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Firstly, on behalf of all the team here at Coin Biz Builder they’d like to personally thank you for taking the time to sign up with them!

Rest assured, all of them here at Coin Biz Builder are dedicated to making this company an astounding success.

From the moment they get into the office, their first thought of the day is “How Can they Make their People Even More Money?” because the only way their company becomes successful is if YOU become successful!

Let them explain why Coin Biz Builder will be the greatest opportunity for life changing passive income…

What Is Coin Biz Builder?

Coin Biz Builder has been in development over the last 5 years as the perfect “middle-man” solution for passive income generated from Cryptocurrency OTC (Over The Counter) markets.

For those of you unfamiliar with Cryptocurrency trading…….THAT’S OK!

You won’t need any specific knowledge to benefit from their innovative hourly payout compensation system…..

However, if you wish to understand how they generate your income then please read on.

What Is Cryptocurrency OTC Trading?
OTC Trading In A Nutshell

OTC trading is cryptocurrency trading that takes place away from digital currency exchanges. It’s the preferred method of trading by many large volume traders, OTC trades are often placed by banking institutions, hedge funds, private big money managers or high-net-worth individuals.

OTC trades can be facilitated in several different ways, including the following: Bitcoin ATMs, individual and company brokers, through online chat rooms and forums.

Why would someone use OTC trading instead of a regular exchange?

If the huge variety of digital exchanges make it so easy to trade cryptocurrency online then why would you bother with OTC trading? There are several major reasons specifically for those large volume traders would consider going OTC: Better prices & lower fees (larger volumes will provide lower fees and better deals), trust & security (No risk of losing funds to hacked digital exchanges), avoiding low trade volume limits (many exchanges restrict large volume trades), faster turnaround time (individual OTC trades can be completed in seconds rather than days), and many more.

Coin Biz Builder’s primary business over the last 5 years was built fulfilling large OTC orders. Our trading desk employs 23 individuals to find & complete profitable trades using our own built from scratch network of trader contacts 24/7/365.

Over the years as they built their profitable trading business and became more popular with other traders, they noticed a particular problem that kept coming up….

You see, they had a very successful and predictable cash flow that they generated with their initial trading capital that theirour founders personally funded.

However, they noticed that the growth of their income was being severely limited by the amount of trading capital available to us.

They were missing out on BIG PROFIT trades on a DAILY BASIS just because we didn’t have enough capital to fund them.

Here’s a recent REAL LIFE example of a trade that they missed out on:
(Names & Personal Details Changed For Privacy)

Joe needs to buy $2,000,000 in Bitcoin so he comes to one of their trade representatives who work on his behalf to find a trade.Their rep goes to work and finds the best rate via their personal network of OTC traders. They find the best deal: Tim is willing to sell 249 Bitcoins for $2,000,000 at $8,032.12 per coin

After, they’ve matched the appropriate trade. They need to buy the Bitcoin from Tim before we can sell it to Joe.

Do you see the problem?

In order for them to complete the trade above, they need to spend $2,000,000 out of their trading capital. If their trading capital is tied up in other trades or they just don’t have enough capital to fulfill the trade then they miss out on that.

You see…

If they would of successfully completed the trade above,They would of made between 3-10% of that $2,000,000 amount. That is $120,000 in PURE PROFIT that we lost just because we didn’t have the necessary capital to fulfill it.

These OTC Trading transactions that they complete cost them next to nothing in expenses and most take less than 20 minutes to complete. They have the ability to process HUNDREDS of profitable BIG VOLUME TRADES every day.

However, due to lack of capital – they miss over 50% of these trades on a daily basis.

The Solution

So….now that you understand their business and the challenges they face. Where Do YOU Come In?

It was fairly obvious to them that they needed to find a new way to obtain capital without breaking the bank.

Typically, when a business needs capital for whatever reason they use one of either 2 options to raise it.

One option is to go to a bank or private lender and get a loan for the amount that they need. First, the company will need to pass a rigorous and time consuming approval process. The amount of the loan must remain the same while you’re in the approval process. The time the company waits from the loan application to the actual funding of the loan will take between 1-6 Weeks provided the bank even approves the company.

The other option to raise capital is to offer ownership shares in the company. The company typically would contract a lawyer to divide the company up into shares. The CEO, important owners, and the company will receive the majority of shares with the rest dedicated towards raising capital. This process takes between 1 month to 6 months to raise money depending on a variety of factors.

