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Click here to view website offers software for online gambling. We deliver solutions based on blockchain. Our software engineering heritage combined with our strategic business and innovation consulting helps our team to develop. Our blockchain based online gambling platform is created to maximize winnings. All that just for minimal price allocated for ongoing maintenance costs and running costs. Each of our games are written in the smart contract. In other words, no one will be in control of game — trustless, borderless and secure. Sign in and just play!

We are also offering a completly new product – gaming solutions that do not have randomness in the software (including the pseudorandom number generator). The player can fully control the course of rivalry and assess his chances of winning. This solution, which is completely deprived of the randomness element, enables us to reach other markets.

The gambling industry is very developing, especially online gambling, which is growing at a significantly higher rate compared to traditional gambling. It is predicted that the offline gambling industry will only cover around 11-12% of total market revenues in the future, while online gambling will continue to grow dynamically.

Revenue from the online gambling market is projected to exceed $ 60 billion by 2020, and could reach $ 90 billion in 2024, with a combined annual growth rate of around 10%.

Essential Information

Ico Time
2019-11-04 – 2020-01-30
Token Name getthebit
Token Symbol 777 Token
Whitepaper View Whitepaper
Website Link
0.01 USD
Soft Cap
30,000 EUR
Hard Cap
400,000 EUR
Whitelist/KYC None
Country USA
Restricted Country

More About

We are a team focused around the gaming platform,lotteries and online gambling bets. For years, we have been passionate about this industry, participating to various degrees in its development and observing amazing growth that would not be possible without the increasing opportunities offered by modern technologies and the internet. However, every time a user participates in a game or a bet, he or she cannot be sure what is happening on the other side, how the win is determined. For a long time, we have been guided by the idea of creating a transparent, honest and understandable system for every participant using this form of entertainment. Looking for solutions that
could meet these assumptions in 2017, we became  interested in blockchain technology. After numerous consultations, we decided to create gambling solutions based on the ethereum network. After creating the first operating innovative products, we decided on the ICO offer, which will allow us to accelerate work and develop the platform more dynamically.
Aiming to complete the first stage, we established a company, GetTheBit LLC, based in Wyoming at 312 W 2nd St # 1040 Casper, WY 82601. At this stage, we will start issuing
the first ICO offer.

Completing the first stage of token issuance will allow us to create a gambling platform in jurisdiction enabling such activities and software development, as well as significantly
expanding the product offer. At this stage, tests of our proprietary solution enabling games on slots equipped with software operating in a completely different way than the
existing systems will be launched. The solution used will allow you to run the game without any elements of randomness. Every detail of the software has been designed
so as not to bear the likelihood of putting the player in the face of gameplay, which he/she completely controls.
Gameplay in several varieties, also a social one, will make this solution have a much greater reach than the current ones on the market. After obtaining independent opinions, they can be used for commercial purposes on a much larger scale than existing systems, while the whole gameplay will retain its basic attributes resulting from the use of blockchain. All of our solutions are and will be clear, transparent and fair.


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