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Cogmento (COGS) ICO Review

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Cogmento is a decentralized social networking platform that is putting users privacy and satisfaction as its first priority. It is an innovative approach towards transparent and independent means of user data ownership, reward on ads and free of speech. It is the first get paid to content creation and sharing ecosystem that leveraged OCR token payments for its reward system.

Essential Information

Ico Time01 Mar 2019 – 31 Dec 2020
Token NameCogmento
Token SymbolCOGS
WhitepaperView Whitepaper
Website LinkHome
Price1 COGS = 0.1 USD
Soft Cap1,000,000 USD
Hard Cap6,000,000 USD

More about Cogmento (COGS) ICO:

Cogmento COGS power Enterprise Software; we are a company that uses blockchain as the next-step in cloud-based SaaS computing. Utility services are sold and distributed using the COGS token in a unique compute environment. Our first product is a CRM system utilizing blockchain identity and micropayments and is live on the web and on Android and iOS. With smart contracts, business rules can run autonomously in a guaranteed fair system. Simply, blockchains are a database, but the difference is that control is shared amongst a community ensuring accuracy, security, and even performance. Smart contracts are agreements that use software to enforce, confirm, or facilitate the execution of contract obligations.

Our team has been delivering cloud CRM since 2003 when we launched We’ve seen all of the problems and limitations with SaaS and cloud-based solutions and believe that Enterprise software will evolve from cloud to blockchain. With over 600,000 customers over 16 years, we decided to add the COGS token to our new, next-generation platform and transform it into a smart-contract based system. Cogmento’s Enterprise software suite, powered by blockchain, will create new ways for organizations to work together in a distributed application environments with the trust and security of blockchain-enabled smart contracts powered by the COGS token.

Since launching our first cloud CRM – in October 2003, we’ve been at the cutting edge of SaaS software for small, medium, and large businesses everywhere. With over 570,000 customers worldwide, Cogmento has raised the bar with our new crypto-powered CRM using the COGS token. CRM with Smart Contracts powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Cogmento delivers not just cloud-based CRM but a full range of software and choice in how you want it – licensed, on demand, private label, and custom services.

Our Mission

Cogmento brings best in class cloud software and services and offers them on monthly and licensed productions and solutions. Our integrated mobile and web platform delivers the highest level of speed, security, and functionality available with today’s cutting edge Internet technology. Providing the best technology solutions for your business — comprehensive technology solutions.

Cogmento operates our cloud software and network in AWS at Amazon’s secure data facilities and delivers an uncompromised uptime and system availability. With a target of six nines (99.9999%) availability, our engineers are on duty 24/7/365 to make sure your data is always available to you and is safe and secure. Our physical facilities meet or exceed all federal and International requirements for data security, redundancy, business resumption, and continuity. Cogmento delivers the highest quality cloud services anywhere.

Since launching our first cloud CRM – in October 2003, we’ve been at the cutting edge of SaaS software for small, medium, and large businesses everywhere. With over 570,000 customers worldwide, Cogmento has raised the bar with our new crypto-powered CRM using the COGS token. CRM with Smart Contracts powered by the Ethereum blockchain.

Cogmento delivers not just cloud-based CRM but a full range of software and choice in how you want it – licensed, on demand, private label, and custom services.

CRM, or Customer Relationship Management software lets businesses track information as it relates to other entities. Primarily, CRM is used to follow sales leads and help salespeople organize and analyze their relationships and to help identify opportunities or steps that can be taken to make more sales. But CRM is more than that and can be

thought of like today’s groupware throughout the business. Not only is CRM’s used to power sales teams, but they are also used extensively in customer service desks as well as helping in internal workflows, like task management and project management. CRM’s function as communications tools for marketing and promotion. CRM is a rich collection of functionalities that enables businesses to be more informed about all kinds of decisions that happen every day.

CRM software and COGS powered software is purchased in the cloud on a subscription basis, typically paid per month or annually. Today, there are relatively few CRM vendors who sell boxed, licensed or installed software. The bulk of the market is cloud-based solutions. Pricing ranges substantially in this area, with at the top of the heap at $375 per month per user ($4,500 per user, paid annually) to as low as $12 (Zoho CRM). Most CRM’s are middle tier, such as Insightly ($29-99) and most have various levels of features and pricing. Industry-specific solutions that cater to a particular market, such as automotive CRM, home financial CRM’s and insurance CRM’s tend to be on the higher side of pricing and are typical $100-$250 per month, per user.

