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    DGPayment (DGP) provides a safe wallet. You can receive and store your DGPay token with our Metamask or any Ethereum wallet. It is designed with easy to use features to make it more convenient for our customers.

    The DGPay Core wallet has features other wallets don’t have. It is designed with customers’ convenience and satisfaction in mind and it is customizable to our customers’ preference.

    DGPayment does not guarantee, and accepts no legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the accuracy, re-liability, currency, or completeness of any material contained in this whitepaper. Potential DGPayment holders should seek ap-propriate independent professional advice prior to relying on, or entering into any commitment or transaction based on, material published in this whitepaper, which material is purely published for reference purposes alone.

    DGPayment will not be intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction. This whitepaper does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any sort and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction. DGPayment does not provide any opinion on any advice to purchase, sell, or otherwise transact with DGPayment and the fact of presentation of this whitepaper shall not form the basis of, or be relied upon in connection with, any contract or in-vestment decision.

    The most famous cryptocurrency is bitcoin. Cryptocurrency is electronic cash that works as currency to secure financial transactions like buying, selling and trading between any users. It uses strong cryptography and decentralization manner unlike virtual currency or any centralization e-money that controlled by platform operator. Cryptocurrency can be described as decentralized e-money that does not have a central bank or authority using peer-to-peer (p2p) computer network between users so that none is in control of the network. The concept of cryptocurrency is every transaction need to be approved anonymously and saved permanently i.e. cannot be traced back easily andcannot be tempered. The main innovation tha cryptocurrency like bitcoin bring is blockchain, a decentralized ledger containing all transactions for every single unit of currency that employ verification based on cryptographic proof, where the various member of the network validates the transactions.

    Every transaction data is signed using hash which then encrypted with a private key to create a digital signature. While the public key is sent to the receiver and then used to verify the transaction. Therefore, every member of blockchain must have a private key and public key that corresponds with each other so that ownership can be traced but disclosed in the blockchain.

    Essential Information

    Started Date NOV 01, 2020 (SUN 12:07 AM)
    End Date MAR 31, 2021 (WED 08:07 PM)
    Acceptable currencies BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP
    DGPayment Price $0.969727 USD
    Token Name DGPayment
    Token Symbol DGP
    DGPayment ROI No Data
    Website Link Home
    Market Cap No Data
    Circulating Supply No Data
    Whitepaper Whitepaper
    Market Rank #3044
    Total tokens sale 786235.1 DGP (7.9%)
    Tokens exchange rate 1 DGP = 0.1 USD
    Minimal transaction amount

    More about DGPayment (DGP):

    DGPayment is a payment gateway that offers cryptocurrency payment processing services for businesses of any sizes with easy, secure and user-friendly interface and tailored-fit features designed for customer convenience are just a few reasons why DGPayment has become a go-to crypto payment processor for everyone. Besides merchant services, DGPayment also provides a platform for buying and selling numerous crypto-assets and customers can choose from such purchasing methods like credit/debit cards any other available methods. DGPAY platform, which is an open type ERC20 cryptocurrency payment system, can compete with legacy centralized payment system by resolving the problem that cryptocurrency could not be applied to real life with combination of blockchain technology and network. Despite the industrial disruption and technological advances that blockchain provides, one area that is still largely untapped is digital payments between buyers and sellers of physical services. Digital payment systems have been a holdout of larger industry incumbents, with more legacy APIs and agreements with traditional financial institutions, banks and credit cards. Despite the advantages of crypto payments, such as ultra-low fees, speed and low barrier of entry, clear and developed advancement in transactional security has yet to be implemented to the market. Buyers desire and have come to expect a robust consumer protection system that protects their purchases and provides refunds. Sellers on the other hand would love to earn more revenue but are cautious of the volatility issues associated with accepting cryptocurrencies. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could have the best of both worlds? This is a mutual trust dilemma we aim to solve with the DGPAYMENT Platform.

    The financial service sector uses blockchain’s security, immutability, transparency, and ability to cut out third party or middleman while in commercial service focused on securing data and identity & legitimacy object . Blockchain concept work just like cryptocurrency in which used a decentralized ledger containing all transactions for every single unit of
    currency that employ verification based on cryptographic proof, where the various member of the network validates the transactions. Blockchain also used as Smart contracts that refer to a contract that is automatable and enforceable which have the ability to
    automate processes and control behaviours. The application of smart contract can be seen in product manufacturing, supply chain management, vehicle provenance, and sharing resources such as electricity. The advantages are cost-efficiency, processing speed, autonomy, and reliability. The implementation of smart contracts for companies could bring out the following benefits which consist of a faster working process, eliminate the risk of fraud or manipulation, dispose the needs and reliance on 3rd parties, reduce cost services,
    enable transparency for all involved parties, guarantee security, suppresses the presence of intermediaries.


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    DGPayment (DGP) Scam or Not?

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