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eBUY Coin (EBC) ICO Review

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eBUY Coin is a decentralized social networking platform that is putting users privacy and satisfaction as its first priority. It is an innovative approach towards transparent and independent means of user data ownership, reward on ads and free of speech. It is the first get paid to content creation and sharing ecosystem that leveraged OCR token payments for its reward system.

Essential Information
Ico Time
Mar 3, 2020 – Dec 31, 2020
Token Name eBUY Coin
Token Symbol EBC
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link Home
$ 0.08
Platform Ethereum
Soft Cap
$ 250,000
Hard Cap
$ 1.85M

More about eBUY Coin (EBC) ICO:

eBuy Partners is a company, which has been accompanied from the very beginning by its proprietary business plan, specific values ​​such as innovation, competitiveness and consistency, and goals focused around creating a sales platform that offers high-quality products and services at the best prices, as well as creating a global community that identifies with principles of fair competition, loyalty, innovation and a passion for the latest technologies.

The world of online sellers has been facing the problem of high fees for years regardless of whether the product or service will be sold. In addition, promotional price drops accompanying specific periods such as Christmas, Easter or Black Friday are artificial and caused by deliberate increases in product prices in the periods preceding the promotional season. Prices in individual online stores are identical or very similar. The so-called bargain hunters, i.e. customers with the highest degree of consumer awareness and having the highest expectations, are neglected and forced to spend many hours searching for the most favorable offers. In addition, a certain group of consumers cannot purchase products of the highest quality and popularity because the prices of products increase proportionally to the interest shown, despite the fact that the costs of sellers are decreasing. Another important aspect is the lack of user gratification for recommending the most important auction sites to friends. As eBUY Partners, we believe that any successful business that improves company recognition should be rewarded.

The goal of the ICO undertaking is to create the world’s first unique and innovative sales platform based on our proprietary vision of reverse auctions. Our solution will allow free listing of an unlimited number of products with no commission on sales related to the sale of products and services.
In addition, the reverse auction system is the first system in history to allow fair competition between potential customers in the game, which aims to buy the product at the lowest possible price. Our solution does not impose a minimum price, minimum or maximum time to display the product. The user may at any time buy a product or service. In addition, we provide our users with a gratification based on an affiliate program that rewards our partners for successfully recommending our auction site.

BUY Moneta jest jednym z pierwszych kryptowalut, który już na początku ma rzeczywistą aplikację w konkretnym serwisie aukcyjnym podczas zakupu prawdziwych dóbr nie związanych z łańcuchem blockchain. Jest to istotny krok potrzebny na celu popularyzację użycia kryptowalut podczas realnych codziennych zakupów. Kryptowaluta ma prawdziwe zastosowanie i dzięki temu posiada realną wartość fiducjarną. Jej kapitalizacja jest wliczona w rzeczywisty sposób o wartości platformy sprzedażowej oraz generowana przez nią obroty i zysk. Nasz system pozwala na rozwiązywanie problemów związanych z rynkiem e-commerce i zaspokajanie potrzeb potrzebnych konsumenckich.eBuy Coina będzie można kupić na naszej platformie pod linkiem www.ebuypartner.eu . Łącznie wyemitowanych zostało 100 mln tokenów w zakresie o zasięgu erc-20, z czego aż 70 mln przeznaczonych jest do sprzedaży podczas fazy faz ICO. Objęane środkami stosowanymi w 100% spożytkowane w przedsięwzięciu mającym na celu obsługę usługi aukcyjnej odwrotnych. Zarząd spółki, a także udziałowcy nie są wynagradzani ze środków uzyskanych podczas sprzedaży tokenów. Kryptowaluta emitowana jest zgodnie z poniższą tabelą.
Vision of Reverse Auctions

