Spread the love review: is scam or legit ? review from this hyip monitor: BitSavings is a smart Bitcoin mining platform, where everyone from any part of the world can participate in and mine BitCoin without owning a mining rig, or any other mining related resource. Our mining farms are already set up to do the job for you. has a fully licensed and certified UK company. The headquarters is located in the city of London .Furthermore the license number is: 11737498, full name: Bit Savings Ltd. Click here to verify it.
In addition to The CEO of Bit Savings Ltd is Gerrard Herring.
We provide an Bitcoin mining opportunity for people that don’t have the knowledge or resources to mine BitCoin on their own. We have built an infrastructure where everyone can participate and mine BitCoin.
For anyone to take advantage of our investment opportunity, the person must be at least 18 years of age and must have agreed to our Terms of Service. The country in which you’re located doesn’t matter; as long as you have an internet connection, you can participate.

Investments plan of

Starter Pack : 0.15% Hourly Revenue   Minimum Deposit : 0.001 BTC  – Maximum Deposit : 0.099999999 BTC
Advanced : 0.17% Hourly Revenue – Minimum Deposit : 0.1 BTC – Maximum Deposit : 0.49999999 BTC
Superior : 0.2% Hourly Revenue- Minimum Deposit : 0.5 BTC- Maximum Deposit : 100 BTC
So in likewise deposit plans are 3.6% – 4.08%- 4.8% daily (hourly earnings) and they are Principal back anytime. Features :

Referral Commission: you will be awarded 5% from referrals contribution into your account balance. You can also earn 10% from referrals contribution, if you join representatives.
Security : SiteLock, TrustWave, McAfee, Geo-Trust Anti-Malware and others listed on  homepage.
 payment method:  Profit transfers are instantly from.
licensed company.license number : 11737498
certificate : You can see certificate of  in this link
World rank: It looks good  in this little time!! See it On ALEXA
We will try to provide our observations and make the best review here. But this monitoring is not complete without your comments, messages and reports. So post your comments on the investment system provided at the end of each post or email
NOTE: is not a financial and investment system and it never enter into the investment services’s area.
Our main task is to provide the correct payment for hyips and their related data. has no responsibility for your investments.
Do your investment with more observation and investigation.
Is scam or legit ?
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