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    To date, perhaps there is no person who would not hear about cryptocurrencies and mining. A lot of people want to get these treasured “coins” for themselves, and this is not surprising, because the same Bitcoin since May 22, 2010. (it is believed that on this day the first online purchase was made, pizza was bought for 10,000 BTC (about $ 25, at the rate of that time, now it is more than $ 100,000,000) increased in price by more than 4,000,000 ( !) Once it continues to grow, but not everyone has a large amount of money and can invest in expensive equipment, but you want to make a profit from cryptocurrency mining, how then to be? Exit – use our service!

    Essential Information

    Homepage https://cloud-coin.info
    Mining Coins Bitcoin
    Minimum Withdraw The minimum amount for withdrawal is 20 Dogecoin or $ 0.2 per Payeer payment system, the maximum amount is not limited. Payments are made in manual mode.
    Payment Methods credit cards or BTC
    referral commission 10%

    Withdraw funds without investment

    If you are an active participant in the project, attract referrals or receive various bonuses from the project, then you can withdraw the accumulated funds upon reaching the minimum amount, regardless of whether you replenished your balance or not.

    We are not a financial pyramid

    Unlike most cloud mining services, or the so-called “pseudo-cloud” mining services, where the profit is accrued from the participants who are newly connected to the program, you get power from us in real-life equipment.

    Return on investment

    If you have acquired capacity, but for some reason decided to terminate this business, you have the opportunity to sell the previously purchased capacity by returning the invested funds. In this we differ from most of these services, which do not have such an opportunity.

    What is the profitability of the project?

    Actual project profitability is constantly changing, because directly related to the Bitcoin exchange rate (BTC).

    Why do you mine Bitcoin, but pay with Dogecoin and USD-Payeer?

    Dogecoin was chosen as the cryptocurrency, as it has low fees for transfers and fast circulation, in contrast to the same Bitcoin. This is done, first of all, for the convenience of users of the resource, because it is much more profitable to give a small commission for transferring to Dogecoin than to give up to 100,000 satoshi (due to the large number of small transactions) for transferring Bitcoin.

    How long do I purchase GHS?

    Indefinitely. Fees for the maintenance of equipment, facilities and electricity costs are laid down in the profitability of mining.

    Why can’t I mine GHS or reinvest received Satoshi?

    Because the project is not a financial pyramid and in our equipment capacities do not appear from nowhere. Reinvest is also not possible, due to the fact that the number of available capacities is strictly limited by the equipment’s capabilities, when new equipment is put into operation, its capacities are also realized, but this will not continue indefinitely, since we do not have our own power station.

    Why do I get 10% less when selling GHS?

    We do not keep these 10% for ourselves – these are referral charges to your senior partner. This commission was introduced to exclude various cheating and attempted fraud.

    What payment systems are available for withdrawal?

    The project includes manual payments to the Payeer payment system and Dogecoin cryptocurrency. The payment period, in some cases, can be up to 72 hours, but is usually made within 24 hours.

    Why in the project accruals to the balance go every second, and in real mining accruals pass only when a new block is found?

    Yes, that’s right, this is done for the convenience of users and to increase the visual appeal of the project.

    Why in the project every day the same amount of charges, and not on the number of blocks found?

    On some days, more blocks can be found, on some less. In order for participants to better predict their income, we accrue the average value.

    Why is the project less profitable than other cloud mining?

    Because our project is not a financial pyramid, where participants get profit from investments of other participants. The profitability of real mining can be easily calculated, for example, here – http://whattomine.com

    Can I register multiple accounts in a project?

    Creating multi-accounts is strictly prohibited! If identified, these accounts may be blocked without a refund or any compensation.

    What are the minimum / maximum amounts for deposit / withdrawal?

    The minimum amount for withdrawal is 20 Dogecoin or $ 0.2 per Payeer payment system, the maximum amount is not limited. Payments are made in manual mode.

    There are no minimum amounts to replenish.

    If you want to replenish the project balance with the help of a common cryptocurrency worth more than $ 300 – contact technical support support@cloud-coin.info , your question will be considered individually.

    How do I contact tech support?

    To communicate with technical support, you need to create a message on our forum indicating the appropriate site. You can do it here. Letters sent to E-mail will not be considered.

    What affiliate program is implemented in the project?

    Affiliate program – 10% of the replenishment of the account balance by your partner (accrued in satoshi), regardless of what the money will be spent on, the purchase of GHS or advertising in the project.


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    Is cloud-coin.info Scam or Not?

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