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Hello Bingo is a fully licensed social bingo hall and online casino that can be accessed anytime on your desktop or mobile device!

We offer something for everyone; a variety of slots, roulette, video poker, blackjack and side games, with the chance to win jackpots and instant bonuses. Play 75 & 90-ball bingo and stay connected to the community by chatting with friends in a friendly, interactive atmosphere.

Hello Bingo is licensed and regulated by the Kahnawake Gaming Commission License No.00826.

We’ve thoroughly reviewed Hello Bingo Casino and gave it a very bad reputation rating, which means it’s one of the worst casinos to play at. In our review, we’ve considered the casino’s player complaints, estimated revenues, license, games genuineness, customer support quality, fairness of terms and conditions, withdrawal and win limits, and other factors. Read the full review below and learn more about this casino.

According to our research and estimates, Hello Bingo Casino is a smaller online casino revenue-wise. The revenue of a casino is an important factor, as bigger casinos shouldn’t have any issues paying out big wins, while smaller casinos could potentially struggle if you manage to win really big.

We have found no relevant complaints about this casino.

Warning: Hello Bingo Casino has certain sections of Terms and Conditions that we consider to be unfair to the casino’s players. Because of this, we advise you to look for a casino with fair rules or at least pay special attention to this casino’s Terms and Conditions if you decide to play at it.

Hello Bingo Casino has an extremely low withdrawal limit of Can$1,000 per month. If you manage to win a bigger amount, you will struggle to withdraw your money all at once and it might take you several months or years to actually get all of it. If you plan to play medium to high stakes, we strongly advise you to look for a casino with a higher withdrawal limit or ideally without a limit altogether.

As you can see from all of the information in our review, Hello Bingo Casino is a very bad online casino. We don’t recommend playing at it and strongly advise you to stay away from it.

Essential Information

Casino Link
Established 2019
Customer Support Live-Chat, E-Mail
License Kahnawake
Supported Payment Methods Visa
Casino Versions Live Dealer,Download,Mobile,Mobile Web,Mobile App
Currencies Canadian Dollar, US Dollar
Withdrawal Limit
Can$1,000  per month
Restricted Country
Spain, United Kingdom
Minimum Deposit
Language English


To register, please first read the Terms & Conditions located at the bottom of our home page. Then click on “Join Now!” and follow these steps:

Set up your account
  1. This requires you to select a username and password and enter your email address. This username (“alias”) and password will be used by you for all subsequent logins to the site.
  2. Fill in your details. We are required to collect certain personal information in order to verify the identity of our players including full name, address, phone number and date of birth. Phone numbers are necessary in order for us to contact players with prize/contest notifications, and/or to assist them personally with queries.
  3. Read our Registration & Participation Rules below.
  4. Deposit (Optional)


You are only allowed to register once per person. A maximum of two accounts per household is allowed in cases where the second player in the household has requested and received permission in writing from Hello Bingo management. Multiple accounts are strictly forbidden and will result in all accounts being disabled and funds confiscated.
We are required to verify the age and identity of our players. At any time we may ask you to provide certain identification documents to us (i.e. copy of passport or other government-issued identification; recent utility bill; marriage license etc). This information will never be given to a third party and is protected by our Privacy Policy. View our Terms & Conditions at:
We offer players the privilege of holding active accounts on more than one site on our Bingo Network. Players who choose to take advantage of this privilege may only be active in our chat room on one account. We reserve the right to limit or close accounts in cases where we believe abuse of this privilege exists. Please see our withdrawals section for further implications around holding multiple accounts.


At sign up you are registered as a Trial Player and will be given CAD$10 free bonus. These bonus funds may be used to play most bingo or casino games available on the site in order to try out the many games on offer. All winnings won by Trial Players are in Bonus funds. Progressive Jackpots are not available to be won by Trial Players. There is a maximum win limit of CAD$100 for Trial Player accounts, after which you may opt to deposit. Depositing to an account moves you out of Trial Player status and into permanent player status. All bonus funds won as a Trial Player are retained and become available as bonus to the active player for use on bingo and certain casino games as noted.


