Bitcoin on Longest Weekly Winning Run, The Virtual Event can Power Cryptocurrency’s Bullish Trajectory

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Bitcoin chalked up

Bitcoin has chalked up an efficient rally ahead of the Federal Reserve’s annual economic symposium in Jackson Hole, Wyo., on Friday. Analysts say the virtual event can power cryptocurrency’s bullish trajectory. Bitcoin was trading at a three-month high of $50,200 at the time of this news. It was having recorded gains for a fifth consecutive week. That’s the longest weekly winning trend since November.

“After Jackson Hole the dollar could see some depreciation, and with institutions missing out on Bitcoin in the last two weeks and now slowly coming back to work for September start, this will trigger renewed inflows into the cryptocurrency and also equity,”. Laurent Kssis, managing director of exchange-traded products at 21Shares talked about it.

The central bank’s asset-price

The Jackson Hole Economic Symposium, which is funded by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City every year, hosts distinguished central bankers, finance ministers, academics and financial market participants. Until some weeks ago, some spectators were declaring that Fed Chairman Jerome Powell would use the event to set the stage for an early scaling back of the central bank’s asset-price inflating stimulus measures.

Those anticipations have been Shrunk in recent days, with the renewed spike in coronavirus cases in the U.S. .And moreover other parts of the world, as ForexLive’s Justin Low recorded. The Fed could now want to measure the effect of the virus’s revival on the economy before signaling a taper, or winding down of stimulus.

That may restore the global macro trade of sell dollars and buy everything called in terms of the the bill seen in the second half of 2020.

“We expect the Fed to remain dovish and offer no surprises.” Matthew Dibb, co-founder and the chief operating officer at Stack Funds said. “If this is the case, we will see continued risk-on across most markets.”

Bitcoin almost quadrupled

Bitcoin almost quadrupled to $40,000 in the final three months of 2020 as the dollar had a rough path. The cryptocurrency touched a record high of $64,801 in April before taking a hit in May and June.
The recent bounce from July lows of under $30,000 seems impressive, considering it has happened alongside a gain in the dollar index (DXY), which measures the greenback’s value against major currencies.
The DXY touched a nine-month high of 93.73 on Friday and was recently at 93.25. The rise was in part fueled by the minutes of the June Fed meeting confirming that the central bank may begin narrowing later this year. As Marc Chandler, chief market strategist at Bannockburn Global Forex, mentioned in a blog post.
Consequently , the minutes look to have taken away some of Jackson Hole’s thunder. So even a hawkish comment from Powell later this week may not notably worsen the risk sentiment.

Other cryptos factors

Other crypto-specific factors also back up an ongoing rally. “The calmness of the $50,000 break leads me to think it could be sustainable with minor setbacks.” Patrick Heusser, the head of trading at Crypto Finance, mentioned.
The market seems calmed down, with the everlasting funding rate , or the average cost of holding long positions in the derivatives market, still under 0.010%, based on Glassnode. That’s remarkably lower than highs above 0.10% seen during the bull frenzy of the first quarter and shows little or no contemplative froth in the market.

“Looking at funding and the options market, this rally still appears to be spot-driven.” Dibb said. “Our expectation is that this break of psychological resistance will likely result in a rotation back to bitcoin in the coming weeks, with the next target of $60,000.”

The Cryptocurrency’s rally

The cryptocurrency’s rally from July lows has been supported by strong hands. Based on the data analytics firm IntoTheBlock.

A minor correction, but, cannot be ruled out as short-term technical indexes are pointing fingers to overbought conditions. That may weigh heavily on alternative cryptocurrencies like solana and cardano which have outperformed Bitcoin in recent days.

“Recently the market has seen modest inflows in bitcoin but rather large exchange-traded product inflows in all other coins especially Solana, Polkadot, Cardano and, of course, Ether,.” Kssis talked about this. “The performance is attributed to bitcoin’s rise, which may see a reset at $50,000 and a short correction before what will be anticipated inflows from institutions back in September.”

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