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ecos is an experience investment Bitcoin cloud mining company. Many people did not identify the possibilities and the advantage of Bitcoin mining yet for that people we are here to provide them a free Bitcoin mining service.

The Mission

ecos is highly convinced that use of Bitcoin mining technology will be increase in the future that`s why we provide very easy and free Bitcoin mining service for every people.

ECOS is a major infrastructure project with its own data center in the Free Economic Zone (FEZ) in Armenia.  

The Armenian Government on October 19, 2018 established Free Economic Zone together with ECOS, which was appointed to be the operator of FEZ.  

The unique infrastructure of the Free Zone allows us to have 0 Profit TAX and 0 VAT which allows us to provide a super attractive prices for our customers!

We successfully finished construction of the infrastructure of the mining center using the latest equipment and technologies.

In February 2018 an agreement with one of the largest power plants in Armenia – Hrazdan Power Plant, was signed, for electricity supply with total capacity of 200 MW.  

Since April 2018 we have been developing an End to End solution for the management, monitoring and maintenance of the Mining infrastructure which allows us to run a big scale Mining operations very efficiently!

We have a physical team supporting the Data Center 24/7

We are pleased to offer our services for our customers and partners!

Essential Information

Payment AcceptedVISA, Mastercard, ArCa, and PayPal
Min Deposit98$
Min Withdraw0.001 BTC
Referral Commission10%

ECOS is providing 2 services:

  • Cloud mining
  • Equipment sale + hosting (Solution)
  1. Cloud mining (equipment rent).

Cloud mining (or Shared mining) is a mode of gaining bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency without using personal devices. Users of shared mining services buy contracts allowing them to “rent” the devices from the owners of large data centers and gain the funds mined by those devices.

  • ECOS data center equipped with the most modern equipment
  • You rent hash power of this equipment by selecting a contract  
  • You get access to your personal account dashboard 24/7 and receive your mined BTC daily

    Advantages of ECOS Cloud mining:

  • Secure service: ECOS – Operator of the Free Economic Zone, established by the Armenian Government  
  • Stable and affordable electricity supply
  • No issues with maintenance of the equipment
  • Direct and regular supplies of most powerful equipment     
  • Daily payouts
  • Withdrawal to BTC wallet from 0,001 BTC    

2) You can go further than Cloud mining. Invest into your own equipment and earn more Bitcoins! (equipment purchase + hosting)

ASIC + hosting is a package service, that allows you to invest into your own equipment and earn more Bitcoins daily, paying just for its hosting. You receive 24/7 access to your account and can see the operation of your device in real time.

  • You select and purchase any ASIC online on  
  • All devices are already available in stock in Armenia. 
  • The next day after payment it is taken from the warehouse and is collocated on ECOS hosting site in Armenia. 
  • You start getting revenue at once. The first month of hosting is for free. 
  • Data center is equipped with the modern containers that will ensure safe operation of your devices

 Get Miners and co-locate them on ECOS hosting in Armenia 

Advantages of ECOS equipment and hosting service:

  • Secure and trustable service
  • Stable and affordable electricity supply
  • Equipment already available on ECOS warehouse: no time waste waiting for the equipment to be shipped, no logistics, customs or installation costs.
  • 180 days warranty for the equipment
  • No limitation on equipment usage (it can operate up to 5 years)
  • The cost of your hosting fee is fixed for 12 months      
  • Daily payouts
  • Withdrawal to BTC wallet    
  • Equipment can anytime be shipped to the user on demand

Available models of equipment:  

1)T17 38 Th/ s  – 1129 USD (including 1 month of hosting)

2)T17 47 Th / s  – 1540 USD (including 1 month of hosting)

3)S17+ 64 Th/ s  – 2375 USD (including 1 month of hosting)

    Equipment on the website: 

Video instruction on this service:                                     

Video of the data center 

What is mining?

Miner is a device which makes calculations necessary for decentralized networks’ functioning. Mining supports the decentralized network, and the miners get rewarded for their activity. The reward is represented in cryptocurrency. 
Miners connect to pools which incorporate many devices, distribute, and optimize tasks. All the cryptocurrency mined is distributed among ECOS-M Shared Mining in accordance with their shares within the system. 

What is shared mining?

Shared mining (also known as “cloud mining”) is a mode of gaining bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency without using personal devices. Users of shared mining services buy contracts allowing them to “rent” the devices from the owners of large data centers and gain the funds mined by those devices. 

How do I start my contract with ECOS-M Shared Mining?

To start working with the service you need to register and purchase your first contract. You can do it in My Account – Dashboard section. Later you will be able to see how much cryptocurrency you have gained with your capacities. Currently, we accept the following payment methods: VISA, Mastercard, ArCa, and PayPal.

How do I start my first referral program?

Enter your account and open the Referrals tab in the menu on the left. Choose a name for your new referral program and click the “Generate new link” button. You will get an individual link. When you share the link and someone buys a contract after following it, you get a bonus.


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Is Scam or Not?

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