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    Crypto trading is complex and time consuming, with hundreds of news every day and a very volatile market. But most people have a lot to do and they can’t wake up at night to check their transactions or learn how to choose and set up a trading bot.

    Therefore, the idea was simple – to create a platform for the simple and orderly generation of effective trading strategies. At that time there were several bots working with cryptocurrency exchanges, but their quality left much to be desired. It seemed that these bots were people without serious experience in this area. Therefore, they decided to develop our own trading bot.

    They set a goal to create an investment platform that would be powerful but easy to use. In the future, after several months of work, everything was ready.

    I use several indicators in real time to predict market trends and volatility, analyzing more than 500 million events per day. Then I use Convolutional Deep B-Reinforcement Learning to determine the relevance of various indicators at any given time. For example, by analyzing the indicator moving average, I can decide to buy or sell cryptocurrency. I choose the most suitable option.

    I strive to become a trading bot, which you will be happy to recommend to your friends and will also use for yourself.

    Essential Information

    Start Date 17 Oct 2019
    Website Link https://braind.club
    Min/Max Investment 10 $ – No Limit
    Minimum withdraw 1$
    WHOIS View Here
    Name.com, Inc.Registered On:2019-09-14.Expires On:2020-09-14
    World Rank Alexa
    PaymentProcessors Perfect Money ,  Payeer , Bitcoin , Litecoin , Ethereum , Dogcoin

    Investment’s plan of braind.club:

    105% after 10 days, charging 0.5% every day

    Minimum :10$ – Maximum: No Limit


    Features Of braind.club:

    Withdraw :Manuel

    Security:DDOS Protection – EV SSL, CloudFlare, Inc.

    Referral Commission:from 3% to 15%

    Script: GoldCoders : Licensed

    24/7 Support


    Rules Of braind.club:

    1.1. Participation in the project is possible only for persons who have reached the age of majority, which is established by law in the country of residence. Usually it is 18 years or older..
    1.2. Participation in the project is anonymous. The participant is not required to provide any identification documents or documents containing personal data. Also, the participant is not required to undergo any identity verification procedure by sending documents to his address by physical location or by telephone. Braind shall in no case transfer personal data of the participant (login, name and surname, email address and information on deposits) to any third parties.

    Rights and Obligations of the Parties
    2.1. Member is eligible:
    2.1.1. Register on the site and have only one account in the system.
    2.1.2. Transfer funds to the account in the system using any of the methods available on the site.
    2.1.3. To take part in promotions and competitions held by the project in accordance with the rules of promotions and competitions published on the site.
    2.1.4. Become a member of the affiliate program and attract referrals, getting affiliate rewards.
    2.2. Member agrees:
    2.2.1. Use only the payment instruments belonging to him to replenish the balance in the system and withdraw funds.
    2.2.2. To replenish your balance with funds of lawful origin.
    2.2.3. Keep your account information secure and not transfer account access to third parties.
    2.3. Braind has the right:
    2.3.1. Block a member’s account in case of payment systems reporting illegal actions of the Member, as well as at the request of law enforcement agencies.
    2.3.2. Deny the Member the provision of services and block the account if the Member attempts to, in one way or another, harm the project (slander, defamation, blackmail, attempts to hack a website, spam, etc.).
    2.3.3. Modify, add, rename or leave unchanged any sections, paragraphs and subparagraphs of these terms and conditions with notification of participants on the site.
    2.4. Braind undertakes:
    2.4.1. Ensure the confidentiality of the Member’s personal data.
    2.4.2. Make accruals on the balance of the Participant in accordance with the terms and conditions of the project.
    2.4.3. Monitor the site’s performance and provide unhindered access to your account.

    Calculation of interest on investments
    3.1. Profit is accrued in accordance with the project conditions specified in the Investments section.
    3.2. The participant has the right to control the profit at his discretion.
    3.3. The participant is allowed to increase the amount of investment at any time, at his own request.

    4.1. The funds to the participant are received in accordance with the specified terms in deposits.
    4.2. Funds transferred by the Participant to his account are credited instantly and are not subject to additional commissions from the project. However, such commissions may be present from the Participant’s payment system.
    4.3. Funds transferred by the Participant become part of the investment assets Braind.
    4.4. Funds transferred by the Participant are recorded on the Participant’s investment balance in their personal account.
    4.5. Payment security issues are regulated by the Security section.
    4.6. Payments are made according to the details specified by the participant in the account settings. Braind is not responsible for incorrectly specified details and payments made on incorrectly specified details.
    4.7. Payments are not subject to additional fees.
    4.8. Payments are made only to electronic wallets belonging to the participant. Payments to other people’s electronic wallets are prohibited.

    Affiliate Program
    5.1. Each partner receives a unique referral link, by registering by which the invited member is linked to the account of the partner who invited him.
    5.2. Affiliate commissions are calculated and credited to the partner’s balance in accordance with the conditions set forth in the “Affiliate Program” section.
    5.4. The partner has the right to dispose of the commission received at his discretion.
    5.4. One Member is prohibited from registering more than one account to participate in the affiliate program.

    6.1. All content that is contained on the pages and attachments of the Braind site, whether textual, graphic or other other information, is the exclusive intellectual property Braind.
    6.2. Any links, literal or partially verbatim citations of this content must be accompanied by a mandatory link to Braind.
    6.3. Partial or full copying of this content with a view to its further distribution or commercial use may be carried out only with the appropriate agreement with the Administration Braind.

    For non-compliance and / or non-compliance by the Participant with these Rules, or ignoring warnings from the Administration, Braind may, without further negotiations and discussion with the interested party, partially or completely restrict access.


    In braind.club is started since 17 Oct 2019  and it’s investment plans seem logical. Any ways check this page and check the latest status of it’s payment.

    In addition to We will try to provide their observations and make the best review here. But this monitoring is not complete without your comments, messages and reports. So post your comments on the investment system provided at the end of each post or email hyipsmonitoringclub@gmail.com


    hyip-monitor.club is not a financial and investment system and it never enter into the investment services’s area.
    Our main task is to provide the correct payment for hyips and their related data.
    Hyip-monitor.club has no responsibility for your investments.
    Do your investment with more observation and investigation.

    Is braind.club Scam or Not?

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