Neither of these options would work for their business. Bank loans and other financial instruments available to them would take entirely too long to setup and would end up costing much more than they are worth. Not only that, the amounts they need for trades are dynamic – they don’t know the amount needed until the trade is ready.

Offering shares sounded like a good idea until they realized that part of the reason theirbusiness is so successful is because of it’s low expenses and low maintenance. Their OTC trading business runs with minimal human interaction. That means they spend less time and money on operating the business. If they have to pay a portion of their profits to shareholders and spend money on new staff then it would defeat the purpose of raising money entirely

As you can see, these limited options forced them to come up with a revolutionary solution to raising capital….

So….instead of getting a bank loan or offering shares in their company – they decided to open up their OTC Trading Business to the general public!

What Does This Mean For You?


As a member of Coin Biz Builder, you can deposit Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, or Dogecoin with them and they’ll pay you 0.21% of your deposit to you every 60 minutes for 40 days. That’s 960 individual payments paid to you from that deposit. At the end of your deposit, it will expire and you will need to re-deposit to continue earning money from their system.

What Do You Do With My Deposit?

When you deposit your cryptocurrency with them, you are “selling” it to them. Once your deposit is active, they immediately make it available to their trading desk where it is put to use in any of the many OTC Trades that they have.

Do you see the genius in this system yet?

In essence, Coin Biz Builder is the perfect business model.

Their business win’s by reducing missed trade opportunities and increasing profit at ZERO extra cost to them. You win by receiving totally passive income with zero strings attached!

Essential Information

Start Date 30 Oct 2019
Website Link
10$  – No Limit
Minimum withdraw 1$
WHOIS View Here
NameCheap, Inc.Registered On:2018-11-13.Expires On:2020-11-13
World Rank Alexa
PaymentProcessors Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash

Investment’s plan of
0.21% hourly for 960 hours
Minimum :10$ – Maximum:No Limit
Features Of

Withdraw :Manuel
Security:DDOS Protection – EV SSL, CloudFlare, Inc.

Referral Commission : 8%-2%

Script: GoldCoders : Licensed

24/7 Support

Rules Of

1. Objects of Regulation

These Terms govern the process of interactive cooperation between the Client and the Company on the basis of the website, the processes of financial transactions, payments and receipt of funds, as voluntary investments, as well as anything else that possibly, but not necessary, may arise in the process of cooperation between the Parties.

2. Objects of Cooperation

Using the public Services (surfing on the company’s website) and / or using the capabilities of a personal account and secured Services, the Client confirms the fact that he has reached the age of majority under the laws of the country of which he is a resident at the time of the above actions, and the Client confirms that he had no conflicts or sanctions on the part of the Company before.

In addition, the Client agrees not to use the website and / or Services in the event that such activities are contrary to local legislation.

The Client also confirms and guarantees that he will not use the capabilities of the website and / or Services to carry out any illegal activities, money laundering and terrorist financing.

3. Registration and Personal Account

In order to access and use the Services, the Client shall create a personal account. To do this, please click the “Registration” button and follow the instructions of the system.

Please note that without the consent and acceptance of these Terms, the creation of a personal account and, as a result, the availability of the Services is impossible.

You hereby agree that:

  • You accept all risks associated with unauthorized access to your personal account;
  • You will keep data on the password to your personal account secure and inaccessible to third parties and under no circumstances you will provide access to your personal account to third parties;
  • You will notify the Company immediately if you discover or if you suspect that a security violation has occurred related to the website;
  • You will take full responsibility for all actions that occur in your personal account.

4. Non-Disclosure Policy

The Company provides Services in the range of their performance as a business package of a private transaction.

The Company does not consult on related and non-related areas of the Services.

The Company does not provide consulting, financial and legal services of any kind related to taxation and tax legislation.

The Company does not provide information on current bid prices and forecasts for futures and any other related to currency planning; information related to internal financial transactions, as well as information on resources used to fulfill the company’s obligations to clients.

Any information received from the Company should be considered as information that is not a call to action or as information that is not a conclusively verified and indisputable fact.

5. Regulation on Transactions

Taking into account these Rules, as well as the “Transaction Conditions” paragraph, the Client confirms that any transaction initiated by him on the Company’s website is an exclusively independent transaction, for the outcome and consequences of which the Client undertakes to be personally and solely responsible.

