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    Chiliz defi token is a currency option for blockchain-backed products & services geared towards mainstream consumers. We want to elevate everyday experiences – fan engagement in entertainment, alternative payment solutions for conventional products, and more. Chiliz defi token provides sports & entertainment entities with blockchain-based tools to help them engage & monetize their audiences.

    They do so by building scalable service layers on top of their own private, proof of authority blockchain (the Chiliz chain). All of these projects are fueled by the Chiliz token ($CHZ), a chain-agnostic digital currency that is currently available on leading crypto exchanges around the world.
    The Socios.com fan engagement platform is built from the ground up on the Chiliz defi token blockchain infrastructure & uses $CHZ as it’s exclusive on-platform currency. Socios.com allows fans to purchase branded Fan Tokens from some of the biggest and most renowned sports teams in the world including FC Barcelona, Juventus, Paris Saint-Germain, AS Roma, Galatasaray, Atlético de Madrid, OG, CAI & UFC.

    Fan Tokens bought on Socios.com allows users to influence their teams via popular vote and become eligible for engagement-based team rewards and recognition. All Fan Tokens are minted using the Chiliz blockchain & all on-platform voting is executed as a series of smart contracts that run through the Chiliz blockchain.

    Essential Information

    Chiliz  Price $0.011001 USD
    Token Name Chiliz 
    Token Symbol CHZ
    Chiliz ROI -48.83%
    Website Link Home
    Market Cap $54,132,165 USD
    Circulating Supply 4,920,737,861 CH
    Whitepaper Whitepaper
    Market Rank #142

    More about Chiliz (CHZ):

    The Chiliz defi token is classified as a ‘Virtual Financial Asset’ in terms of the applicable
    Maltese ‘Virtual Financial Assets Act’ (Chapter 590 of the Laws of Malta) (the ‘VFA
    Act’) The Chiliz token does not possess any necessary characteristic required to
    be considered transferable security, money market instrument, unit in collective
    investment schemes, a digital currency, commodity, security or any other form of
    investment in any jurisdiction.

    This white paper is compiled in accordance with the requirements and provisions of
    the VFA Act and is in the process of being registered with the relevant competent
    authority, the Malta Financial Services Authority. As at the date of this white paper,
    no other registrations, approvals, or licensing requirements apply for the Chiliz token
    in terms of applicable Maltese law.

    This white paper does not constitute a prospectus or offering document and is not a
    solicitation for investment and does not constitute an offer of financial instruments,
    securities to the public, or a collective investment scheme. Any decision to purchase
    Chiliz defi tokens shall be based on consideration of this white paper as a whole.
    The Issuer reserves the right to (i) make changes to this white paper and any documents
    linked to the Chiliz token and/or holding and use of Chiliz token to ensure compliance
    with the applicable regulatory requirements and (ii), do all that is necessary to
    be in compliance with any regulatory requirements, including but not limited to,
    interrupting, suspending, or ceasing the operations or trading of the Chiliz token if
    deemed necessary at the Issuer’s sole discretion.

    It is solely up to you to ensure that no prior or subsequent approval, notification,
    registration or license is needed or if such is needed, it is solely up to you to obtain
    such prior or subsequent approval, notification, registration or license or require
    any form in the country where you are a citizen, national, resident or having a similar
    connecting factor, or incorporated, registered or effectively managed, and the Issuer
    shall not in any way be liable for any non-conformity of the above by you.


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    Chiliz (CHZ) Scam or Not?

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