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Deneum (DNM) ICO Review

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Deneum is a decentralized social networking platform that is putting users privacy and satisfaction as its first priority. It is an innovative approach towards transparent and independent means of user data ownership, reward on ads and free of speech. It is the first get paid to content creation and sharing ecosystem that leveraged OCR token payments for its reward system.

Essential Information

Ico TimeUnknown – Unknown
Token NameOzcar
Token SymbolDNM
WhitepaperView Whitepaper
Website LinkHome
Price1 DNM = 5.6 USD
Soft Cap5,000,000 USD
Hard Cap89,000,000 USD

More about Deneum (DNM) ICO:

Ultra low-cost renewable electricity that saves billions of dollars. A box with a capsule generating a large amount of energy It is safe, distributed and radically cheap. Deneum shifts the paradigm of energy generation. A box with a capsule, generating a large amount of energy. It is safe, distributed and radically cheap. The technology is based on the interaction between atoms of deuterium inside titanium. Tokens (DNM) are the currency consumers use to purchase Deneum electricity. Any consumer will be able to purchase a certain amount of Deneum electricity, which we will physically supply.

During and after the Industrial Revolution, humanity failed to consider the costs and harmful impact that fossil fuels would have on our planet. Energy consumption grew rapidly, but the wisdom of the world community failed to keep apace. Only by the beginning of the 21st century did society start to take heed of the issue, with government-supported renewable energy generation gradually eating into the market share of fossil fuels. This has been a positive move; however, there are obvious signs that this won’t last till complete replacement of the sources of pollution. We must accelerate the complete transition to a sustainable future.

Can you imagine a fully electric aircraft with unlimited range? What if we could pay 80% less for our electricity bills? How many meaningful innovations could be brought to fruition if corporations reallocated the funds they pay for energy towards research and development? How beautiful would our cities look if all transport were fully electric and the air were pure? We believe that the time has come.

The Deneum team is made up of unique people sharing a common philosophy, with deep knowledge in their respective fields and awareness of their purpose. We possess deep expertise in the physical, chemical, and electrical sciences, with research and laboratory experience around the Deneum technology since 1989. Our team has conducted many hundreds of tests and experiments, with consistently positive results since 2012. Now, it is time to scale these results into a full production line.

We invite everyone to take part in the energy revolution — creating a better planet for us and the generations to come.

Like inventing an engine vs. riding horses or passing information via radio channels vs. physical communication, technologies based on old ideas reach their limits and dry up.

To reach a new level, we have to think far outside the box. If we keep accepting fundamental science as our ultimate knowledge, the new era will remain science fiction.


85% of total energy production is non-renewable. Consumption is growing. Most electricity for electric vehicles is made from fossil fuels. Sun and Wind are not a sustainable solution. Li-ion batteries cannot have much higher density. Commercially viable nuclear fusion is too far away.


Safe: Energy must be completely safe for humans and nature (no CO2, radiation or any waste).

Low-Cost: Sustainable energy must be at least three times cheaper than energy made from fossil fuels.

Distributed: Energy sources must be portable enough to power households, electric vehicles and drones.


Long local commutes, congestions, traffic jams. Air transport has reached its speed limits. Space rockets have reached their limits at only 5% of payload. A new era of space exploration is impossible because we can’t get much faster or travel much farther. Nor is anyone working on brand new ways that could break the limits.


Fast: Long-distance travel must be at least five times faster.

Safe: Transportation must have zero impact on the environment.

Discovery: The new transport must open up a new era of space exploration.


Science is dogmatic. They say, “There is no room for misfits who question the existing principles of physics with their alternative views. We keep the door open to anyone willing to share their crazy ideas. Each and every hypothesis and theory that potentially fits our philosophy is granted our thorough attention and provided with all the necessary resources for verification.


Once the technology is validated, we take it to our in-house research and development, switch our business machine on and follow the straightest line to its widest adoption. Once the invention team is rewarded, the profits are used to create new meaningful technologies. Deneum will never be another big corporation pursuing greedy aims.


Sometimes, the truly impossible happens. We not only build a bridge between, but also combine, two opposites under one roof: adventurous, futuristic and naive ideation with rigorous, smart and rapid execution. That’s a powerful mix. That’s what we call Creation.


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Deneum (DNM) ICO Scam or Not?

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