6. Regulation on Data Transfer

The Company shall not be responsible for any damage to the Client resulting from the online transfer of data, including when using the Company’s website.

The Client confirms the fact that he understands that the use of any online technologies that involve the transfer of data and / or information cannot be absolutely safe.

The Company undertakes to exert all available efforts to make the data transfer process through the website as secure as possible, and also confirms that any information transferred by the Client will be subject to these Terms and the Privacy Policy.

7. Third-Party Content

The Company’s website may contain some information and links belonging to third-party service providers. Such information and links, as well as other content that is not the property of the Company, are not objects controlled by the Company and are provided as proposals and / or fact-finding information voluntarily considered by the Client. The Company shall not be responsible for the above data and content.

8. Copyright

The Client acknowledges and agrees that any content on the website, including text and graphic materials, is the intellectual property of the Company and is subject to copyright protection.

In addition, the Client acknowledges and agrees that, among other things, questions, comments, feedbacks, suggestions, ideas, plans, notes, drawings, original or creative materials or other information relating to the Company’s website or related to the Services, submitted by the Client or other users of the Company’s website, whether by email or otherwise, are not confidential information and may become the property of the Company.

The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Company will have exclusive rights to the above materials, but not limited to the above, including all intellectual property rights, and will have the right to unlimited use and distribution of these materials for any purpose, without consent and / or permission of the Client.

9. Ownership of funds

The Client confirms that any funds used by him in connection with the Services belong to him personally or that the Client has current authority to conduct transactions using such funds, and that all transactions initiated using the personal account of the Client are related only to the Client’s personal account, and not executed on behalf of any third parties.

10. Client’s Obligations

The Client undertakes:

  • Not to violate or assist third parties in violation of any law through the use of the Services;
  • Not to provide knowingly false, inaccurate or misleading information and data;
  • Not to infringe copyrights, rights to patents, trademarks or intellectual property rights of the Company or any third parties;
  • Not to distribute unsolicited commercial information;
  • Not to use software and hardware tools and devices, including, but not limited to, DDoS technologies, in order to hack the Company’s website and related products and programs of the Company and / or violate the stability and integrity of systems.

In the event that the abovementioned attempts are detected, as well as attempts to gain unauthorized access to the website, to other people’s personal accounts, computer systems, external programs, cloud services or networks connected to the website, using an intelligent password analysis or in any other way, such actions of the Client or user will be considered as a violation of these Terms and will result in penalties in accordance with local legislation.

11. Transaction Conditions

The Company shall not be responsible for any loss or damage incurred as a result of an unsuccessful transaction on the part of the Client or the payment system chosen by him.

In addition, the Company undertakes to create services that notify of failures in transactions in no way; we, however, make every reasonable effort to create the proper level of awareness of the Client in such cases.

The Client agrees that he is solely responsible for identifying such a transaction and confirms that all actions aimed at clarifying all circumstances and establishing the final result are wholly and completely in his sole competence.

The Client should under no circumstances use third-party and / or non-certified software and confirms that in case of violation of this provision, he will be solely responsible for any damage in this regard.

The Company reserves the right to refuse to process, to suspend or to cancel any transaction if we suspect that the transaction is related to money laundering, terrorist financing, fraudulent activities or any other type of crime, or if we see the connection of this transaction with violation of these Terms.

12. Withdrawing Funds

The Client has the right to create requests for withdrawal of funds available on the General Balance of his personal account.

In turn, the Company undertakes to pay such funds no later than 48 hours after the request was created, provided that the request was created on a business day and no later than 48 hours before the next non-working day.

13. Additional Earnings System

The Company is not the initiator of sources of additional earnings. The Client agrees that he can receive all Affiliate Ranks, with the exception of Affiliate Rank No. 1, only on the terms set forth in the “Partners” section of the Company’s website.

Affiliate bonuses and fees are credited, as well as income from the Client’s investments, to the General Balance.

——————————————- is started since 30 Oct 2019  and it’s investment plans seem logical. Any ways check this page and check the latest status of it’s payment.

In addition to We will try to provide their observations and make the best review here. But this monitoring is not complete without your comments, messages and reports. So post your comments on the investment system provided at the end of each post or email

NOTE: is not a financial and investment system and it never enter into the investment services’s area.
Our main task is to provide the correct payment for hyips and their related data. has no responsibility for your investments.
Do your investment with more observation and investigation.

Is Scam or Not?
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