Bitcoin Analyze, Bitcoin May Touch the Resistance Price, 39270$

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We watched a negative candle for Bitcoin until now in Bitcoin analyze. With reopening price of 37388$. In the highest price it was 38491$. And in the lowest price it reached 35782$. We forecasted that for today’s candle we anticipate a minor Bitcoin drop. But, before it touches resistance price of 3970$, it should reach resistance price of 32612$ once more and it should move down for now.
As you can see, this happened. Bitcoin was 38491$ at the highest price. And after that it came back to the bottom.
About our considered scenarios , in the most probable situation, we expect some swings between to lines of 32612$ and 39270$.
But the point that we should consider it so importantly is: if Bitcoin, in next couple of days, couldn’t touch resistance price at 39270$. The chance of reaching to resistance price 32612$ will increase. 32612$ is the current resistance price.
Bitcoin analyze shows in the current short-term situation, we consider 32612$, the first support price. And also i addition to this, 39270$ the fist resistance price.

The Big Wipe out Of Cryptocurrency Market

Firstly, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices had many struggles within the last month. Secondly, around $1 trillion wiped from the value of the whole crypto market. This happened i the result of it peaked at around $2.5 trillion in mid-May.
These crashed starts when Elon Musk announced that he won’t allow Tesla to use Bitcoin anymore. He said that Bitcoin use too much power!
After this as you know, Bitcoin analyzes showed that, Bitcoin and other crypto started to fall day by day and more and more.
A lot of people got broke over this. As we know, it wasn’t just because of said. But, he dad a major part in it. In result of this, he got many threat from some hackers.

Ethereum Analyze

Bitcoin analyze, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency prices are experiencing big lost in this past month. Ethreum, is one of them.
Ehereum looks week, too. But, there is a good chance hat this crypto revisit 8100. And in a more extreme scenario we see it will revisit 4300, more or less.
Ethereum price is still under stress as investors acting relatively strong American inflation data. This crypto is now trading at $2,458, which is about 15% under the highest point this month. Ethereum will be under pressure for now.
Short-term bitcoin and Ethereum holders, sold their their holdings in these past weeks. This act, caused a lot of problems.
Ethreum price of is not considerably above the 23.6% Fibonacci retracement level. It is also slightly under the 25-day and 50-day moving averages.

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