Customers who use a CRM are effectively locked-in to a solution since all of their vital company information is contained in these systems. It’s difficult to change and move to another one. Because of this, customers attrition for CRM is quite low; it’s easier to switch email providers, hosting providers, or other services quickly. But due to the differences in databases, moving from one CRM to another is quite hard. It’s not uncommon for customers to stick around a long time. We have some current customers over ten years.

From our history in the industry, we know customers tend to be long-term. Given no reason to switch to another comparable system, customer attrition can be very low. Additionally, we’ve learned a few things about why customers select one CRM over others, and what the pain points are and the value. Over the past 16 years, we have distilled this information to its essence, and that is the following: customers want something affordable, easy to use, and with excellent customer support. It’s that simple. As a part of the Go-To-Market plan for Cogmento and Use of Funds, some of these guiding principles and critical learnings will be readily apparent.

In 2003, Eric Stone and Harel Malka launched and, growing to over 500,000 companies using the product worldwide. In 2017 Eric and Harel began modernizing the CRM system using cutting edge technology from Facebook – React – and started to build our first Android and iOS apps. During this development it became apparent that particular features of blockchain would be extremely valuable to CRM systems – encrypted and secure data with tight access controls, immutability of data, and the ability to predict or stake outcomes and workflows.

Eric Stone, the CEO, has also been working in blockchain since 2013 and has built some popular mobile wallet applications. With 39 years of programming and 23 years of executive startup experience and 16 years running a CRM company, Eric brings broad expertise in operations and management, financing, and technology. Eric has lead operations at the biggest companies in the world such as Wells Fargo, Toyota, and Kaiser Permanente. Eric has also delivered solutions to the US Army and Navy, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, and Network Solutions among others. Programming since 1980, Eric is at home in just about any programming language and holds a master’s degree in biotechnology and dual bachelor’s degrees in biochemistry & molecular biology, all from Boston University.

Harel Malka, CTO of Cogmento has been the CTO of and since 2003. As our technical lead, Harel brings over 20 years of engineering experience for large scaled apps in advertising as CTO of Glow Media as well as leadership architecture positions at BBC Worldwide. As a senior architect and lead developer, Harel is an adept full-stack engineer and excels in many programming languages but prefers Python.

Oscar Aguilar is Cogmento’s Senior Full Stack Engineer and brings over six years of mobile and web development experience spanning a range of cutting-edge technologies both front-end and backend. Oscar has been active in the cryptocurrency space as well, having worked on a DEX, a distributed exchange as a technical lead. Oscar holds a Master’s of Computer Applications from the National Autonomous University of Mexico.


Just as software as a service revolutionized the enterprise software paradigm, DAPPs, distributed applications and architectures will embody the next-generation of decentralization, Cogmento will be the first to deliver with a suite of applications for businesses and consumers. COGS tokens are much like quarters in an arcade machine, but in this case, you put your tokens in applications and run them, like CRM, ecommerce, AI and BI analytics, or your custom application of choice. At scale, the cost of software should drop to a minimal cost.

Salesforce-style software delivered at Facebook scale could bring this technology to the masses for mere pennies. If the decentralized paradigm holds for enterprise software, then Salesforce at a billion customers should be 1/1000th the cost of one million customers, but of course, it is not. As more and more resources join in the Cogmento network and reach critical mass, a cost and efficiency are achieved in a decentralized and incentivized open system, and all participants will share massive cost savings.

Operational and management applications are areas in which significant value can be realized with COGS and blockchain such as enterprise resource planning software, which can include other sub-modules such as accounting, HR, procurement, logistics, warehousing, manufacturing, sales, distribution, quality management, and Project Management. Distributed and immutable provide a lot of value, and Cogmento adds a further application layer of governance and management based on incentivizing the workforce with blockchain, providing not only the applications themselves but real monetary reasons for employees to adapt quickly.

Cogmento’s platform is powered by consuming the COGS token as a metered application service based on the network resources for a particular application and other factors, thus providing the distributed application as a service – scale, customization, and other features. Cogmento tokens, COGS, are thus consumed as applications access, update, and delete data, or as workflows are completed, reports executed, or alerts pushed. COGS are therefore the representation of the cost and currency of the distributed software service itself, its economy and scale designed to support both small applications and Fortune 500 needs. Cogmento’s APIs and DAPPs will deliver enterprise software functionality eventually covering ERP and SCM systems, HRIS and more.

By interconnecting many businesses via the Cogmento platform, a holistic ecosystem of product and service providers is created, which can extend collaboration across the system in as a marketplace or clearinghouse across the entire value chain. Cogmento hopes to achieve interoperability of its operations and functions as building blocks to be developed for widely-used Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems and other business applications.


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Cogmento (COGS) ICO Scam or Not?

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