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    DFI.Money (YFII) defi token For Innovative Investment. YFII Finance is a community-owned DeFi infrastructure where its users determine what products they want and enjoy the yields. It’s permissionless for all the people to join. Currently it has two pools that yield YFII defi tokens as well as CRV and BAL rewards. The killer product of YFII is the Vault which allows retail investors to enjoy the highest APR for yield farming with just one click.

    Essential Information

    DFI.Money  Price $3,903.08 USD
    Token Name DFI.Money
    Token Symbol YFII
    DFI.Money  ROI 540.11%
    Website Link Home
    Market Cap $150,643,230 USD
    Circulating Supply 38,596 YFII
    Whitepaper Whitepaper
    Market Rank #74

    More about DFI.Money (YFII):

    DFI.Money (YFII) is a deFi token platform which aims to build products on aggregated liquidity provision, leveraged trading, automated marketing making.

    It was forked from yearn.finance (YFI), after yEarn Improvement Proposal #8 (YIP-8) which proposed to prolong the minting of the platform utility token YFI by another 2 months and with a weekly-halving emission curve was rejected.

    The YFII defi token is the native utility token of the DFI.Money platform. Users can earn it by contributing liquidity to DFI.Money’s aggregated liquidity pool, and use the token for platform governance.


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     DFI.Money (YFII) Scam or Not?

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