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coincasso Ico Review

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The CoinCasso Group – which includes Estonian, licensed CoinCasso Exchange, creates unique solutions which support the exchange of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the entire project will also include the ATM-BTC network, which launch is scheduled for the second half of 2019. There is also planned implementation of mobile, PC and POS applications connected with the entire infrastructure.

The whole infrastructure is created to earn on the commissions charged in exchange for mediation in transactions. It is the only one system in the world that pays up to 80% of its profits between the owners of company’s CCX token – CoinCasso Exchange Token.

Essential Information
Ico Time
2018-10-21 – 2019-12-31
Token Name coincasso
Token Symbol CCX
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link
5.76 USD
Soft cap
5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 100,000,000 USD
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Country Estonia

More About monnos:

Blockchain is a modern technology which is changing the world economy. It is adistributed database model that acts as a book to store and manage transactions.
In other words, blockchain is a chain of blocks containing information. It is a public ledger utterly open to everyone. Instead of using a central chain management element, blockchains use peer-to-peer networks which anyone can join.
Blockchain technology brings greater transparency, enhanced security, improved
traceability, increased efficiency, and speed.
Cryptocurrency transactions, which are based on blockchain technology, affect the economy on a global scale. Those allow instant, secure, anonymous payments all over the world and help to prevent corruption and money laundering.
Cryptocurrency payments are transparent, independent from third parties (such as banks) and allow to significantly reduce transaction costs.
Cryptocurrencies’ impact on present and future world is unquestionable, as they are going to drastically change various industries, including medicine, economy, politics, law, and many more.
Cryptocurrency exchanges – this is a fundamental tool in the present world, where you can buy/sell and earn on transactions with cryptocurrencies. It is proved by the number of cryptocurrency exchanges and their importance nowadays. The trading volume per day is 31 billion USD. The average 0.5% commission allows exchanges to earn tremendous money.
The more exchanges are created, the less manipulation can appear on the market. The competition between them also contributes to the reduction of commissions, the promotion of market-relevant projects and the improvement of the overall picture on the market. We want to introduce you to the new cryptocurrency exchange platform CoinCasso, which shares profits with its users for their
engagement in developing the industry.
1. Problems and solution.
1.1 New decentralized economy
Cryptocurrencies are a solution to today’s banking system issues. The main problems of a banking system are significant costs of loans and bank services, as well as administrative and bureaucracy barriers. What’s more, nowadays, banking systems are characterised by politicization and monopoly. Cryptocurrencies efficiently solve these problems, as they are independent of third parties, such as financial institutions and governments. They guarantee anonymity and 2 transparency. Bitcoin and blockchain technology are in a way a public demonstration against classic systems: legal, payment, and administrative.
In the current model, the risks related to potential setbacks are transferred to the end-users. By introducing fees, classic financial institutions benefiting from the funds of customers earned much more than users. Users earned nothing or very little, e.g. on safe investments. The entire financial system began to be centralized.
The whole idea of cryptocurrency gave users financial freedom when it comes to the currency itself, as well as sending or exchanging it. Thanks to cryptocurrencies, the world began to move away from the banks and the entire financial burden, and then it turned out that most cryptocurrency exchanges started to do the same as the banks so far.
When cryptocurrencies were introduced, everything changed in the world. Some countries have started to fight this idea. But with cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology you can not fight, because it’s a scattered register, Bitcoin cannot be “turned off”. In cryptocurrency transactions, there is a considerable level of
security, guaranteed by blockchain. The world of cryptocurrencies has grown in strength, there have been a lot of new currencies. At the moment, there are about 2000-3000 convertible cryptocurrencies, but some exchanges started to behave like banks. If the bank falls, users do not have access to the funds, thegovernments of the countries try to help clients, but there is never any guarantee that the funds are safe


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Is coincasso Scam or Not?
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