets* and user adoption is growing with every new release. Make sure to check out our latest public version.

Essential Information
Ico Time
Token Name bethereum
Token Symbol BETHER
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link
0.0000571429 ETH
Hard cap 25,000 ETH
Whitelist/KYC Whitelist
Country Hong Kong
Restricted areas
USA, China, Hong Kong

More About bethereum:

Bethereum is a betting platform based on Ethereum and powered by Smart Contracts. Our platform leverages blockchain technology to ensure a fair, transparent and effective method of betting between individuals. There are no middlemen involved, everything important is governed by the Smart Contract. Rewards are automatically paid out, with a small part of the victor’s pot being charged for the use of the platform.

Gamification elements, an easy-to-understand interface and simplicity in account creation and management distinguish Bethereum from other betting platforms. We use Ethereum technology to deliver the most common demands from sports betting, such as instant payoutsunlimited winnings and transparency in fund management.

  • Scalability
    A platform that is designed to accommodate much more than just sports betting.
    Our business model is made to easily scale onto a global level.
    Anyone can build their own betting platform using our API.
  • Transparency
    Smart Contracts secure funds and add transparency to betting.
    All bets involve no middlemen and are trustless interactions between private individuals.
    Trusted Oracles validate match results and ensure fairness.
  • Entertainment
    Designed to increase user retention through gamification.
    A strong social element in betting increases user retention.
    Special events and rewards keep users engaged.
  • Simplicity
    The simplest account creation of any betting platform.
    A user-friendly platform for everyone.
    An interface that is intuitive even for the most casual bettors.
  • Other
    Targets the emerging market segment of casual bettors.
    Deflationary ERC20 token.
    Social betting is seen as more fair than conventional betting.


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