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proximus Ico Review

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  • EMJAC token strives towards creating a complete recovery cycle for P2P and B2B in order to promote higher penetration of recycling and knowledge sharing that the waste tyres are being managed and recycled in an environment friendly manner. Through TRU and blockchain technology, our token holders will be able to understand, track and trace the movements of waste tyres to the thermal recovery plants around the world and the subsequent recycled products.
  • EMJAC’s market place will allow token holders to trade on the supply and demand of waste tyres in each country, shipping quotes and buying and selling the recycled products of synthetic diesel, refined black and steel wires on a global marketplace. Such a trading opportunity exists due to the different prices of such commodities especially diesel which is an integral energy requirement in every country.
  • EMJAC’s blockchain ecosystem is designed to complete the recycling circle where producers of waste tyres (P2P, B2B, P2B, B2P) will have the ability to create long term value for waste tyres while supporting the noble aim to protect our Mother earth and reduce the adverse impact of the 2 billion waste tyres generated globally every year

Essential Information

Ico Time
2019-12-20 – 2020-01-24
Token Name emjac
Token Symbol EMJ
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link https://www.emjac.io
0.08 USD
Soft cap 5,000,000 USD
Hard cap 35,000,000 USD
Whitelist/KYC KYC
Country Malaysia

More About proximus:

About Project
Every year, 2 Billion waste tyres are being generated worldwide. Less than 30% is being recycled and the balance is usually sent to landfills or illegally dumped. Poor management of waste tyres poses a serious threat to our environment. EMJAC has created a solution which integrates both blockchain and green technology to manage and recycle the waste tyres efficiently and provides a global marketing platform for the renewable energy products.

EMJAC aims to be the leader in the “Waste to Green Energy” industry to recycle waste tyres globally by deploying green technology with the latest blockchain technology.

Our vision is to recover the trapped energy in waste tyres and reduce the carbon footprint in our environment and channel the renewable energy back into our ecosystem to benefit communities around the world via a trusted market platform.

EMJAC: Empowering blockchain towards a sustainable future.

Driving earth conservation through waste to green energy initiatives
Use the latest Blockchain technology to solve global waste tyre problem
Reduce illegal dumping of waste tyres
Enhance traceability of global waste tyres from source to recycling plant
Increase the percentage of global waste tyres recycled using green technology
Grant a long-term worldwide sustainable and renewable energy supply
Providing a solution and trading platform for waste tyre supplies, logistics and products ecosystem


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Is emjac Scam or Not?
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