Dutch Football Team Will Pay Bitcoin to its Football Players Until Mid-2024

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In a declaration posted on the club website on Thursday, the Eredivisie side, AZ Alkmaar, had an announcement. They declared that crypto broker Bitcoin Meester as its exclusive and official cryptocurrency associate until mid-2024. This team ended third in the 2020/2021 Dutch football season.
As the result of the announcement, the sponsorship deal with be closed and done completely in Bitcoin. While with the Dutch club indicating its purposes to keep the BTC sum on its balance sheet.
For AZ’s commercial director Michael Koster, the request of Bitcoin and crypto is indisputable hence the club’s choice to accept Bitcoin. “The cryptocurrency market is booming, with an exponential growth of users in recent years,” Koster said.

Bitcoin deals with sport teams

Moreover Koster said that non-crypto entities like football teams need the advice of appointed market contributors like Bitcoin Meester. In fact, the crypto broker is one of the little number that allowed to perform licensed cryptocurrency businesses by the Dutch central bank.
Crypto regulations look like to be a major subject of discussion between the authorities in the Netherlands.Therefore with one government official lately asking for a complete Bitcoin ban.
Crypto firms are progressively entering into sponsorship deals with sports teams. They are doing it in order to boost brand assessment and expand their business. Crypto.com lately declared a global partnership with Formula 1.
From Major League Baseball to the National Basket Ball Association, a lot of American sports franchises and star game players and athletes are also accepting Bitcoin and crypto. Back in June, seven-time Super Bowl champion Tom Brady marked a celebrity crypto-endorsement deal with crypto exchange giant FTX.
For now, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have a bad situation. Day by day they are trying to make the transactions better. Pulse, to make the price of Bitcoin and altcoin better as before. For now, Bitcoin price is 33,557.40$.

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