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Cryptoskull Review

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CryptoSkull is a minesweeper-type Bitcoin and Litecoin game. There is only one game where you must find your way in the “minefield”. The main decision is that will you take the money or try one more time with a risk of going bust!

Essential Information
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Cryptocurrencies Bitcoin, Litecoin
currencies No
Casino games 1 minesweeper-type game
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Mobile Casino

More About Cryptoskull:

The only game in Cryptoskull is a a minesweeper-type game. There are 3 choices: easy, medium and hard level. The more hard the level is, the more you can win.
The gameplay works like this in the easy level:

  1. You have 3 choices in your route. Two of them are ok, but one of them includes a bomb.
  2. If you make a successful choice, you can either stay (and take the money) or go forward.
  3. If you run into a bomb, you are busted. If you are lucky, you can get to the top!
Cryptoskull gameplay

Here is a short explanation of Cryptoskull minesweeper-type gameplay.

In the medium level, you have only two choices in your route: one is a successful one and the second gets you busted.
In the hard level you have three choices: 2 gets you busted and only one is a successful route. This also makes your winnings a lot higher!


You can apply for a Bitcoin faucet in Cryptoskull. The amount is 6500 SAT (Satoshi), but if you confirm your email the amount is 8500 SAT.
Just to refresh your memory about Satoshi:

  • 1 Satoshi = 0.00000001 BTC
  • 1000 Satoshi = 0.00001 BTC
  • 8500 Satoshi = 0.000085 BTC = 0.085 mBTC = about 0.45 USD when writing this.

The amount is small but better than nothing! Who wouldn’t want free cryptomoney!

Pros and cons

You could like Cryptoskull if you like fast and simple gameplay with decisions you can make. Of course the game is totally random and needs no skill, but making choices can be fun.
Everything works fast and the Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals worked fine in my tests.
Cryptoskull has a Facebook page (not very active) and a Twitter account (more active). Cryptoskull has also a thread but it is not very active. The Satoshi amount wagered is not very high for a crypto gambling site, so it seems like Cryptoskull is fairly smallish Bitcoin game. Let’s see if it can get more popular with updating the gaming system or bringing more games available for example?

Cryptoskull gameplay

Cryptoskull gameplay at a medium level. There are only 2 choices to make! Will you take the next step (and risk to go bust) or stay and take the money?

Some things Cryptoskull could improve are game instructions. There are no instructions on the site and it took some time for me to figure out how the game works.
Also there are no info about the people behind Cryptoskull. There isn’t a casino license or a company behind the site as far as I know.
The game idea behind Cryptoskull is not unique as there are many other very similar minesweeper type games. Maybe I will also test those at some point.
But for now, why not test Cryptoskull out and please write your own review here in the lower part of this review!


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Is Cryptoskull Scam or Not?

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