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BigWig is a social media with a large community of investors who are interested in knowing about cryptocurrencies and blockchain and the like and want to get to know people like them. Share their experiences and give information. This social media has many features such as posting, likes and comments, messages to friends, creating groups, requesting friendship, creating projects on the platform,  and …

How to make friends in blockchain?

If you have this question, we should tell you it’s possible in BigWig social media. You can make friends and get in touch with others.

What is BigWig-Community ?

Well, bigwig-community is a social media related to Blockchain. A safe and creative place where you can talk about the cryptocurrency world. In this big social media, Investors and the users who like to know more about Blockchain and cryptocurrency can have interactions. Also, they can share their thoughts, interests, or even news and articles on these matters.

You, as a user in bigwig-community, can make friends and groups. You can share what you want on your new feed, or in the groups you have.

In a simple saying in this Blockchain-based social platform, you will have all of the options that you should have in social media. Likes, comments, adding friends, creating your own group, or joining one…

Where is this BigWig-Community?

Our group in, a big Hyip monitoring web, created this Cryptocurrency investors’ social media to make it easier for our users to be with us, and share their interests in Bitcoin, Blockchain, Metaverse, cryptocurrencies and…

How to create an account in BigWig-Community?

It is so simple! You need to set an email, username, and password on this Investors’ social media. After making your account, you need to verify your account on your email.

Now you have an account in this Blockchain-based social platform, which is called bigwig-community.

What can I do on this Bitcoin investors’ social media?

The answer is pretty much everything!

Briefly, we mentioned how you can make friends in Blockchain!

Create your account, and make friends with those who joined before, or will join this Blockchain-based social platform.

You share links on other social media and ask others to join your group in bigwig-community. You can share what you want on this investor social media, and make a bigger world just by participating.

Like and comment on others’ pots, message them, and know their thoughts and their interests in Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and other matters in this big market.

This helps you to have a lot of new or even old information that is important and they will come in handy someday. You can help others, too.

Why having Cryptocurrency investors’ social media is important?

Because you can make connections with others about these markets in a fast and effective way. You can have information, very important, new, and helpful information about crypto markets on Cryptocurrency investors’ social media.

So, make friends in our community, and share new information and news about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Metaverse.

Have interactions with others. Let this helpful information spread across the world.

You can make a difference by just joining and sharing on this Blockchain-based social platform.

You can even warn or be warned about the frauds and Ponzi scams.

  How do Investors’ social media help you to find scams?!

Well, as we mentioned, You are sharing information, thoughts, and your own experiences on our cryptocurrency investors’ social media. Other people, your friends on Bitcoin investors’ social media are doing the same. You can know a lot about investing, trading, mining, and perches made by cryptocurrencies.

You can know where to invest, and where to avoid. A simple fast way to know what is a scam and what is legit in this huge market.

This is the help and fun you can get in bigwig-community. So, make an account here, make friends, and help the important information gets spread. And also, apart from this have fun and have connections across the world.

bigwig-community made by’s team provided you the best opportunity to do so. We like to give and receive the best information about Hiyps, Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies, and Metaverse as fast as it’s possible through our community.