Bitcoin keeps its Price Over $30K, Price Chart Looks ‘Ugly’

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Also, Circle could be an attractive “starter stock for the cautious” when it gets to the public, based one what a Bitcoin analyst. Bitcoin jump back and force around $32,200 after reaching a 2.5-week low early Friday near $31,000. The Bank of America has approved trading in bitcoin futures for some clients, based Edward Moya, senior market analyst for Oanda. As you know, the biggest cryptocurrency by market value, Bitcoin, has a very lower price since past two months.

“This is a big commitment for America’s second-largest bank and signals that interest in trading cryptocurrencies is here to stay,” Moya mentioned this. “On Wall Street, if one bank sees opportunity in doing something risky, the rest will easily justify following suit.”

Analysts said bitcoin cloud be getting ready for a price breakout , higher or lower , after trading in a range between hardly $30,000 and $40,000 for the past eight weeks.
The main concern is a fall under the psychological level of $30,000 cloud trigger additional selling as options traders look to square positions.

“There is a big move coming,” blockchain analyst William Clemente III talked about it on Friday in Anthony Pompliano’s newsletter.” Theoretically, we could be looking at this big move in the next few days but could take up to those full three weeks.”

The breakout seems more probable to be to the downside, according on the look of bitcoin’s price chart. And that was based on Mati Greenspan. He is the founder of the cryptocurrency and foreign-exchange analysis company Quantum Economics.

“Bitcoin’s chart looks really ugly at the moment,” Greenspan wrote about it in newsletter. “The downward slope that has materialized over the last few days gives the appearance that gravitational forces are calling for a retest of the red-line support at $20,000, the previous all-time high. In technical terms, this is known as capitulation.”

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At the beginning of this month, Circle, the company behind the fast-raising dollar-linked stablecoin USDC. This company declared plans to become a public company at a $4.5 billion valuation. Which they do it through a deal with a special-purpose acquisition corporation (SPAC).

Charlie Morris is the founder of ByteTree Asset Management.He thought this week the deal might end up luring more investors to cryptocurrencies.

It’s “unquestionably the starter stock for the cautious,” Morris wrote it in newsletter.

Big investors could discover the stock, difficult to resist because of USDC’s fast growth. The stablecoin’s stock has rose to more than $25 billion. It was about $3.9 billion at the beginning of the year. “It’s clear to the eye this company is growing like a weed,” Morris said.

What cloud make the new shares more charming for portfolios is that USDC “powers crypto, yet has none of the volatility, making it a natural haven in comparison to the asset managers or miners whose fortunes are linked to crypto prices,” based on Morris idea.

However that cloud be a camel’s nose under the tent:

“The old world will end up owning all of these stocks regardless, and that is why index funds always amuse me. They just buy whatever is stuck in front of them, meaning that investors who are trying hard to avoid crypto will end up owning it. Before long, everyone will be invested in crypto and crypto stocks, whether they like it or not, and Circle’s listing will be a crowd pleaser.”


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