traders should know about trade platform argue

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Coinbase exchange picked a fight with Binance’s predicament with regulators in a recent tweet. U.S. cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase exchange made some big shades on Binance on Twitter. Binance exchange is its biggest rival. These two trading platform, trade crypto is the largest amount.
This trading platform, Coinbase exchange as you know, proudly said that they didn’t experience any hack or shut down. And also added that it’s the “safest” place to trade crypto in the whole world.
At the same time, as an accident, this tweet comes after the Financial Conduct Authority barred Binance’s U.K. This division is from performing any regulated activities in the country.
Binance got hacked back in 2019. Binance is now has extreme regulatory scrutiny. They are guarding it with watchdogs from Britain, Canada, Japan, the Cayman Islands all cracking down on the exchange in the same week.
Thailand’s SEC also made a criminal protest against the largest cryptocurrency exchange ,On July 2.
They expected that the Coinbase tweet backfire. with pseudonymous Bitcoin developer Cobra demanding the exchange not to play with fate.

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