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    Cryptocloudmining.Farm Does Not Provide Services To Citizens And Residents Of The United States Or Any Country Where Such Distribution Or Use Would Be Contrary To Local Law Or Regulation. CRYPTOCLOUDMININGFARM Is A Cloud Service , No Location, No Asic Hardware.

    One Of The Principal Ways People First Got Involved And Profited Within The Crypto Ecosystem Was To Mine Coins. Mining Is The Act Of Lending Your Computer’s Processing Power To The Cryptocurrency Infrastructure.

    Our messenger will show you a wide range of possibilities for earning, thanks to which you’ll be not just a user, but a real investor!

    Develop, earn, max your accouт out and communicate above all! We’ll assist you with that!

    Matew.me is the world’s only token messenger of such tools as multi-functional crypto currency wallet, arbitrage system, cloud mining, decentralized stock exchange and MATE token developed on the basis of the third generation blockchain.

    Any investor can earn here. You can just keep your assets in internal wallet and obtain fees from 0.6% to 0.8% a day, if you are a green investor, or you apply your knowledge in arbitration or even do everything simultaneously if you are a real professional!

    Our messenger has all possible tools for secret communication. It is equipped with passwords manager, voice change for calls, end-to-end encryption, access control, keeping all data at its server, masking IP-address, own keyboard, auto-blocking, control of deleting messages history, no screenshots. Ouк messenger ensure security of your communication and data!

    • Matew messenger is absolutely anonymous
    • You do not need telephone number to create account in the messenger
    • The first messenger where you can earn
    • All partners invited by you are connected to you personal channel/chat
    • ВHigh protection level for your account
    • Donation system for participants and channels (being developed)
    • Just communicate and obtain our Matew tokens (being developed)

    Essential Information

    Homepage https://www.cryptocloudmining.farm
    Mining Coins Bitcoin
    Minimum Withdraw 0.001btc, 20usdt, 20usdc
    Plans 0.6% For 24 Hours Min Deposit: = 5$ Max Deposit: = 999.99

    0.7% For 24 Hours Min Deposit: = 1 000$ Max Deposit: = 4 999.99$

    0.8%For 24 Hours Мmin Deposit: = 5 000$ Max Deposit: = Unlimited

    referral commission 20% – 10% – 5% – 3%

    How to register in Matew messenger?

    To register an account you shall indicate just your email, then you’ll receive your unique complex password and a hashed access key to recover your password. Please, write it down. Then you’ll be forwarded to your personal account automatically.

    The MFCP is the best choice to keep your digital currency

    Now you can be sure that your digital assets are of maximum level of security and confidentiality when sent and received! MFCP is also a good tool for passive income! Depending on your investment you can obtain fees from 0.6% to 0.8% a day!

    • Protect, manage and exchange all your favorite assets in one smart and friendly wallet.
    • You can easily manage your assets at any time and in open access
    • Instant operations without breaks and delays

    Q: How much daily earning ?
    A: You will get bitcoin/usdt/usdc about $0.15-$0.17 / THS / Day

    Q: Where is company location?
    A: CRYPTOCLOUDMININGFARM is a cloud service , no location, no asic hardware.

    Q: How to refund ?
    A: We dont have any refund rule.

    Q: How to change email ?
    A: We dont allowed to change email.

    Q: What is BTC[Wallet,Bonus,Mining] ?
    A: [BTC Wallet] – it’s wallet for withdrawal,
    [BTC Mining] – automatic transfer to BTC Wallet Daily
    [BTC Bonus] – automatic transfer to BTC Wallet Daily

    Q: How long is the THS contract?
    A: Each paid invoice is for 90,180,360 days, Each paid invoice will be seen as separated (stand alone contract)

    Q: How much minimum withdrawal ?
    A: 0.001btc, 20usdt, 20usdc

    Q: What is Bitcoin Price Difficulty and Virtual Bitcoin Futures ?
    A: you will get bitcoin about $0.15-$0.17 / THS / Day


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    Is  Cryptocloudmining.Farm  Scam or Not?

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