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CoinIMP (IMP) ICO Review

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GOVEARN is building a global marketplace fintech based blockchain network with user-friendly mobile interface and exchange, enabling citizens and governments to work together to implement public projects and bridge public budget gaps, thereby ensuring faster delivery of better quality public services and more opportunities building jobs.

Essential Information
Ico Time
Dec 28, 2018 – Dec 31, 2020
Token Name CoinIMP
Token Symbol IMP
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link Home
$0. 01
Platform WEB
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
3 M

More about CoinIMP (IMP) ICO:

CoinIMP service was released back in 2017, with the purpose of providing the most profitable mining solutions to our clients. Not too long after that, we’ve reached lots of users and we’re considered among the best and most reliable JavaScript mining service providers in the world.

  • Easy-to-embed JS miner
  • A transparent alternative to ads
  • Your site visitors provide CPU power in exchange for enjoying your content and tools
  • Available coins can be mined by CPU and GPU with similar proven profitability
  • Our website miner isn’t blocked by anti-viruses or Ad blockers

Our JS mining service was released as a Monero-only miner, an open source private and egalitarian Cryptocurrency using CryptoNote technology.

Less than a year later, we included Coin, a fully traceable CPU mineable coin, supported by its own blockchain, designed with a unique code that combines ETC interface and a customized CryptoNight version as its hashing function in order to remain egalitarian.

Then we decided to undertake a new project focused on website owners and advertisers, our own MintMe Coin-based utility token called IMP, a digital asset designed to fuel a content promotion platform that represents an advertising revolution in mintme monetization.

Our team is always working towards the best and most profitable tools for our users, so you can expect more news from us!

With the rising of cryptocurrencies back in 2009 (mostly due to Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin) a revolution of encrypted exchanges began. Decentralized ledgers –blockchains– evolved as a revolutionary way to operate digital currencies, but they proved to be failing in anonymity as much as the parity across systems:
“(…)A typical video card is more effective than a CPU and ASIC devices are more powerful than GPUs. Therefore, Bitcoin creates favourable conditions for a large gap between the voting power of participants as it violates the “one-CPU-one-vote” principle since GPU and ASIC owners posses a much larger voting power when compared with CPU owners. It is a classical example of the Pareto principle where 20% of a system’s participants
control more than 80% of the votes.” [4] As Monero (A.K.A. XMR) –A functional, public, decentralized and egalitarian distributed blockchain based on the recently-ideated CryptoNote protocol – came to exist, an improved alternative to Bitcoin was born; most improvements were focused on allowing unspecialized equipment to produce greater revenues without meaningful effects on their performance.


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CoinIMP (IMP) ICO Scam or Not?

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