• Betoken (KRO) ICO Review

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    Betoken is a decentralized social networking platform that is putting users privacy and satisfaction as its first priority. It is an innovative approach towards transparent and independent means of user data ownership, reward on ads and free of speech. It is the first get paid to content creation and sharing ecosystem that leveraged OCR token payments for its reward system.

    Essential Information

    Ico TimeUnknown – Unknown
    Token NameBetoken
    Token SymbolKRO
    WhitepaperView Whitepaper
    Website LinkHome
    Price1 KRO = 2 USD
    Restricted areasNone

    More about Betoken (KRO) ICO:

    An Initial Account Offering (IAO) that gives you a hedge fund manager job at Betoken. Purchasing an account will make you a Betoken manager and grant you Kairo tokens, non-transferable proof of how good you are at investing. The more Kairo you own, the more money you will manage, the more commission you will receive. You will be able to earn Kairo by making profitable investments for the Betoken fund. During the IAO, accounts are sold at a 20% discount, and you can refer your friends to get unlimited bonus Kairo.

    Betoken is a decentralized hedge fund built on the Ethereum blockchain that invests in ERC20 tokens. Betoken relies on a large pool of managers to make investment decisions, each of whom maintains a portfolio using a portion of the fund. Individual portfolios are compiled into good investment decisions on the fund level using a unique decision making system we call “Incentivized Meritocracy”, where control over investment decisions is continuously redistributed to managers who make the most profitable investments.

    Betoken is for everyone: anyone can join, anyone can invest, anyone can make decisions for the fund and be rewarded for making good ones. And anyone can rise to the top if they have the merit.

    Betoken is unstoppable: it is a completely decentralized application built on the censorship-resistant Ethereum blockchain.

    Betoken is transparent: all statistics and decisions are publically available, and all fees and clauses are written in immutable open-source smart contracts.

    Betoken will make investing in crypto-assets as simple as deposit-and-profit. Research and due diligence will be done by managers in the investors’ stead, all with minimal need for trust between anyone.

    Besides serving as a fund, Betoken will facilitate the collection, consolidation and sharing of data for reporting, risk management and supervisory purposes.

    Betoken is launched fairly — free of ICO or pre-minted tokens. We rely on donations. If you’re an individual, company or institution excited about the potential of Betoken, we humbly ask if you’d consider making a financial contribution to the project’s development. We’re experimenting with a 100% community-driven funding model.

    Betoken is non-custodial. You always stay in control, it’s written on the blockchain. All user funds are locked in smart contracts without Betoken developers having any direct or indirect access to those funds.

    Betoken’s governance system oversees protocol changes and upgrades, and provides funding for the development of new features. No single company or individual can control the protocol. It’s owned and governed by the very people who use it and benefit from it—You.

    Hundreds of Betoken managers actively prevent losses and seize profitable opportunities for your sake. Your money is converted into an actively managed portfolio of assets that can immediately respond to even the slightest changes in the market.

    When you deposit your capital on Betoken, it is converted in Betoken Share tokens. It represents your ownership in the Betoken fund and is fully backed by a collateral in the smart contract. Each of them acts like a tokenized portfolio, containing the underlying tokens that Betoken managers buy and sell.


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    Betoken (KRO) ICO Scam or Not?

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