IBM is partnering up with a clothing company to implement blockchain

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Tech giant IBM aims to partner up with the textile company KAYA&KATO to implement blockchain technology and track sustainable clothing production. The platform is going to bring transparency to the creation process of the product.

A Blockchain Network For The Fashion Industry And Eco Production

This partnership between IBM and KAYA&KATO will also be supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Development (BMZ).
According to an official announcement, the technology pioneer will cooperate with the textile company in aims to bring more transparency to the entire manufacturing process. The platform is constructed to face a number of customers’ needs concerning the process of manufacture. The technology will bring some more transparency about the process, including the origin of garments and fibers to the completion of the end product. The network will also enable consumers to know if their clothes are sustainably produced or not.
As per the publication, the new blockchain implementation will also document and trace the entire textile supply chain. It will enable suppliers of organic cotton and KAYA&KATO customers to keep track of the origin of the fabrics and know each production and distribution step.
Another major aim is to create transparency in this sector of the fashion industry and to develop a secured protocol for the traceability of ecological materials.
According to IBM, this is led by the rising consumers demand to understand the environmental impact of the products they purchase. The tech company has conducted a recent survey, in which 77% of consumers said that sustainability is kind of important to them, and 57% surveyed said they want to change their purchasing habits to reduce negative impact to the environment.
“Blockchain technology is a catalyst for collaboration and transparency across industries and within supply chains. By creating shared visibility, the technology helps foster trust among companies and their suppliers, businesses and especially their consumers”, said Christian Schultze-Wolters, Director of Blockchain at IBM.
The transaction data, which will be recorded in blocks on the chain, are going to be accessible to all partnering parties.

Blockchain Keeps Finding Its Place Into Different Industries

As many economies go through the changes of a modern world, blockchain technology has been proving its applicability to various industries, among which car manufacturing, mining, electronics and food cultivation and distribution.
The novel technology plans to show its advantages even in highly niche environments like aerospace, for that matter. As CryptoPotato has reported, the aerospace giant Thales announced it would use blockchain for the development of its digital management system and improved inner connectivity between all its applications, thus complying with NATO standards too.

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