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How to buy land in Metaverse ; How to have a virtual land?

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How to buy land in Metaverse?

In this article, we are going to discuss how to buy land in Metaverse. Because Metaverse is already making a lot of noises in the cryptocurrencies world. How to buy land in Metaverse? How to have a virtual land?  
Let’s see what happened: Facebook has changed its name to Meta and announced Metaverse as the future of the Internet.

Earlier this year, Epic, the creator of the online game Fortnite, raised $ 1 billion to show that investors are willing to invest a lot of money in online experiences.

So, let’s see what Metaverse is

We can say that Metaverse is the environment between physical and virtual reality in which real-world geographical locations are on a partitioned map and they also correspond to user-generated digital virtual environments. It is safe to say that, these environments can also be traded.
Buying lands or fields is very important and even valuable for some people. Be with us in the continue, so we can show you why and how.

Here are the chapters in this article:

How to buy lands in Metaverse?

I think we should ask some questions from ourselves first and then try to have answers for those to understand better.
Questions such as:

  1. What is this Metaverse? What does it mean truly?
  2. Is Metaverse just about VR glasses and gaming?
  3. And, What are the big money-making opportunities in it?

It is generally speaking Metaverse is a very vast universal virtual world where people gather together to play, socialize and work. Metaverse is also linked to the development of Web3.0, which some believe will be the next generation of advanced internet, a Blockchain-based chapter.
Theoretically, Metaverse could democratize access and power, and undermine the dominance of the largest tech companies in the future. OK, by now have some information about Metaverse, now is the time to know how to buy land in Metaverse. But, first thing first. We need to know what virtual land is and its uses.

How to have a virtual land? 

As we said before, Metaverse is an environment in which you can purchase virtual land. Real money is spent by investors to buy lands in a new city that exists only in virtual reality.
The main goal of the fields is to allow game designers and developers to publish some kinds of experiences and data on those fields that can be played by gamers. The fun and sweet fact here is that you as a gamer can earn money by playing in this. In addition, virtual fields. Some other options will be activated, too. Such as the ability to rent fields and stocks in this virtual reality called Metaverse.
Buyers in Decentraland, a cryptocurrency market, can do whatever they want in their fields. In the virtual world, investors buy lands and strong communities increase utility. Behold, new technology is on its way.

What do we gain from buying virtual land?

The terms of Metaverse, virtual reality, buying lands in it, gaining profits can be confusing. We are trying to make it as simple as we can.
You can start your own business in Metaverse. You can make profits by just simply renting, selling, and buying fields in business. Just as simple it is in the real world!
Be with us to have more information on them!

Where can we buy virtual land?

There are many virtual worlds around us that we are not aware of. They always exist and evolve even when we are walking down the street or looking out the window, doing our routine tasks.
Since the introduction of virtual reality, many companies started to create a virtual world that can be viewed and used by simply using compatible devices such as computers, mobile phones, or even headsets.
You can see some of the projects below that are the main platforms where you can buy virtual lands. You can see the prices of those lands as well. In addition, we will teach you how to buy digital land in Metaverse through some of these platforms. Check these names below:


lands in decentralands
Decentraland is a virtual reality marketplace operated by the Ethereum Blockchain, offering and completing approximately 129,283 plots of land worth $ 92,207,386.52 at an average price of $ 713 on November 18, 2021.
If you want to buy land in Decentaland market, visit this market. Log in with netmask and find the items that are for sale. Land in Decentaland is not cheap, with the price of MANA rising, landowners in this market are making a lot of money.

Axie Infinity

axie infinity in metaverse
It is a cryptocurrency game that focuses on collecting, training, and fighting with fantasy creatures known as Axie. The cheapest land in Axie Infinity is currently priced at $ 13,000. Check their website to buy land in Axie Infinity. Take a look at the items recently sold and listed on Axie Infinity.


sand box in metaverse
A community-based UGC-voxel system where users buy their land and host their innovative magic. The cheapest land in SAND is priced at around 2980. Click here to buy land in the sandbox. Log in and buy with your Metamask. To date, a total of 123417 sales have been made within the sandbox, bringing the total revenue to $ 112256038 with an average price of $ 909.

How to rent lands in Metaverse?

