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    Blockstack in defi token herits Bitcoin’s security through Proof of Transfer, enables you to write secure smart contracts with Clarity, and brings it all together in one decentralized network maintained by developers from all over the world. More than 500 teams are already building on Blockstack defi token.

    With decentralized data storage and accounts, everything your users do will be private and owned by them. It’s powered by the blockchain but integration is easy — all you need is a few lines of JavaScript.

    Essential Information

    Blockstack Price $0.205408 USD
    Token Name Blockstack
    Token Symbol STX
    Blockstack  ROI -31.53%
    Website Link Home
    Market Cap $127,012,213 USD
    Circulating Supply 618,340,700 STX
    Whitepaper Whitepaper
    Market Rank #86

    More about Blockstack (STX):

    Blockstack (STX) defi token was made on blockstack.org platform. Which was by the hands of some skilled people. Clarity smart contracts are self-executing, public code that run on the Stacks blockchain. Use smart contracts to build new kinds of apps and protocols that operate without a central authority, control digital assets, and enable trustless interactions.

    Data is stored with the user and encrypted with a key that only they own. Developers aren’t responsible for, or have to host, their users’ data. This protects users against security breaches and keeps their data private.


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    Blockstack (STX) Scam or Not?

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