Hello Bingo offers new members the following deposit bonuses totaling 1000%:

  • 500% bonus on first deposit to a maximum of CAD$500
  • 200% bonus on second deposit to a maximum of CAD$600
  • 300% bonus on third deposit to a maximum of CAD$900


The minimum deposit transaction amount is CAD$20, and the maximum transaction amount is CAD$1000. You may deposit a maximum total of CAD$1000 per hour and CAD$2000 in any 24-hour period. Hello Bingo offers the following deposit options:

  1. Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard) The following descriptors will appear on your bank or account statement: Debit/Credit Card Statements: Kanataplay – Malta

2. Neosurf Available from thousands of convenient locations around the world. See here for more info
3. Electronic Money Transfer (Interac E-Transfer from your bank account)

How do I send an Interac E-transfer?

If you use online banking with a Canadian bank/credit union, then sending an Interac E-transfer takes just a couple of minutes.
Google is a great tool and if you search (your bank name) + Interac E-transfer in you will find instructions on how to send a transfer with your financial institution. For information on sending an E-transfer, please contact your bank or Why haven’t you accepted my Interac E-transfer?
Please give us 24 hours to accept Interac e-transfers although our usual timing is much faster.
It may be the case that your e-transfer was not accepted because your bank blocked the transfer. In this case you need to contact the bank to verify the transfer so that we can accept payment and begin processing your order.
Please ensure you send payment to the correct email address by copying and pasting the email address on the Hello Bingo deposit confirmation page. Our email address changes periodically without notice in an effort to prevent fraud.
Winnings earned prior to your first deposit are not eligible for withdrawal even after a deposit has been made.
Email correspondence from Hello Bingo regarding deposit/payout issues will be from: or


Hello Bingo players always have access to their funds and may redeem their winnings at any time provided their account is current and in good standing.* The minimum withdrawal request is CAD$50. The maximum request is CAD$1,000 per calendar month. Withdrawals may be requested via the following options:

  1. Credit Card (Visa)
  2. Cheque

Registration information must be the same as the billing information provided to our payables department. Any inconsistencies will result in a delay in receiving redemptions. For privacy and security reasons, email correspondence will be limited to communication with the email address registered on the account. Players are responsible for keeping their email address current.
Withdrawal requests are approved by Hello Bingo Monday through Friday on a rolling 4-business day payout schedule. Withdrawals of CAD$1000 or more are subject to management approval and require additional days for processing.
Wins from Progressive Jackpots of any kind will be paid in instalments to be determined by Hello Bingo.
Players must achieve a minimum lifetime deposit amount of CAD$100 in order to be eligible to withdraw. Thereafter, players may withdraw up to a maximum of 200% of their lifetime net cash deposits.
When you request a withdrawal you forfeit all bonus in your account. If you subsequently flowback or cancel your withdrawal request your bonus funds may be reinstated.
Players are required to wait 24 hours after a successful deposit or completed flowback before requesting a withdrawal. One withdrawal request only will be processed in any withdrawal period.
We reserve the right to limit withdrawal requests resulting from wins using free promotional cash and/or bonus. These requests are subject to management approval.
Players holding more than one Network account are entitled to receive a payout on one account only in any 7-day period.
At our discretion we may decline a withdrawal and/or impose a mandatory wagering amount if we believe a deposit has been made simply to satisfy eligibility requirements for promotions, chat bonus, withdrawals etc. We also reserve the right to put an account into limited withdrawal eligibility depending on deposit-to-cashout statistics.
*An account is in good standing when it is open and there are no pending or ongoing investigations associated with the account. An account is current when a minimum of CAD$25 has been deposited and wagered within the past 30 days. Cash winnings from free play games are available to withdraw if a player has deposited and wagered a minimum of CAD$50 within the past 30 days. Funds are not available for withdrawal from any account which does not satisfy these criteria.


The more you play at Hello Bingo, the more loyalty points you earn. As you accumulate points, your loyalty level increases and you receive more lucrative bonuses on EVERY deposit you make!
Hello Bingo reserves the right to determine and adjust any player’s Loyalty level at any time at the sole discretion of Management.