Some projects, such as Sandbox, provide landlords with the opportunity to lease their land to third parties. However, there is no formal system for doing this. If you decide to rent the land to someone, you have to do it through an informal agreement and this process makes it relatively unsafe. Note that when renting, you should never transfer ownership of your NFT to a tenant. The best way is to wait for a formal and secure rental system to be set up.

Let’s show you how to buy digital land in Metaverse through Sandbox

In this section, we will discuss how to purchase virtual land in Metaverse through a sandbox. The land is purchased from Sandbox when the land is publicly sold. To purchase land from Sandbox, you need to register and make an account first.
You need to do some other tasks, too. You should have the SAND currency inside the wallet you have connected to your Sandbox account. There is some other thing, you need some Ethereum as well. That is used for the Blockchain transaction fee.
During the public sale of land, those how are interested in buying fields should visit the map on The Sandbox website. We tried to show you every step ahead. Follow these steps to buy virtual land in the sandbox. We explained how to buy digital land in Metaverse from Sandbox step by step.
First, click on the available land that you want to buy it. Normal fields have gray backgrounds. Then, a panel will open on the right side of the screen. Click the blue buy button.
Wait until the transaction is complete. If you cancel the purchase at the time of purchase, the transaction will not go through. The selected virtual land will remain reserved for you. Reservation status is purple.
At this time, you get a notification from your wallet which is asking you to confirm the transaction and specify the amount of gas that is charged through Ethereum.
After confirmation through your wallet, the transaction is in progress at this time. After the time of confirmation, a successful one, the selected land will appear in red to show you that the land has been purchased.

Let’s show you how to buy digital land in Metaverse through OpenSea

OpenSea is a secondary and third-party marketplace where you can purchase many NFTs, including sandboxes. To purchase virtual space from there you must have an OpenSea account, as it is obvious.
It is the same with Sandbox for using the platforms. You can buy lands in SAND or Ethereum currency in OpenSea, depending on the seller’s choice.
We recommend that you use the same wallet on both platforms to avoid paying extra for transfers from the wallet you use in OpenSea to the wallet you use in The Sandbox. after that the process of buying is the same as Sandboxes.

Now, why do even people buy land?

Digital real estate has established itself as a legal asset class. Its value is increasing at an exponential rate, making it an attractive investment opportunity. It also seems to have the potential to become a financial asset, similar to real-world art and real-world real estate.
Another reason people are interested in buying virtual land is their unhealthy feeling that they may be missing out on something extraordinary. Strong motivation for people to buy real or virtual is great. Many people lost the chance of buying Bitcoin when it was too cheap. Now it is forcing them to look for alternative products such as cyberspace.
Another reason why people tend to buy virtual land is that virtual fields are expanding so fast because of their orientation to the world of cryptocurrency investment and have huge efficiency potential. A steady rising market has allowed many people to make thousands of dollars in a short period.
Virtual land, on the other hand, opens up new opportunities for things that can be done with the land in the long term, such as building art galleries, conducting advertising campaigns, or simply leasing it to others to build and make money from.

Some users create virtual casinos on their virtual land. Large retailers are also looking to open a virtual reality store.
Digital real estate also avoids major real-world sales problems, such as extensive paperwork, land maintenance, and taxes to be paid. Using Blockchain technology also gives you security and the ability to track land purchases.
Another advantage of buying land online is that land prices are rising around the world, but virtual ones offer comparable benefits at less than 1% of the cost. As a result, buying real estate may be out of reach for many people, while buying virtual land has less of an impact on a person’s bank account.

The future of Metaverse

metaverse future
The network is a Blockchain Metadata that allows users to play and earn money using NFT and Virtual Land.
The network will soon become a Metamorphosis where users can meet other people, earn money, build a home, and more. In-Network, mountains, rivers, houses are all unique.
Users can recreate the land using simple tools such as sculpting. They can build houses using drag and drop options. Metaverse mentioned, is not alive yet. However, once the preparations are done, people can buy the fields on Network.


When it comes to buying virtual land or even cryptocurrencies or NFT, the profits made through them are strongly influenced by various factors. After the Corona crisis, many newcomers came to the ecosystem and are exploring new ways to earn a living.
While some are just trying to store large amounts of money from cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. To some, this effort may seem futile, but people spend millions of hours every day in the virtual world. This is a fact that, as long as people believe something is valuable, it will remain valuable.
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