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Nowadays seafood specialities are not a gimmick anymore and it is difficult to find a fine dining restaurant that would not include them in its menu. Being rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins and micronutrient elements, they are appreciated for their excellent taste and opportunity for cookery experts to create a great variety of all kinds of dishes of the elite segment. Today, there is no shortage of supplies of this high-priced raw material, but very few suppliers can boast of the high quality of their products. We are proud that for 5 years we have been a top requested supplier of premium products for the best cuisines of the world. Our sea food specialties are truly exclusive and meet the highest quality control criteria.

In recent years, there has been a special interest in high gastronomy. Cookery has become a real creativity, the whole world with its secrets and unexpected discoveries. We make seafood specialties closer to our customers, whether they are large restaurant chains, fashionable places or private customers – we give them the opportunity to receive the best seafood that will satisfy even the most sophisticated gourmet. Thanks to the established logistics and reverent transportation of our goods, every connoisseur of first-class sea food specialties can be sure that they will receive an exclusive product of the highest quality.

Since 2014, our company has been engaged in the manufacturing fishing of oysters, lobsters, king crabs and octopuses for fine dining places. Our clients see us as a reliable partner who delivers the best seafood specialties from all over the world. Over the years of our work, we have formed a large clientele and we are constantly expanding our business, cooperating with large restaurant chains around the world. We managed to fill our niche in the extraction of sea food specialities and today the company is confidently developing.

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This is a very profitable business that is in demand around the world. If a few years ago oysters, lobsters, king crab or first-class octopuses were deemed to be elite products and presented rather as an exception in the menu of some restaurants, today more and more people are eager to eat in expensive luxury restaurants.
The need for exclusive food is increasing and this is especially true for seafood specialities.
Our business began with a small oyster catching team. Realizing how large the business of sea food specialities supply is, we gradually expanded our volumes and established new coastal settlements of these mollusks. Year by year we expanded the volumes and today we are engaged in the extraction of such well-established delicacies as oysters, lobsters, king crab and octopuses. It is for these varieties of marine life that the greatest demand is in fine dining restaurants.
Oysters are one of the first areas of our activity. These mollusks inhabit in warm near-shore waters and the largest capture of oysters is made in tropical seas. Large settlements of mollusks are observed near river’s offings, where the water is desalinated and contains a lower salt content. Our company catches oysters living in the wild on the coast of Norway – this is the so-called European oyster, which is most valued on the European continent. We deal with catching of octopus in the most suitable for this subtropical and tropical regions. The greatest production volume of this delicacy is the Mediterranean Sea, and the largest number of customers is observed in the Asian region. Here, both small fish restaurants and elite places prepare a wide variety of dishes from sweetish and tender octopus meat.
Due to the reduction in the number of large species, lobsters are considered an expensive delicacy. They inhabit in coastal regions with cold waters, some species of crawfishes generously inhabit the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico. These crustaceans are caught seasonally, therefore we have several locations in which we catch this delicacy.
The king crab is called the Kamchatka crab, the capture of which was the object of fishing in the Far East. Our company produces king crabs in the Barents Sea and distributes it to various countries in Europe and Asia. Large restaurants and private customers who work with us can always count on fresh king crab meat to prepare the most delicious dishes in their kitchens.
We provide the catching of sea food specialties in the quantities required by customers, high-quality transportation in compliance with all sanitary and hygienic conditions as soon as possible. Thanks to this, our customers receive fresh seafood specialties, for which they are ready to pay substantial sum of money. Today, we are faced with the task of creating our own farms for the production of seafood specialties, which is why we are starting cooperation with private investors. This will significantly reduce the costs that we spend today on catching seafood around the world and receive much higher interest rates.

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Is Scam or Not?
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