Bonus Funds are not available for withdrawal, nor are they transferable. Bingo cards may not be pre-purchased with bonus. All Bonus Funds won or acquired in any way must be used within 15 days of receipt unless otherwise expressly stated. Unused Bonus Funds expire after 15 days and are automatically removed from player accounts.
Complimentary Bonus Funds are extended to players as a means of supplementing their play time and are not intended to replace cash deposits and wagers. Manipulation of our bonus structure to preclude new cash deposits and facilitate frequent redemptions is considered an abuse of intention. Players exhibiting this behavior may have bonus privileges suspended at the discretion of management. Players whose net cash ratios are disadvantageous may have their ability to earn bonus temporarily suspended.


Players are awarded Chat Bonus when playing bingo and participating in chat room games. Only players playing bingo in the appropriate game are eligible to receive chat bonus. To win chat bonus you must have made a deposit within the last 7 days and be playing bingo during the chat game. Chat bonus prizes are awarded based on eligibility parameters which are applied at our discretion. Below are typical examples:
A. Chat bonus may be awarded based on the amount you spend on cards for the relevant game. You will receive the lesser of the full chat bonus award OR the amount you spent on cards for the game in question.
Example: The chat bonus award on offer is $1. You purchase $0.40 worth of cards in that game. If you win the chat game you will receive $0.40 in chat bonus.
B. Chat bonus may be awarded based on the amount of cards in play.
Bonus is prorated as follows:
5 cards or more, 100% of the bonus 4 cards in play, 90% of the bonus 3 cards in play, 80% of the bonus 2 cards in play, 70% of the bonus 1 card in play, 60% of the bonus
Example: The chat bonus award on offer is CAD$1 . You purchase 1 card in the game. If you win the chat game you will receive $0.60 in chat bonus.
Chat bonus policy is subject to change without notice in our chat rooms and is regularly waived in favour of chat bonus awards given without restriction.
A player may receive a maximum of CAD $30 in Bonus per day. Chat room Bonus is awarded at the discretion of our Chat Hosts according to preset guidelines. Members of the same household may not play for chat bonus in the same chat room at any time. Please see our “Chat Room Conduct” section for additional rules governing chat room conduct.


Promotions are only available to valid account holders aged 18 or over. Bonuses are distributed at the discretion of Hello Bingo and are automatically qualified without any wagering requirement. Withdrawal of funds before the wagering is complete will void all bonuses and any winnings attached thereto. Emails and SMS are sent at the discretion of Hello Bingo. Bonus funds may not be used on casino games unless Hello Bingo specifically configures a game to accept Bonus funds.
Hello Bingo reserves the right to cancel, terminate or alter any competition or promotion (or the rules thereof) at any time and without prior notification. All bonus terms and wagering are also subject to the main terms and conditions. In the event a technical misconfiguration or malfunction of any kind results in Bonus funds being credited incorrectly, Hello Bingo reserves the right to remove any excess funds and/or correct the Bonus award.


Bingo game prizes vary from game to game based on a number of variables including:

  • The number of players in the game
  • The number of cards purchased
  • The card price
  • The amount of money staked
  • The amount of bonus money staked (if applicable)
  • The designated prize type (guaranteed; fixed; pari-mutuel)

Higher card prices and more players in a game will generally result in larger game prizes. Occasionally we offer a fixed minimum prize regardless of the number of players that participate and the price of the cards. Across all of our Bingo games the average RTP (Return to Player) over the last six months is 98.85%. Therefore, the average House Edge is 1.15%. This number can change based on the variables listed above.
Prizes are awarded when bingo is achieved. Prizes are split evenly between all game winners.
Progressive jackpots are offered on some of our Bingo games. If a jackpot is won by two or more players the prize will be evenly split.


We offer players the option to securely fund another player’s account by “E-gift”. You may use the cash in your account to gift another player, who will receive the equivalent amount in bonus. Players may be donors any number of times, but may receive a maximum CAD$30 bonus per day. Players are not permitted to transfer cash or bonus between accounts, nor may they fund another player’s account using their personal funding methods.