The consumer market is characterised by a certain simplified rule. The high interest in a product very often entails an increase in its price. High demand should theoretically cause a decrease in supply costs. Producers are aware of the principle of the “self-propelling” demand, which often manifests in price increase of the above-average interest products. The auction model presented by us results in a price drop directly proportional to the consumer interest in the product or service.The concept of the web portal whose idea was born back in 2009, is to combine a partnership program and an auction and sales portal providing unprecedented opportunities, both for sellers and buyers.The market currently offers two hypothetical models that allow to obtain a product at a price lower than the market one. Mechanisms such as “penny auctions”or Martin Shubik’s patented “the dollar auctions”have long been known to offer the possibility of buying goods at a lower cost. However, these systems have a considerable downside, which translates into low consumer interest. They do not provide the user with control over the possibility to decide at which point he should make a purchase, which requires a significant time commitment from him. Moreover, these solutions do not allow for full transparency of services to users. eBUY Partners’ “Reverse Auctions”is a completely innovative, unprecedented solution that offers consumers a fair game whose aim is to purchase products or services at a bargainly low price.What’s the reverse auction?The seller who auctions a product is fully guaranteed to receive 100% expected amount if the product is sold. At the same time, auction participants can purchase the product at a price 99.9% lower than the starting auction price. The buyerhas an option to “buy now” at the starting auction price or to choose to check the auction price with ducats [DKT]. Half of the DKT value goes to the seller reducing the bidding price at the same time. The remaining 50% is used as a reward for those involved in the partnership program and as a means of financing technical, marketing or HR aspects.

The way DKT operates is shown in the diagram below.
In order to increase the innovation and usability of the service, eBUY Partners decides to implement cryptocurrencies in its system. Currently, the mostvirtual currencies offer no real use except for speculative use. The only purpose of most coins is to debut on the stock exchange and a utopian vision of gaining similar publicity as Bitcoin -the most recognizable cryptographic currency.
Concepts and definitions

STABLECOIN-a cryptocurrency designed to minimize the volatility of the instrument price with respect to certain “stable” assets or a basket of assets. Stablecoin can be linked to a cryptocurrency, fiduciary currency or exchange traded goods (such as precious metals or industrial metals). Stablecoins that are convertible into cash or goods represent “coverage”, whereas those associated with an algorithm are only significant in nature (not being the “coverage”). Such cryptocurrency examples are TrueUSD (TUSD), USD Coin (USDC) or tether (USDT).DUKAT TOKEN (DKT) -A new, innovative form of stable digital currency used in the eBUY Partners system for use on the platform. In exchange for DKT, customers and partners will be able to reveal the price of the item being auctioned, and DKT will also serve as a means of settlement with the bidder. The DKT purchase will be possible through the ECB (see next item for ECB).EBUY COIN (ECB)-A digital currency with a floating price used in the eBUY Partners system. Using the ECB, a collection of funds will be carried out during the ICO (seen next item for ICO). The ECB provides an exchange for DKT and contributes to the system liquidity. eBUY Coin is one of the few cryptocurrencies every user will be able to use, and not just a privileged group of people like some cryptographic currency projects.ECB may only be purchased during the public funding phase. After this process performance, the ICO token will also be available for purchase on selected cryptocurrency exchange markets.INITIAL COIN OFFERING-ICO, also known as “initial token offer”, is a method of raising capital in the form of crypto or fiduciary currency to finance an undertaking.The entity to organise the collection presents its plans and assumptions in a document called White Paper, which is also a contractual template. The entity is responsible for organizing the marketing and providing the infrastructure supporting the initiative through a smart contract based on blockchain (a software assigning a certain number of tokens to investors in exchange for cryptocurrencies). More on conditions for joining the ICO is given below. The subject of investment in Initial Coin Offering are utility tokens which provide priority rights to goods or services provided by the issuer.iHARD CAP-the upper financial limit that determines how much funds the team intends to raise in public funding, beyond which the sale of tokens during the ICO is completed.SOFT CAP-a lower financial limit specifying how much funds the team intends to raise in the course of public financing. If the team fails to reach the limit set by Soft Cap, the funds are returned to investors or the team decides to continue theproject development and tokens issue despite failure to raise the expected amount of money.


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eBUY Coin (EBC) ICO Scam or Not?

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