DAOGroup unveiled the industry’s fastest blockchain platform

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DAOGroup, the igaming cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions provider, has unveiled a platform that is the industry’s fastest blockchain-based one.
Boasting a transaction speed measuring as little as one second, DAO’s latest launch has been a revolution in the industry’s mainstream acceptance of blockchain-based gaming.
DAOGroup is designed for transforming the iGaming industry’s understanding and use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. DAOWallet is the latest flagship product, which was launched in early 2020 as an advanced cryptocurrency-fiat gateway that enables operators to offer third-party cryptocurrency transactions without the need for additional AML and compliance procedures. It now has lots plans to establish itself as an industry-leading turnkey solutions provider of cryptocurrency and blockchain-based products, including DAOBet, DAOPlatform, and DAOGames.
Available as a white label solution, DAO’s use of blockchain makes operators to offer no-deposit gaming and real-time payouts in the industry’s first workable format.
Harnessing super-fast finality to determine a provably fair outcome almost instantaneously, with DAO’s platform there is no need for players to deposit money ahead of playing , as winnings and losses can be extracted from the player’s digital wallet directly via the use of smart contracts.
In comparison, alternative blockchains such as Ethereum take over 15 minutes to reach any level of probabilistic finality.
With a rise in demand for crypto gaming, DAOGroup CCO Glen Bullen sees the launch of blockchain platform “as a kick-start towards player deposits becoming an outdated concept.”
He added: “We’re dedicated to transforming the igaming industry’s understanding and use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, with the launch of our platform coming at a pivotal time when that conversation is returning to the mainstream.”
“Crypto-based gaming has proved bullish in the last few months and we’re here to start bringing its benefits into the mainstream for operators.” He added.
“As well as offering an entire ecosystem for the development and migration of blockchain-based games, we’re able to offer the industry’s fastest and most reliable platform with no-deposit mechanics and real-time payouts.”

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