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    Bitluck.Com Is A Cryptocurrency Cloud Mining Platform. Cloud Mining Enable Users To Mine Bitcoins Or Alternative Cryptocurrencies Without Managing A Hardware. There Are Hundreds Of Cloud Mining Sites Available But Not All Of Them Are Worth To Invest. To Get Success Of Cloud Mining, You Need To Check The Top Cloud Mining Recommended By Users.

    Essential Information

    Homepage https://bitluck.com
    Founded 2018
    Minimum Investment 0.005 BTC
    referral commission 10%

     How do I start earning with BitLuck.com?

    The process is fast and simple.

    1. You register at BitLuck.com
    2. You choose a contract and pay for it
    3. We activate the computing power
    4. Your selected pool begins reward accrual

    Why do you sell power when you can just mine?

    We raise money and invest it in new devices for our data centers. Our goal is to create an infrastructure that will bring mining and cryptocurrency to a new level.

    Right now, we have free power at the best price. Furthermore, income received from the sold contracts, we will again invest in safety, industry development, and purchase of the latest equipment.

    What is this website about?

    BitLuck is a legal platform for renting computing power. We are not an investment company, we do not sell Bitcoin or electricity. We provide computing power rental services from the already established data centers.

    How is the reward calculated? Are there any restrictions on the withdrawal of the mined coins?
    The reward will be credited by the selected pool in cryptocurrency to the wallet indicatedwhen you entered the contract.SlushPool makes rewards every day. The accrual will depend on how lucky you are in mining the blocks. Accrual type SlushPool – PPLNS (Pay Per Last N Shares) – proportional payment system.
    Poolin has a minimum threshold of 0.005 BTC for payments, therefore payments for the following contracts will be:
    • 50TH – once every 10 days;
    • 100TH – once every 5 days;
    • 500TH – every day.

    Poolin type of accrual (PPS (Pay Per Share)) is a system that implies a fixed payment for each share provided by the user.

    You can see more detailed information about the payment system of each of the presented pools here https://slushpool.com/ and here https://www.poolin.com/

    How to understand that you are not scammers?

    We are the first company in the world that fully legally operates in the European Union. We obey the law, fulfill all requirements of AML (anti-money laundering — a set of measures to combat money laundering) and follow the general principle of KYC (know your customer). We do not trade bitcoin or electricity. We provide services for the rental of computing power from the already established data centers.

    Our system allows:

    • to buy miners wholesale — it is much cheaper;
    • to purchase electricity wholesale — it is cheaper and not available for solo miners;
    • to organize a powerful system of data centers maintenance.

    All of the above allows us to provide a low price for the rental of computing power.

    What is verification For ?

    For security reasons and in accordance with the laws of the European Union, when paying through ADVCash, Credit Card, PayPal, you will have to go through verification process. Your payment will be credited to our account only after successful verification. You will receive detailed instructions related to this process to your email account.


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    Is  bitluck.com Scam or Not?

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