We want your Hello Bingo chat room to be a place where all members can feel secure and enjoy themselves. We offer a “home away from home” environment with a personal touch. We require all ‘roomies’ to respect the following rules for fairness and security reasons. By doing so, we can guarantee the best entertainment within our chat room community.

  • Respect the Chat Host’s authority. As well, respect yourself and all other members. Treat others the way you want to be treated.
  • Welcome new players when they enter the room, and please help them if they have questions, especially if the Chat Host is busy.
  • NO complaining, arguing or bickering. This includes but is not limited to, complaining about not winning, or moaning about members who are experiencing winning streaks.
  • Please direct all complaints to the Help Desk so as not to disturb the flow of chat or cause a confrontation. If you have submitted a help ticket and have not yet received a response, please allow staff adequate time to respond. Players are not permitted to discuss the specifics of their Help Tickets in chat.
  • No foul language, indecent or offensive remarks, threats, nor racial, sexual, or religious slurs.
  • Never impersonate another person while in the chat room.
  • NO children (persons younger than 18 years old) are allowed in chat rooms. This site is for responsible adults only. In the event that a minor gains access to an account held by an adult, the owner of the account will be held responsible for the minor’s actions.
  • Never solicit funds from others in the chat rooms. It is strictly prohibited. This action makes others in the room very uncomfortable. You may not discuss your account balance in the chat room, nor that of another player.
  • Mentioning Bingo sites, advertising other sites and/or recruiting of members to other sites is strictly prohibited in the chat rooms. This will result in immediate removal of chat privileges. No posting of any urls of any kind in the chat room.
  • Members are not permitted to slander or libel Hello Bingo and/or IGS management and employees.
  • To avoid confusion and for ease of identification, only Chat Hosts may use CAPITAL letters in the chat rooms.
  • In the absence of a Chat Host, please copy and paste any violation of these rules via email to: We respect your privacy. As such, all cases will be kept anonymous and the sender of the email will never be mentioned.
  • Most importantly – HAVE FUN!

Note that violations of any of our chat room policies will result in warnings and/or removal of chat privileges and/or suspension of your account.


All queries and complaints must be submitted via the Customer Support Help Desk. Help tickets will be answered within 12 hours of receipt.
Spamming of the Help Desk (sending multiple tickets regarding the same issue) is prohibited. Harassment and abuse of Help Desk staff is prohibited and will not be tolerated. Submitting multiple tickets on the same issue will result in your query being moved to the back of the queue.
If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your support ticket you may draft a follow-up help ticket explaining your grievance. This follow-up help ticket will need to be addressed ‘Care of Management’. Please give the Help Desk every opportunity to assist you before appealing to management. Again, you are not permitted to voice concern or discuss details of your help tickets in the chat rooms.
Help Tickets should adhere to the same standards of etiquette as do chat room communications.


Your registration information becomes your permanent player profile with Hello Bingo. You may view this information via the Account tab where you will also be able to see a breakdown of your account balance. From this tab you may change your password by choosing to modify your Profile. For all other player profile changes you must contact our help desk. Supplementary documents may be requested in order to affect changes to your personal information.
The Player Profile is also the place to manage any restrictions you wish to place on your account. You may opt to reduce your daily/weekly/monthly deposit and wager limits from standard in order to assist with money management. Please note you may not increase your limits above standard. Requests for increases must be directed to the Help Desk and are subject to a 24-hour cooling off period as required by our licensed jurisdiction.


If you wish to close your account for any period of time go to Account and choose “Close Account.” You will be asked to specify a time frame. If you do not select a time frame your account will be closed until you request a reopen. In either case you must contact our Help Desk when you wish your account to be reopened.


