• Bitcoin and a lots of other cryptocurrencies are electronic versions of currency. Many people assume that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency supporters want a cashless society and this is certainly not true.

    Except for the central banks’ printing fiasco and the inflationary practices from cash, cash is great for anonymity and fungibility. But the nation-states and central banking cabal are controlling fiat game and the monetary system that come with serious manipulation and inflation.

    Most Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency supporters, just because they support an electronic currency, do not support the cashless society. But it is inevitable to stop the government from going cashless.

    Now we all know that cash is useful (besides the inflationary aspects), but we also know that cryptocurrencies are even better. Crypto transactions like bitcoin (BTC) do not have to be electronic every time someone transacts.

    With cryptocurrencies, we can create all kinds of bearer bond instruments. A digital asset can be hidden in mnemonic phrase and most seeds are based on 12, 18, or 24-word phrases that are tied to their private key(s).

    Everybody can keep a billion dollars hidden in a book, or even by memory if they have a decent photographic memory. Bitcoin can be printed on paper, metal, plastic, and people can create all types of cash instruments.

    Now just like gold, a bundle of cash can be quite cumbersome to carry. You cannot travel lightly with a billion dollars worth of cash. You also have to be vigilant and protective. The U.S. agency Homeland Security seized $2 billion in cash from travelers during the course of six years at U.S. airports.

    Hiding crypto is extremely easy and someone can even do it by leveraging steganographic tools. Literally hiding a million dollars in plain sight. Steganography is the art of concealing images, messages, files, or videos. The practice of obscuring messages in this fashion was first recorded in 440 BC.

    So in many ways, cryptocurrencies are an advanced form of cash and you are just not aware of all the possibilities if you think cryptocurrency and Bitcoin people are “anti-cash” and support cashless society This is simply not true.

    To conclude, digital currencies are simply a better form of money and many people just haven’t figured that out yet. And that’s ok we have plenty of time to teach and they have plenty of time to listen. But we should not consider it as cryptocurrency advocates are helping the global elite create a cashless society. Digital currency supporters can create all kinds of free market-based cash instruments easily.


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