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The latest database of hyip list. We review the latest hyips and have categorized these platforms in terms of payment status and you can identify fraudulent platforms.

There have always been many question about hyip , including how to invest , quality and stability or them , etc.This page intends to give you an overview how to choose the best and right hyip .

What Is hyips?

A hyip or a high-yield investment program is a type of investment in which operators launch an online platform that offers an investment program to give high returns to investors. The idea is to attract investors so that hyips invest in various industries such as agriculture, mining, steel, stock exchange, etc. Speculative trading in high-yield profiles can return the capital and profits of investors. Hyips are extremely risk-on investments as a few professionals are able to make this high return and manage it properly. So it’s really important to  make the best choice in order to get high profit.

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What is hyip monitor?

Hyip monitoring is tracking sites in order to check the programs and current status. By determining the amount of investment at different times it can be distinguished that which hyip is paying and which one is a scam. There are different monitoring methods. By reporting users’ investments and checking the current status of the hyips, the information of hyips are collected. Just keep in mind that the hyip monitoring you want to choose the right hyip must be completely up to date and reliable.

What we can do ?

We are not hyip monitors. But we try to review many platforms and record their Essential information, in which case you can have the best choice by looking at the hyip list and their payment status. We do not recommend investing in risky platforms in any way. So be sure to do this with a lot of research.

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Start Date

Achieve the exact start date of the project.

Minimum Withdraw

The minimum amount of money withdrawn from the platform.


Links to the most popular forums where users talk about the platform.

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Investment Plans

We announce all investment plans in the desired hyip.

Referral Program

Percentage of commissions from inviting other people to invest in Hype

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Min And Max investment

You can find out the minimum and maximum amount of investment in the project

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You can reach the public database looking for information about platform's domain , such as the expiration date , current register , registrant information , etc.

world rank

World Rank

Links to Alexa which is a measure of website popularity. You can view the hyip ranks and global internet engagement .

Payment Prossesors

You can find out what payment gateways are available for transactions on the platform.

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Security of Hyip

You can find out what the platform has done for security.