IBM blockchain help firms reopen amid coronavirus pandemic

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A new application which is powered by the IBM blockchain plans to help people around the world return to physical encounters amid the coronavirus pandemic.
IBM Watson Health, a healthcare-focused arm of tech giant IBM, is launching IBM Digital Health Pass, a blockchain-based application to support global organizations and companies as they start reopening after months of lockdown.
IBM Watson said that this application can deploy multiple data types such as COVID-19 test results and onsite temperature scans to generate a verified health status. With the opportunity to verify health status via the app, people are able to safely access public locations like a sports stadium, airplanes, museums or amusement parks, IBM’s representatives said.
Eric Piscini, vice president of the blockchain division at IBM Watson Health, pointed out that IBM Digital Health Pass is designed to support privacy as its core feature. According to the executive, the app will enable people to share their verified health pass without exposing any of the underlying data used to generate it:
“We believe that trust and transparency remain paramount when developing a platform like a digital health passport, or any solution that handles sensitive personal information, and we remain committed to this philosophy as we continue to build solutions to help support organizations during the current public health crisis.”
This is not the first time that IBM blockchain has been used to help people tackle COVID-19 pandemic.
Northwell Health, a New York-based healthcare group comprising over 800 hospitals, has joined IBM’s Rapid Supplier Connect network.
IBM was meant to provide Rapid Supplier Connect free of charge to qualifying suppliers until August 31.
The platform includes digital identity services to streamline supplier vetting, and offering emergency supplier onboarding. For buyers, the platform also offers a single platform through which information regarding a supplier can be accessed, including product listings.

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