Any person can request to be permanently excluded from accessing, playing on or depositing funds to Hello Bingo and all other gaming systems operated by providers that are licensed and regulated by KGC (Kahnawake Gaming Commission).
After choosing Self-Exclusion via the Account tab, a “Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request” must be submitted by the player to the KGC via the form provided on the Commission’s website at: Upon receipt of a Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request the Commission will contact the player to verify details and will ensure the request is put into effect across the entire gaming platform. A Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request is effective from the date and time of the request, and is irrevocable. If a player does not submit a Comprehensive Self-Exclusion Request within 6 months of choosing permanent self-exclusion from the site, Hello Bingo may unlock the player’s account at the player’s request and permit the player to resume his or her gaming activities.


To register and play at Hello Bingo you must be over the age of majority in the country in which you reside. Typically this is 18 but it may be different in your country and it is your responsibility to check. You must read and consent to all published Terms & Conditions and must have authorization to use a valid payment method acceptable to Hello Bingo. Playing any game or conducting any activity or transaction on Hello Bingo indicates your understanding and acceptance of our FAQ & our T & C. All transactions by minors are considered null and void, including any winnings. Hello Bingo reserves the right to request proof of age at any time.
Play must occur in a jurisdiction that allows on-line gaming. Internet Gambling may be prohibited in the jurisdiction in which you are located. If so, you are not authorized to use any payment method to fund your Hello Bingo account. It is your responsibility to know if national or local laws prohibit gambling over the Internet in your jurisdiction.
Unless otherwise expressly stated, players must have deposited no more than 72 hours prior to the end date of any tournament, daily promo, featured promo or special offer in order to qualify to participate.
Unless otherwise specified access to free or penny bingo rooms is restricted to players who have deposited and wagered a minimum of $20 in the past 7 days. New players will have access to these rooms for one week following registration after which they must deposit and wager the minimum $20.
Employees of Hello Bingo are prohibited from participating. To read more on eligibility, please see our Terms & Conditions:


Hello Bingo reserves the right to terminate a player’s account at any time for any reason at our sole discretion. In the event Hello Bingo terminates a player’s account, cash and/or bonus funds may be forfeited in part or in whole. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for details on account termination.


Players are permitted one alias change every six calendar months, based on a rolling calendar. (Example: An alias change on 18 April means the next alias change may not be until 18 October). There is no guarantee that the alias you previously had will still be available should you request it again. All requests for alias changes are to be submitted to our help desk.


Prizes are automatically deposited to a player’s account. Members can play games from their winnings or request a redemption. Prizes over a certain threshold will be put into a pending state for game review. Once Management has confirmed the win, the prize will be credited to your account. Please contact the help desk with any questions.
In the event there is a discrepancy between the Game results as recorded in Hello Bingo’s database and that recorded by the player, the Hello Bingo game server results shall be considered valid. In the event games do not finish properly or record to the Hello Bingo game server, players will receive refunds for cards purchased or funds played in those games.
Certain casino games have maximum prize caps on their associated progressive jackpots (PJP). Once a PJP maximum prize has been reached and until the prize has been won, contributions from player wagers on that game are reallocated to future PJPs and/or player promotions.
Unless otherwise explicitly stated, casino game top prizes and/or Progressive Jackpots are awarded only when maximum is wagered. This is not always indicated on the individual casino game interface.
Certain bingo games with associated PJPs may play without the PJP component on occasion.


Hello Bingo wishes to assure players that every possible effort has been made to provide the world’s most entertaining, reliable and honest bingo site on the internet. It is our sincere intention to ensure all players are satisfied with the quality and fairness of our games. Hello Bingo undertakes to promptly and impartially resolve all disputes that may arise from participation in our games. However, please be advised that in the event of any dispute regarding participation or prizes, the decision made by Hello Bingo will be final.
Disputes and requests for game information must be initiated within 12 days of game activity to allow for proper review and resolution. Detailed game activity is archived for 14 days after which it may not be referenced in any query or dispute initiated by a player. Please see our Terms & Conditions for more information on disputes.


In addition to will try to provide their observations and make the best review here. But this monitoring is not complete without your comments, messages and reports. So post your comments on the investment system provided at the end of each post or email

NOTE: is not a financial and investment system and it never enter into the investment services’s area.
Our main task is to provide the correct payment for hyips and their related data. has no responsibility for your investments.
Do your investment with more observation and investigation.

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