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The latest database of hyip list. We review the latest hyips and have categorized these platforms in terms of payment status and you can identify fraudulent platforms.

There have always been many question about hyip , including how to invest , quality and stability or them , etc.This page intends to give you an overview how to choose the best and right hyip .

What Is hyips?

A hyip or a high-yield investment program is a type of investment in which operators launch an online platform that offers an investment program to give high returns to investors. The idea is to attract investors so that hyips invest in various industries such as agriculture, mining, steel, stock exchange, etc. Speculative trading in high-yield profiles can return the capital and profits of investors. Hyips are extremely risk-on investments as a few professionals are able to make this high return and manage it properly. So it’s really important to  make the best choice in order to get high profit.

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What is hyip monitor?

Hyip monitoring is tracking sites in order to check the programs and current status. By determining the amount of investment at different times it can be distinguished that which hyip is paying and which one is a scam. There are different monitoring methods. By reporting users’ investments and checking the current status of the hyips, the information of hyips are collected. Just keep in mind that the hyip monitoring you want to choose the right hyip must be completely up to date and reliable.

What we can do ?

We are not hyip monitor. But we try to review different platforms and record their essential information, so you can make the best choice by looking at the hyip list and their payment status. A section of our website is dedicated to hyip review and our experts review the hyips carefully. We do not recommend investing in risky platforms in any way. So be sure to do this with a lot of research.

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Is Hyip a Good Way to Invest?

Many people ask us :Is Hyip a good way to invest ? First thing comes to mind when speaking about Hyip is its legitimacy. It seems essential to check government’s laws for the legality of these programs in each country. Though how much does it correspond to the reality and how much it shows the actual state of affairs?

In this article we are going to make things clear, whether HYIP is legal and to what extent. We try to create a basis for the right understanding of the HYIP and laws.

High Yield Investment Programs are legal and legitimate measure. Because it is not more than a notion, defining the profit degree of the investment project.

When you give your money to someone, fond of betting or gambling, and he returns 100+50% to your money this is HYIP, and there’s no such a country in the world, where this process can be considered as a crime. (of course if betting is not illegal of course, and the taxes are paid). What are the grounds? No legal grounds of fighting with the notion are possible and there can never be.

However, in some countries the following formulation is possible: ”so-called” high yield investment projects are banned (the details are given below). Also the basic of these HYIP is described there. Not more. Unfortunately, we have no detailed knowledge about how exactly and in what country this question is regulated, but we can let you into the general part that has more or less international character. This general part is one and indisputable rule for every, without exception, countries of the world.

Fraud ban
The fraud refers to activity aimed at getting blessings without the permission of the owner of these blessings. Besides, this activity excludes any physical impact, blackmailing etc. Pyramid of any kind comes within this definition.

When we talk about such activities as fraud, we should remember the fact that they took place already. I.e. we talk about the situation when some scammer swindled someone with the aim of swindling. But here we deal with the HYIP as economic phenomenon, under which both absolutely real projects, really high yield and unreal ones that are aimed at the fraud with the help of different tools.

On one hand we speak about real high yield projects bringing profit to investors, owners and the state in the view of taxes. On the other hand, we are talking about the projects imitating those projects: lotteries, pyramids of different kinds, autosurfing programs and many other schemes. And it’s clear that in such a case, most often it is the matter of fraud, and hence of the illegal things.

In any kind of deal which is linked with investments several members participate. The admin of the program, investor, state (as a watcher, arbiter, registrar) and sometimes the third, the one referring investors to this process. The state is the regulator of the relationships. If any disputable situation arises, the court should take a decision on this question.
In the real world everything is quite simple. Economic activity without registering these processes looks practically impossible. In case the underground activity starts, hence it will be illegal. As a result, no matter where, on the territory of which state these processes take place, all is illegal activity. That’s why for creating HYIP legal grounds are required.

But the rules online are completely different. We deal with the site. Notice that in order to regulate relationships we need a state. What state should regulate relationships between people if they live far from each other on different regions? Where should admin be registered and process our relationships with clients?

Of course some sort of the basis can be made for that in a separate one state, making the registration, paying the taxes and so on. Though this rule will work for a small portion of all the variants possible.

Besides, the main temptation appears: why do we need to register at all? Internet is rather free thing, so that everyone could do whatever he/she wants, being far away from the all-powerful force of the law. And so it happens. Getting online, all these measures are found out of the law regulation. And indeed, in such a way the activity is completely illegal. If he gets the profit and handles some economic activity, he must have registration, processing and STATE regulation.

So, when a person does everything absolutely legally, being registered and honestly. In case one would open his site, he would place his address on it, and his HYIP would be legal.

Another variant, when one really registers the site for legalizing his business. And he does that not where he lives. He makes it in some offshore zone where he would have to pay negligibly small interests. Then the site is registered, the real address of the office is written there and here the economic activity begins. Is it the legal HYIP? Entirely.

And the third type, well-known, old familiars, numerous HYIP that appear via the way described above. The site is made, the money is received from it, the interests are paid, though, there are not any links with the real life, except for the admins’ existence. As we have already mentioned this activity is out of the law.

