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    Bitdeer.Com Is A Platform Providing With Computing Power Sharing Services To Users Around The World. It Saves Users From The Complicated Process Of Purchasing, Installing, And Hosting Mining Machines. You Can Enjoy The Service With Just One-Click.

    Different From Other Computing Power Sharing Products On The Market, BitDeer Offers Flexible Service Package With Competitive Price , As Well As : BitDeer Platform‘s User Benefits Are More Transparent Thanks To Real Miner Machines Works In Leading Mining Facilities;

    Bitdeer.Com Connects To A Designated Mining Pool At The User’s Instructions, And Mined Digital Currency Is Paid Directly To The User’s Chosen Wallet Address ; BitDeer Provides Combinations Of Long And Short Duration Service With Competitive Pricing. Service On BitDeer Is Therefore More Flexible And Users Needs Are Better Met.

    BitDeer Picks The Finest Mining Equipment Of First-Class Manufacture, And Collaborates With The World’s Leading Mining Pools, Such As BTC.Com And Antpool. BitDeer Is Committed To Providing Transparent, Reliable, Convenient And First-Class Computer Powering Sharing Services To Users Around The World.

    How BitDeer Works

    Bitdeer.Com The Platform, Customers Can Choose From Different Sharing Plans And Pick Their Specific Desired Mining Pool. Once The Payment Is Confirmed, Bitdeer Will Supply Mining Power To The Pool And The Pool Will Directly Transfer The Revenue To The Customer’s Wallet. Bitdeer Will Be Responsible For Providing Mining Power To The Mining Pools Per Customers’ Demand, Meaning They Are Not Required Personally Purchase Miners.

    Essential Information

    Homepage https://www.bitdeer.com
    Mining Coins Bitcoin
    Minimum Withdraw
    Payment Methods Btc,BCH,LTC,ETH,ZEC
    referral commission 2%

    More about Bitdeer.Com:

    Bitdeer Has The Largest Mining Pool In The World And The Most Advanced Miner Management Team. It Promises To Provide Its Customers With A Secure And Consistent Computing Power Sharing Service.

    Partnership Introduction

    BitDeer is a leading global computing power sharing platform, providing the advantages of a first-rate Mining Rigs supply chain, favorable fee structures, direct payout from mining pools, flexible service terms, and more. It vastly simplifies the entire experience of mining, sparing users the need to buy, install, and operate their own mining equipment and to get straight to mining. BitDeer strives to provide more efficient and more convenient mining services to users around the world. Since its launch, it has quickly won the recognition of users worldwide. The number of BitDeer users are increased significantly are climbing steadily, particularly with high spending users, moving it rapidly towards the leading edge of the industry.

    Thanks to the recognition and trust of our users and the development of the mining industry, BitDeer has make a big progress. In 2019, BitDeer aims to join forces with its peers, and together deliver exceptional products to an even wider base of users. BitDeer is now inviting you to join them in creating a foundation for more sustainable, stable, and higher earnings, and to explore even more models for mutual cooperation and Coupon.

    Four Types of Partnership

    • 1. Promotional Partnership 

      Partnership Targets: Intended for, but not limited to, mining pools, exchanges, wallet, media outlets, forums, social media, online finance platforms, advertising networks, etc.

      Partnership Methods: Promotions mainly take the form of CPS ads, with the partner providing the placement and directing traffic to BitDeer’s official site or an event page.

      Actual Display Methods (for reference only, not limited to):

      • 1. Banner advertisement placement, link, navigation bar, etc.
      • 2. Plan status window display.
      • 3. Network affiliate advertisements.

      Commission Methods: Commissions are paid on the basis of sales.

    • 2. BitDeer Sales Agent Partnerships 

      Partnership Targets: Intended for, but not limited to, mining pools, exchanges, wallet, media outlets, forums, social media, online finance platforms, advertising networks, traditional industry distributors, and personal agents with user resources. Partnerships can take several forms:

      Partnership Methods:

      • 1. Online Agents: Sales agents sell BitDeer products directly through their own sites. BitDeer provides the technical support, helps agents quickly set up their distribution site, and start earning their returns.
      • 2. Offline Agents: Sales agents sell BitDeer products directly and receive direct distribution returns.


      • 1. Online Agents: Agents can set up sales channels for Referral mining on their own websites, using BitDeer or two party branding, and users can complete their orders on the agent’s own site.
      • 2. Offline Agents: Agents can sell products via exclusive personal links, with BitDeer paying a brokerage fee to the agent.

      Commission Methods: Commissions are paid on the basis of sales.

    • 3. BitDeer VIP Agent Partnerships 

      Partnership Targets: These are partnerships for, for example, business or personal representatives of VIPs.

      Partnership Methods: In these partnerships, sales agents directly sell BitDeer products and achieve a Referral of the immediate returns.

      Commission Methods: Commissions are based on VIP customer sales.

    • 4. Other Particular Forms of Partnership 

      Mining farm Partnership: We welcome superior mining operations from around the world to join us in Computing Power Sharing or provision of mining management services. Mining operations can obtain positive cash flows and faster return cycles, while BitDeer provides Referral dispatching support.

      Mining Pool Partnership: We welcome cooperation with outstanding mining pools; through partnership with BitDeer, pools can gain access to greater computing resources, while users can enjoy more mining options.

      Exchange platform Partnership: We warmly welcome partnerships with exchanges, offering them greater fluidity along with added payment convenience and support for their users.


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    Is Bitdeer.Com Scam or Not?

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