Coinbase Discloses Dogecoin Bombshell As Bitcoin And Crypto Price Alarms Grip The Market

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency investors are still spooling from a week that’s left the crypto market $300 billion lighter. The bitcoin price decreased quickly this week, dropping down the wider $2.2 trillion cryptocurrency market, after Tesla TSLA +3.2% billionaire Elon Musk announced his firm would scale back its bitcoin ambitions,at least for the moment. Now, the chief executive of San Francisco-based Coinbase, one of the world’s biggest bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges, has declared it will soon support the viral meme-based cryptocurrency dogecoin, helping the dogecoin price recover from the broad bitcoin and crypto sell-off.
“We are going to list dogecoin in the next six to eight weeks,” said Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, speaking on an investor call this week. Armstrong continue to describe the recently Nasdaq NDAQ +2.1%-listed company will be looking to speed up its adoption of new digital assets—and his vision for Coinbase as an “App Store” for cryptocurrencies.
Elon Musk again increased the Dogecoin price so high when he revealed that he strongly believes in Bitcoin and Crypto unique reveal how high SNL could send Dogecoin regradless of ‘The Dogefather’ Elon Musk issuing a serious Bitcoin And Crypto price warning, Tesla And Ethereum Billionaires Spark Shock $300 Billion Crypto price crash as Bitcoin And Dogecoin Suddenly Plummet.
Coinbase is going to be concentrated on how we can speed up asset addition in the future. There are more and more assets being created in the crypto economy cycle.The dogecoin price, up a mind-numbing 14,605% since the beginning of 2021, start its unbelievable bull run in January as traders and investors put cash into the memecoin as part of a retailed rally powred by the likes of commission-free trading app Robinhood.

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