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coinimp Ico Review

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IMP is a utility token that focuses on the functionality of today’s advertising. We’re not only changing the rules of the CPM game, but paving the way for the future of web advertising; IMP tokens guarantee the possibility to maintain a website, from revenue to hosting, and create an economic environment based on impressions generated through websites without having to exchange to other currencies.

CPM Advertising

CoinIMP advertising plan, based on the Cost per Thousand Impressions, based on paying website owners for each impression. CPM is just the beginning of the roadmap to our goal of revolutionizing web monetization. Read the white paper and find out more!

IMP Airdrops

A total of 25 million IMP tokens will be distributed among users who are eligible to apply for the airdrop. Want to be sure if you are one of them? Check the rules and regulations on buy page. This is a free way to obtain tokens.

Security of Transactions

IMP is a webchain-based utility token. Webchain is an open source blockchain to allow the development of DApps based on ERC20 & ERC23 smart contracts. It offers secure and transparent transactions.

Success is Contagious

The team behind IMP launched a completely safe, adjustable, and hardware-friendly mining script provided through CoinIMP service which has been producing revenues to their clients ever since 2017. This is also the team behind Webchain, a blockchain made to secure DApps using regular CPUs, following ERC20 and ERC223 standards. This token is backed up by the success of a hosting network that operates worldwide.

Essential Information

Ico Time
2019-01-01 – 2020-12-31
Token Name coinimp
Token Symbol IMP
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link
0.01 USD
Hard Cap
200,000 USD
Hard Cap
3,000,000 USD
Whitelist/KYC None
Country Belize

More About coinimp:

The Vision

Internet is nowadays a necessity, a worldwide indispensable service that, according to The Internet World Stats[1] , connected almost 4 billion users just until the last year. Our first business initiative related to web technologies started back in 2005, with the launch of our first website, We started providing high-quality and free web hosting services. The number of internet users rapidly increased, even though only 18 percent of households had internet in the world at that moment[2]
. We were just
witnessing the rise of the internet era, something not hard to foresee, even when the use of internet wasn’t that mainstream as it is today[3] . The reasons why there were not so many users back then are numerous, from the shortage of developers –a tendency that continues up to the present– to the absence of computers in most homes. It was clear that the roadmap to a larger yet cheaper internet presence needed to be carved and that any contribution to it would positively affect the future. One of the factors undermining the evolution of the internet was the relatively high cost of building and maintaining a stable website. For grown-up companies it was possible, but for startups –low-budget entrepreneurs– domains and hosting services were an investment they couldn’t afford. That’s the milestone upon which we started to build a vision to offer true website sustainability: the first step was to provide free web hosting services for all those looking to make room for themselves within the unstoppable universe of the world wide web.

Our proposal is called IMP, which comes from “Impression”, a marketing term to count the displays of an ad. IMP token holders -either advertisers or publishers- will be able to transact on CoinIMP at incredible low prices with no additional intermediaries keeping part of the payment.

In response to the massive and unfair ban on cryptocurrency ads, it was clearly required to figure out a friendly solution to serve as an alternative to these projects, so we made IMP tokens to work on a crypto-friendly advertisement platform. As long as your content is not illegal and you are not using any ways to artificially generate traffic, you can be sure that you won’t be excluded from our network.


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Is coinimp Scam or Not?
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