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ClinTex’s primary mission is to speed up the delivery of new medicines to market, and to drive down the cost of medicine for the people who need it. ClinTex will achieve this by disrupting the clinical trials process: making it faster, more efficient and more cost effective for the pharmaceutical companies that engage in the research of new medicines for market With this mission in mind, ClinTex are proud to introduce CTi – Clinical Trials Intelligence, a clinical trials collaboration and data analytics platform that leverages the benefits of distributed ledger technology (blockchain), machinelearning and AI to drive significant quality and operational improvements in the running of trials; the sharing of clinical trial data across the industry; and the first-ever predictive data analytics in clinical trials. At current, the clinical trials industry faces several persistent issues that make trial operations overtly costly, time consuming, complex and inefficient. Resulting costs are spiralling as pharmaceutical companies invest more to do less (>$2.5 billion per new medicine), while difficulty in patient recruitment and retentio means that 80% of clinical trials are delayed by an average of 10.8 months.

By developing a range of key applications that focus on the specific key pain-points and bottlenecks outlined in this document, ClinTex seek to revolutionise not only the way pharmaceutical companies collaborate on clinical trials, but also the way they set-up, conduct, and oversee the operational and clinical effectiveness of their trials.

The Opportunity for Clinical Trials Intelligence

With the annual number of registered clinical trials increasing from 3,294 in 2004 to 23,384 in 2013 (Viergever and Li, 2015), and the average cost of a clinical trial across all phases running at about $15 million, delivering even small efficiencies in data handling during clinical trials has the potential to save billions. Furthermore, during the last 20 years, the average number of trials per New Drug Application has increased from 30 to more than 70, and the number of patients required in a typical submission has also increased from 1576 to more than 4200 (Parexel International Corporation, 2005).

This continued evolution of the clinical trial landscape represents significant opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to benefit from the unique ClinTex Clinical Trials Intelligence which will help them to curb and control spiralling costs with a “datadriven” and “risk-based” approach to running their trials. For example, a 1% average cost reduction across all trials running today would generate a saving of $3.5 billion across the industry (based on the averages above). At ClinTex, we believe that our innovative platform has the potential to meet and exceed these savings on a per trial basis.

The ClinTex CTi Approach

The common “Value Item” that runs through all aspects of drug development is data. Data is used at the macro level after a trial is complete to determine if a drug is safe and effective, and if a marketing authorisation should be granted (e.g. submissions to FDA).

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More about ClinTex CTi (CTI):

Currently, efficiency issues in Clinical Trials are costing between $600,000 – $8m dollars per day, and are significantly delaying the delivery of new medicine to patients in need. We want to change that. ClinTex are a solution provider to the pharmaceutical industry, and the team behind CTi – Clinical Trials Intelligence: a new type of software platform aimed at transforming the medicine development industry through the application of predictive analytics, machine learning, and the novel use of blockchain technology and smart contracts in clinical trials. Our mission is to bring down the cost of medicine and improve the speed to market of new medicines for the people who need them, through vastly reducing development costs for the global pharmaceutical industry. The Basics of Blockchain At its core, blockchain is a distributed system of recording and storing transaction records. More specifically, blockchain is a shared, immutable record of peer-to-peer transactions built from linked transaction ‘blocks’ that are stored in a digital ledger. It is considered immutable because any change to a record (previously recorded block) must be agreed upon by a consensus of validators. In other words, information that has been recorded can only be changed if everyone agrees. Blockchain relies on established cryptographic techniques to allow each participant in the network to interact (e.g. store, exchange, and view information), without the need for a third party. In a blockchain system, there is no central authority; instead, transaction records are stored and distributed across all network participants. Interactions require verification by the network before information is added, enabling collaboration between network participants whilst recording an immutable audit trail of all interactions.

Immutable Transaction Ledger
Audit trails are a required procedure and control for all clinical data. The FDA and other regulatory authorities need to be able to verify the quality and integrity of the data (FDA, 2017) and a pharmaceutical company must, in accordance with Good Clinical Practice (GCP), record all changes to the data, who made the changes and when. A blockchain ledger is the perfect record keeping tool because it does exactly that. With the Clinical
Trials Intelligence, data and changes to data can be stored immutably. This allows the platform to evolve from avisualisation and analytics tool, to a workflow management tool that maintains transparency while automatically providing audit trails of actions taken. Therefore, CTi will act as a single, regulatory-compliant workflow management tool to deliver cost and efficiency savings through optimum risk-based deployment of resources.

Historical Data

Further to the immutable nature of the blockchain, the complete history of clinical data views stored on a blockchain allows the creation and evolution of powerful machine learning algorithms that increase in potency over time, providing a powerful predictive tool for clinical trials that introduces hitherto untapped opportunities for efficiency and quality in the conduct of clinical research.

Clinical Data Visualisation Application (CTi-CDV)

Traditionally, medical review of clinical data was performed based on “line listings” of data generated from clinical trials. After line by line reviews, issues identified are manually raised with the investigator site in question. Queries and other corrective actions are then manually resolved. Data quality is monitored similarly with programmed checks and controls, the output of which is reviewed manually. This approach leads to missed issues during data reviews and delays in the clinical trial (waiting for corrective actions to be completed). With the CTi-CDV, medical review will be significantly enhanced through the use of data visualisations output from information contained in ClinTex’s blockchain. These visualisations will enable the improved identification and sharing of issues that may impact on trial integrity and safety of patients. Data quality will be monitored using visualisations (e.g. identification of outliers) and statistical monitoring. Furthermore, CTi-CDV will facilitate flagging of these issues as well as corrective actions to be recorded andm monitored.


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ClinTex CTi (CTI) Scam or Not?

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