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The purpose of this advertising campaign is to promote the products of a company that produces calm red, white and rose wines.

They cannot openly advertise wine in the media, but you can always tell your friends and acquaintances on social networks about them.

They pay for what you talk about them.

The company history began with a small vineyard in Tuscany in 1963.

At that time, production barely reached 5,000 bottles a year. However, the excellent weather conditions made it possible to obtain excellent raw materials from year to year and process it into incredible dry wine, which has gained worldwide recognition.

Gradually, by attracting investments, it became possible to increase the area of grape planting, and by 2005 the company owned 18 vineyards, with a total area of more than 200 hectares.

Why do we need this?

They make excellent wine and want it to be presented in the markets of China, Korea, America, Russia.

There is a huge number of worthy wine producers on the market and it is not that easy to stand out among them. The time for classic advertising has passed and their marketers have decided to try something new.

The plan is very simple:they have a great product, and the “word of mouth” is the best advertising!

Why pay corporate advertising agencies when they have the opportunity to work directly with their consumers? You help them, they pay you for your work – everything is simple and open.

They have an advertising budget of $30 000 000 which they are willing to spend on promotion.

Big money for an interesting job

Each agent of an advertising campaign offers great opportunities for professional growth in a new field of activity for him.

Each agent makes a guarantee deposit. The amount of the deposit is determined by the agent. Future profit of an advertising agent will also depend on the amount of the deposit. At the completion of the term of the contract the guarantee deposit is returned in full.

Direct advertising of alcohol is prohibited in almost all markets, but no one can forbid consumer recommendations. Therefore, use all available social media and earn decent money. There’s enough advertising budget for everyone!

Essential Information
Start Date 17 Nov 2019
Website Link
Min/Max Deposit 1 USD – No Limit
Minimum withdraw  –
WHOIS View Here
NameCheap, Inc.Registered On:2018-05-16.Expires On:2020-05-16
World Rank Alexa
PaymentProcessors Perfectmoney , BitCoin , Payeer ,  Bitcoin Cash ,Litecoin ,Ethereum,QIWI RUB , Yandex.Money RUB, Ripple , Visa/MC/МИР RUB

Investment’s plan of

0.6% – 1.85% daily for 45 – 90 days

Minimum :1 USD – Maximum:No Limit
Features Of

Withdraw :Manuel
Security:DDOS Protection – EV SSL, CloudFlare, Inc.

Referral Commission : 7%

Script: GoldCoders : Licensed

24/7 Support

Rules Of


The Principal is Wine Systems LTD.

The Agent is a participant of the marketing program for promotion of the Principal’s products.

Electronic platform is the official website of the Principal

The counterparty is the final consumer of the Principal’s products.


1.1. The Principal entrusts, and the Agent undertakes to act as an advertising agent and to provide marketing services to the Principal.

1.2. The Agent searches for partners, prepares advertising materials, reviews on the company’s products, provides other services that contribute to the popularization of the Principal and its products through social media and other available legal methods.

1.3. Contracts and other agreements are concluded directly between the Principal and the Agent.

1.4. The Principal has the right to establish the necessary relations with the third parties directly without the participation of the Agent.


The Agent undertakes:

2.1. To protect commercial, financial and other interests of the Principal.

2.2. To inform partners about the Principal’s products, about changes in the assortment and highlight the quality advantages of the products.

2.3. To inform the Principal of biddings, auctions and tenders announced in respect of goods and services which are the subject of this agreement, as well as to assist the Principal in participating in them to the extent possible.

2.4. Provide the Principal with assistance in conducting marketing analysis.

2.5. To carry out advertising services. To coordinate with the Principal cost estimates for advertising services at least one month before their implementation. The Principal shall bear all advertising costs.

2.6. To promptly inform about all significant changes affecting the transactions carried out by the Principal.


The Principal undertakes:

3.1. To provide the Agent with all possible assistance in the implementation of the Agreement, to timely inform the Agent of the plans for upcoming sales and purchases, together with the Agent to find the ways to improve performance.

3.2. To provide the Agent with the standard advertising materials.

3.3. If necessary, to send its representatives and to receive representatives of the Agent to render mutual assistance.

3.4. To fulfill its obligations to counterparties.

3.5. To accurately and timely pay the due reward the Agent.


4.1. The Principal provides the Agent with the access to the electronic platform with advertising materials and the accounting database of the work done by the Agent. After that the Agent shall immediately start working on the fulfillment of the Principal’s assignment.

4.2. Having the assignment fulfilled, the Agent performes progress report using the electronic platform, and the Principal approves the amount of the reward and the terms of its payment. The Principal’s assignment is specified in the Bounty menu section on the electronic platform.

4.4. After performance of the assignment, the Principal credits funds to the Agent’s personal account on the electronic platform.


5.1. For the provision of agency services for the advertising of goods by the Principal, the Agent shall be paid the reward in the amount set forth in the Bounty section on the electronic site.

5.2 The reward shall be paid to the Agent within 72 hours after performance of the assignment.

5.3. For delay in payment Principal shall pay to the Agent a penalty equal to 20 percent of the amount of agency payout.


6.1. The parties shall take all measures to settle disputes and disagreements that may arise from this agreement through negotiations.

6.2. If the parties do not agree, all disputes and disagreements are referred for settlement to the arbitration court at the place of registration of the Principal.


7.1. The Agreement shall enter into force upon signature by both Parties and is valid until December 31, 2024.

7.2. The Agreement may be terminated or its conditions changed at the request of one of the Parties if it declares this in writing no earlier than 365 days before the expiration of its validity period providing the consent of the second Party. All amendments and additions to the Agreement are valid if they are published in the appropriate section on the Principal’s website.

7.3. None of the Parties has the right, without the written consent of the other Party, to transfer its rights and obligations under this Agreement to any third party.

7.4. The Agent has the right to receive the reward for the services rendered to the Principal during the term of the Agreement, including after expiration of this Agreement.

7.5. In order to receive the full set of marketing tools, the Agent is obliged to pay a guarantee deposit. Interest shall be accrued to the entire amount of the guarantee deposit in accordance with the selected agent plan.


8.1. The Agent agrees that advertisement activity is associated with risks and realizes that under certain circumstances profit may be less than stated on the electronic platform due to circumstances beyond the control of the Principal.

8.2. The operation of the Electronic platform directly depends on the amount of funds timely received from the counterparty.

8.3. The Principal is not liable for any losses caused by sharing passwords or theft of personal data. The Principal strongly recommends that you keep your data for authentication and access to your personal profile, mail and settings as reliable as possible.

——————————————- is started since 17 Nov 2019 and it’s investment plans seem logical. Any ways check this page and check the latest status of it’s payment.

In addition to We will try to provide their observations and make the best review here. But this monitoring is not complete without your comments, messages and reports. So post your comments on the investment system provided at the end of each post or email

NOTE: is not a financial and investment system and it never enter into the investment services’s area.
Our main task is to provide the correct payment for hyips and their related data. has no responsibility for your investments.
Do your investment with more observation and investigation.

Is Scam or Not?
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