There above we said that some countries cut shorts the opportunities of creating the fraud schemes. And all of them without exception prohibit ponzi or any other schemes. In the upshot: any program that relies on future spends to pay previous spends is classified as “ponzi” and it can’t be legalized in the US, Great Britain, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany etc.

Some exception or ruse is MLM or games, however this is also illegal on the territories of different states and on the territory of some others all should be strictly licensed and ratified. If HYIP tries to place oneself as a gambling game, nevertheless it should have a license and corresponding papers, if it claims to be legal.

Multilevel marketing (MLM) is a strategy some direct sales companies use to encourage existing distributors to recruit new distributors who are paid a percentage of their recruits’ sales. Then the recruits are the distributor’s “downline.” Distributors also make money through direct sales of products to customers.

We can understand from these facts that, investing money in to Hyips can be extremely risky. To avoid the high risk involved with these kinds of investments you need to have a very solid and proven strategy. If you are not able to follow that kind of strategy, you will badly lose all your hard earned money immediately or gradually.

Here are the most important strategies you need to implement in your daily investment activities with HYIPs.

    1.Improve your knowledge about HYIPs

Most HYIP investors lose their money badly. Why? Because most of them lack knowledge and experience on how to deal in HYIPs arena. They do not have knowledge on how to choose a particular HYIP for investment, how to use strategies and techniques to manage their investment, etc. So after a while they learn their lessons the hard way: they lose a lot of money and then try to make better decisions. Therefore, first learn how to do all the hard things. Search, ask and read.

    2.Make due diligence

After that you should carefully make due diligence and analysisabout the particular HYIP you plan to join . Research and analyze as much information as possible before making any investments. Do not invest unless they have hard evidence that prove these investment opportunities will bring you profit. Verify the validity of a particular program’s real investment opportunities: They check the “WHOIS DATA” so that they can get the detailed information about that business. Make the optimal research before investing their money.

The first step you should take before investing your money into a high Yield Investment Programs is to find out the most profitable and stable programs that could bring a nice return on your investment.

  • Making research on search engines like Google is the easiest way you can start.
  • Another tool for making a research is Forums such as Quora. Forums are a great place to exchange ideas with people who have the same interest with you. Therefore, as a research tool, you have to visit known, popular, trusted and professional forums and read what people are saying about different programs. You can also ask questions in these forums. But remember not to believe everything people are saying in forums. Because there are people answering your question, by posting their referral link, who don’t care about you but their commission. Moreover, you should never depend your research on a single forum.
  • Monitoring Sites such as Reviewscenter.net are another place where you can make your research. Note that do not depend on a single monitoring site and read all rating given by the investors on the program you are making research.

    3 .Diversify your portfolio

    you should know that HYIPs are very high risk Investment Programs. Every high yield investment program carries a calculated risk. Just like other investment opportunities, one of the best tools to minimize risks in HYIPs is diversification. You should properly diversify your money among several HYIPs. Diversification helps you to manage your investment wisely by spreading your portfolio over various programs. You should also learn how to distribute their investment over each program. Spread your investment proportional to the credibility of each program.  Do not over invest and focus on overall plan of your investment.

    4. Protect your account

    You need to protect the money generated from your investment so it is necessary to take strong measures to protect your account safe.

Use proper anti-virus software, a firewall, and anti-spy ware software to help keep your computer safe and secure. You must set up your computer operating system and Web browser software properly, and update them regularly. You should also use strong passwords or strong authentication technology to help protect your personal information. You should wisely use e-mail against fraudulent “phishing” emails and attachments which are often used to trick people into giving up personal info.

     5. Use different compounding options

It is impossible to predict the life span of a particular HYIP. So it is important to take some mechanism to make your investment safe. One strategy is to properly use different compounding options. You should know how to Compound for a particular HYIP at different times.
You should  get your original spend back as fast as possible, i.e. set the compounding option to 0% until they return back your initial investment, then after, start compounding depending on the status of the HYIP. You should usually withdraw 50% of their profit by setting the compounding option to 50% after you return back your initial investment. And, you should always keep on watching for red flag for a particular HYIP, if you come across them, keep on withdrawing by setting the compounding option to 0%.

     6. Always watch for red flags

You should always act like a watchdog. Watch for important information about particular HYIP indications of potential problems or red flags, clues that a HYIP may be heading for problem.

      7.Be ready to lose

You should understand that high yield investment programs are extremely risky. Therefore, you should always be prepared for any kind of loss. But, learn from your mistakes.

       8. Work hard

The best way to make money is to work hard. So instead of risking your income. Work and earn money. If you have extra money, you can invest in hyips and platforms like that

        9. You need to be able to quit it at any time

Hyips are like gambling .What you add to your money and what you lose. What you have in common is that you want to stay in the hips and keep working. So leave it whenever you feel out of control. Remember, you can always avoid risk.

       10. Choose a reliable hyip monitor

Some investors ask how to choose the reliable hyip monitor. Finding a reliable hyip monitor is just as difficult as finding a hyip. So do a thorough research and find the right hyip monitor that can instantly announce the status of the platforms.


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