• Ethereum’s London Hard Fork: As the crypto community expects the presumably bullish London hard fork on the Ethereum blockchain. So, some analysts are taking a cautious stance on Ether and anticipate little price reaction after the upgrade. “I don’t expect much action in any direction,”.The trader and analyst Alex Kruger told CoinDesk’s Omkar Godbole. “The upgrade itself is overrated, and what matters is what happens after.” Ethereum is the native token of Ethereum’s blockchain. Which it is programmed to experience a hard fork. Or also backward-incompatible upgrade, called “London,” on Thursday. Once the upgrade has its effect, we expect that it brings a deflationary asset demand to Ethereum. Hopefully drawing more investment request for the cryptocurrency.
  • Kitco to Issue Gold-Backed Stablecoin: Kitco, a Canada-based provider of news and data on gold and other precious metals, is getting into the stablecoin game too. Kitco Gold (KGLD) will be fully supported by physical gold kept in Kitco’s DirectReserve vaults. And also it will track the real-time market value of the yellow metal. This was CoinDesk’s Sebastian Sinclair reports based on the data he observed and he reported it for us too see too.
  • New CoinDesk 20 List – MATIC Is In:MATIC, the native currency of the Polygon layer-2 network made on top of the Ethereum blockchain. It has been added to CoinDesk 20 assets. Which it would rank the most heavily traded assets in crypto. And they are measured by dollar volume on trusted exchanges. At the further side of the addition of MATIC, Dogecoin and Ethereum classic have got back to the ranks of the CoinDesk 20. And that happened after being outperformed last quarter by a slew of decentralized finance (DeFi) assets. The specialists took away, the three assets from the CoinDesk 20 in the third quarter were yearn.finance (YFI), nucypher (NU) and XTZ.