Domitai (DOMI) ICO

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Domitai (DOMI) ICO Review

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Domitai is a cryptocurrency exchange platform with Mexican pesos, the development of the platform began in June 2017.

Our goal is to promote the blockchain ecosystem in Mexico, we believe that it is a technology that can change and improve society more than we can imagine, we are creating a safe and reliable place for users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, always seeking to be close to our customers offering the best possible service and technical support.

The team is made up of  Mario Medina Nussbaum ,  Rodolfo Díaz Jiménez and  Daniel Trujillo , together they have 12 years of experience in the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem.

Domitai is a registered trademark of Taidomi SAPI de CV.

Essential Information
Ico Time
Jun 1, 2019 – Apr 30, 2020
Token Name Domitai
Token Symbol DOMI
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link Home
Platform NEM
Soft Cap
Hard Cap
15 M

More about Domitai (DOMI) ICO

Domitai is a Cryptocurrency Exchange in Mexico , a trading platform for digital and traditional currencies between users.

Our mission is to change the way commerce and financing is done in Mexico, and work to become one of the top financial institutions in Latam and Worldwide.

Domi is our utility token which can be used in our platform to get discounts on fees , while trading cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), ReddCoin (RDD), IOTA, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and fiat currencies like Mexican peso (MXN).

Anti-money laundering policy

What is Know Your Customer – KYC?

The KYC are the controls and supervision processes that Domitai has to know its new and old customers, what they do and where their funds come from, with the intention of avoiding having business relationships with people involved in money laundering crimes, terrorism, government corruption, drug-related crimes, among others.

KYC responds at a global level, at DOMITAI a formal identification of clients must be carried out by presenting the credential of the National Electoral Institute (INE), the Federal Taxpayer Registry (RFC), its Electronic signature (as applicable the case of registration) and Passport, for foreign clients. And on the other hand, they are obliged to the real identification, that is, to know at all times who is behind a Company or Moral Person.

What is Anti-Money Laundering (AML)?

AML is an acronym for the English concept Anti-Money Laundering that we would translate as prevention of money laundering (PBC). It is a concept used mainly in the financial and legal world to describe the legal controls that financial institutions and other regulated entities must comply to prevent, detect and report on possible suspicious activities of money laundering.

In Mexico in 2012, the Federal Law for the Prevention and Identification of Operations with Illicit Provenance Resources was created, also called the “Anti-Money Laundering Law” published in the Official Gazette of the Federation (DOF), regulating financial activities, in order to avoid the legitimization of capital that comes from operations that involve illicit resources.

The term “money laundering” is defined as the act of legitimizing illicitly obtained capital, the money obtained illegally is legalized through a legal operation.

The meaning of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) is relevant for several factors:

Financial Education: To understand financial markets, it is important to know the basic terms used by financial institutions in their Compliance departments because when opening accounts with a financial institution, they must comply with the regulations of their jurisdiction.

FinTech: The technological development that wants to remake the way of using financial services in the same way as it has been done with the telecommunications, journalism or travel agencies sector will force us to understand why they request information about us and what it is the goal of those processes.

Precious Metals and Bitcoin technology : To assess what opportunities and limitations these forms of money or money transfer offer.

In recent years, the regulatory entities of the countries, which in turn are observed by international entities, have followed specific guidelines, which have had to redouble efforts to supervise the prevention of money laundering through tools.

In the year 2018, the “Anti-Money Laundering Law” is amended so that among the activities that were arranged to regulate this, the use of virtual assets, which the law defines as the representation of value registered electronically and used by the public as a means of payment , whose transfer can only be carried out through electronic means.

Article 17, Section XVI of the LFPIORPI, mentions that: It will be understood as Vulnerable Activities and therefore, the object of identification:

The habitual and professional offer of exchange of virtual assets by subjects other than Financial Institutions, which are carried out through electronic, digital or similar platforms, that administer or operate, facilitating or carrying out operations of purchase or sale of said assets owned by its clients, or provide means to safeguard, store, or transfer virtual assets other than those recognized by Banco de México in terms of the Law to Regulate Financial Technology Institutions

Therefore, the Main Obligations of Domitai before the Authority are:

  • Integrate a file of each Client
  • Submit notices no later than the 17th of the following month in which operations greater than 645 Units of Measurement and Update are carried out.
  • Safeguard and Protect this information.
  • Provide facilities for the SAT to carry out verification visits.
  • Create an Internal Policies Manual to identify clients or users to comply with the provisions of the LFPIORPI, its Regulations, and General Rules

In addition to will try to provide their observations and make the best review here. But this monitoring is not complete without your comments, messages and reports. So post your comments on the investment system provided at the end of each post or email

NOTE: is not a financial and investment system and it never enter into the investment services’s area.
Our main task is to provide the correct payment for hyips and their related data. has no responsibility for your investments.
Do your investment with more observation and investigation.

Domitai (DOMI) ICO Scam or Not?

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