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dacx Ico Review

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Digital Asset & Commodity Exchange leverages artificial intelligence and high performance computing technology, optimized towards providing an efficient, secure and compliant marketplace with product solutions for both institutional grade and retail clientele. Our emphasis is on fractionalization of all forms of assets and commodities via tokenization. To bring more opportunities for inclusion for all types of investors, which in turn adds further liquidity to these traditional markets.
DACX is bridging the divide between physical commodities and digital assets, promoting the re-utilization of finite resources to drive the global circular economy. By hosting advanced security features, DACX implements machine learning for real-time market surveillance to prevent suspicious activities and security threats & utilizes KYC/AML on-boarding for its clients.

Essential Information

Ico Time
2019-05-25 – 2019-12-31
Token Name DACX
Token Symbol DACX
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link
0.2 USD
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 35,000,000 USD
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Country UK
North Korea, Iran, Syria, Sudan, Cuba, USA

More About dacx:

This demographic has two key needs that must be met before they will enter the market. They need exchanges to be simple and easy to use, and they need the support and confidence that comes from a dedicated community platform that provides engaging content, discussion, and learning resources. The combination of these two elements brings to life a new category; Community Exchanges. Dacxi-ico is the first-mover in this new category of Community Exchanges has launched a public beta of both a simple, user-friendly exchange and a community with content and full functionality for retail-investor support, in June 2018.

Dacxi-ico believes the most effective Community Exchanges provide a complete ecosystem; that’s why Dacxi has added a third platform called Crypto-Venture Capital, or Crypto-VC. This platform is designed to deliver high-quality low-risk ICOs to attract, empower and protect retail investors. Driving the growth of the Dacxi ecosystem is the DAC Coin – the world’s first Community Exchange membership coin. DAC lists August 1 on the Dacxi Exchange. In 2018, exchange coins have been one of the best performing investment sectors in crypto, making the DAC Coin ICO, not just an attractive investment, but also a mechanism to drive content and incentivization in the Dacxi community.

The platform facilitates efficient functioning of a market and price discovery through proprietary developed intelligent algorithms that dynamically improve over time through
machine learning. This helps retail users with trade matching, efficient price discovery and fair value analytics when conducting their trades.
The project strives to make derivatives trading accessible to a greater portion of the retail user market, eliminating the segregation between retail and inter-dealer trading and offering them an easier entry into understanding cryptocurrency as a medium of
exchange and utility.
Utilizing cryptocurrency and smart contracts on the blockchain, Level01 will make transactions automated and transparent. Upon conclusion of a trade, profit is instantly transferred to the profiting investor’s wallet. At no given time does Level01 hold any investor funds to conduct trading.
As a platform that seeks to foster transparency and equality, the rise of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is a welcomed occurrence towards the core vision of the Level01 exchange & trading platform; to provide the most fair, efficient, and even-level playing field for retail & commercial investors to execute their trades.

Dacxi Exchange

The Dacxi-ico Exchange is a next-generation crypto asset exchange with a focus on providing an elegant, user-friendly experience for new retail investors. The exchange has launched and is currently in beta. Fiat-to-crypto on-ramp via card payment for EUR, GBP, CHF, USD, PLN.

• Direct bank deposit
• BTC, BCH, ETH, ETC, LTC available from launch
• An enterprise-level matching system with industry-leading execution speeds
• Simple, intuitive, user-friendly interface designed for new investors

ustomer Experience

Dacxi-ico will focus on customer acquisition and retention by offering a best in class crypto exchange customer experience. This will be achieved by providing:

  • A simple, intuitive, user-friendly exchange that makes it easy to buy and sell
  • A safe and welcoming Dacxi Community platform dedicated to providing Dacxi customers with the confidence,    content, discussion, resources, education opportunities and tools they need to navigate digital asset investing safely and responsibly to eliminate unnecessary risk and confusion.

Exchange Market

During the same period, the total crypto market capitalization grew by 20X. Therefore, exchange volumes grew by 400% more than the market cap. Unlike the value of most crypto-coins which are based on the potential of an idea, exchanges are operational businesses based on sales, costs, margins, and profits. The exchange sector’s success is demonstrated by recent announcements such as:

• Coinbase claims $1 billion in revenue in 2017.
• Finance launches in August 2017 with a $15 million ICO and repurchases $30 million of its own coin, implying      $150 million in quarterly profits in Q1 2018, six months later.
• Poloniex sells for $400 million to Circle.


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Is dacx Scam or Not?
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