Dogecoin Foundation Hopes to Secure a Three-Year Budget

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The foundation wants to make a three-year budget safe in order to hire a small staff to work on Dogecoin full-time. The Dogecoin Foundation, a nonprofit organization that have the goal to back up the development of the memecoin through advocacy, governance and trademark protection, has been re-established.

  • The foundation brags some well-known board members and advisers, containing Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin, who is serving as the foundation’s “blockchain and crypto adviser.”
  • Jared Birchall, a representative who was nominated by Tesla co-founder and influential Dogecoin (DOGE, -8.3%) supporter Elon Musk and who is the head of Musk’s family office, joins as the foundation’s legal and financial adviser, as Dogecoin core developer Max Keller will serve as a technical adviser and Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus will be the community and memes adviser.
  • Board members contain Dogecoin Foundation veteran Jens Wiechers and Dogecoin core Blockchain developers Michi Lumin and Ross Nicoll.
  • Originally started in 2014, the foundation grew inactive over time and at last dissolved.
  • The foundation is now wish to make a three-year budget safe so that it can hire a small staff to work on Dogecoin full-time.
  • It also said that in the coming weeks the foundation “will be announcing new projects that will complement the current Core Wallet to enable faster integration and easier APIs (application programming interfaces) for financial, social and charitable projects wishing to use Dogecoin.”


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