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To some, the concept of investing can be an alluring one, but with so many options available, it can be difficult to decide on what the best options are. Even in instances where the returns look to be profitable, those that unsure of how and when to make investments may find that they’re not able to reap the rewards they’re looking for. Fortunately, the art of investing doesn’t have to be a solo venture, and Investish is able to showcase just how simple investing can be. With 19 years’ experience, Investish can offer four plans that all come with their own deposit amounts and daily returns. The plans to offer use investments to fund different projects that all offer a daily income for its users that varies between 4 and 7% on the amount invested depending on the investment plan that’s chosen. Although guarantees can never be offered in the world of investing, choosing to use the services of a seasoned professional ensures that your investments are working in the right way and that a return is seen more regularly when compared to some the other investment options available. What Projects Will Investments Be Used For? The years of experience that Investish has when it comes to investing in different projects has meant that it is able to seek out the most profitable and relevant projects when making investments. Solar energy and cryptocurrency are two of the biggest industries in the world, and the smart alignment of these two sectors means that those that take advantage of the investment plans on offer from Investish are well-placed to make a generous return.
Essential Information
Start Date 29 Feb 2019
Website Link
Min/Max 20 $ – No Limit
Minimum withdraw 1$
WHOIS View Here
NameCheap, Inc.Registered On:2020-02-29,On:2030-02-28
World Rank Alexa
PaymentProcessors Perfect Money , Payeer, Bitcoin , Litecoin,Ethereum

Investment’s plan of

4-5-6-7% daily forever – 230% after 40 days – 450% after 60 days

Minimum :20 $ – Maximum: No Limit

Features Of

Withdraw :Manual
Security:DDOS Protection – EV SSL, CloudFlare, Inc.

Referral Commission :  6%-1%

Script: GoldCoders : Licensed

24/7 Support


More About

INVESTISH is an electronic investment system that allows you to make investments with trading activities from all over the world. We provide an opportunity to earn profit from investment packages as well as through referral bonuses.
Present Agreement governs usage of all INVESTISH services by you, opening, usage and closing your INVESTISH account and other related payment services as stated herein. Along with our AML/ KYC, Confidentiality policy and any other terms mentioned herein they constitute the agreement between both parties.
To use additional services, you might need to accept additional provisions and conditions that concern order or usage of these services.
Before you can use any INVESTISH services you are required to:
Study this Agreement and tick the box as the confirmation that you accept all the terms contained in the present Agreement and in the agreements on “User Agreement” page including “Client’s Liability”, “Other Provisions”, “Settlement of disputes and extraordinary cases”, “Other risks and force-majeure related provisions”, “Article 1 to public offer for access to INVESTISH system services”, “How to close account”.
Your INVESTISH account is an electronic investment platform that allows you to earn money.
To use our services, first you must open an INVESTISH account through registration on our web site.
If you are an individual, you must be over the age of 18 to use our services. By registering an INVESTISH account you confirm you are 18 years old or older.
In accordance with legislation we are obliged to perform all required inspections of security and assumed diligence for you (including any parties participating in your transaction, for example, your payee) in order to render you any INVESTISH services. You agree to comply with our any request aiming at receiving additional information and you provide this information in an applicable form. Moreover, you agree that directly or via any third parties we can forward any requests that are necessary to us to check validity of your information.
All the information you provide to us must be complete, accurate and true at any time. You must amend this information each time it changes. We cannot be liable for any financial losses incurred by your unfulfillment of the mentioned above. At any time, we can request to confirm accuracy of information and provide additional confirming papers.
You can close your INVESTISH account at any time through contacting technical support on the web site or submitting the inquiry for account closing to your account, ‘support’ section. You must provide the reason of closing your personal account.
If at the time of closing your INVESTISH account has a balance, we will request you to transfer your funds to your electronic payment system within 30 days. During that time your INVESTISH account will only be available to withdraw the balance. Upon this term expiration you cannot access your INVESTISH account although you can withdraw the balance through contacting help desk with the request to send money via any means applicable for us.
If you want to get access to your INVESTISH transaction history after closing your INVESTISH account, please contact technical support and request the information. You can do it within one year from the moment of closing of your INVESTISH account.
You agree to comply with all requests related to your INVESTISH account in order to identify or confirm your identity or to verify your sources of finance or INVESTISH transactions.
This can include but is not limited to requesting additional information that allows us to verify your identity reasonably. We may require you to take measures in order to confirm your ownership of account through your phone number or payment tools. We can also check your information via third party databases or other sources.
We reserve the right to close, suspend or limit access to your INVESTISH account if we fail to receive and verify this information or if you do not comply with our requests according with the clause herein.
To personalize the account, we request a confirming identity document such as driver license document, national passport, or international passport. We also accept a resident permit. Identity confirming documents of unrecognized states are not admitted. Help desk might need a photo of the user’s identity confirming document by partner face to ensure the document authenticity. Account personalization is not available to users under the age of 18.
You can transfer your money to your electronic payment system.
Please note that funds withdrawal is performed within 48 hours according with company’s policy.
To replenish your INVESTISH account you will have to execute replenishment through the electronic payment system provided by the company.
It is prohibited to use INVESTISH services for any illegal purposes including but not limited to: Deceitful practices, Money laundering and Terrorist organization financing
It is not allowed to use INVESTISH services for any activities connected with the following types of products and services:
Malicious software
Individual Personal Use
Infringement Goods
Any other products prohibited by law
You are solely liable for all losses incurred by your usage of anonymous proxy server, anonymous SOCKS servers, anonymous nets (ie; “tor”) or other types of technologies and tools that allow anonymous usage of INVESTISH services.
You are solely liable for all losses caused by malicious software (backdoors, worms, trojan horses, viruses, malicious payloads as well as any other malicious software) and your lack of knowledge.
You are liable for: Using INVESTISH services only via legal service suppliers (Internet providers and mobile companies) and means of communication.
Installation of the following software to your personal computer, mobile phone or other device you use INVESTISH services from: updated antivirus software (must be last updated before signing in INVESTISH account), updated releases of Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or other web browser (or web-based application), updated version of operating system.
You are liable for regular signing in INVESTISH account and regular reviews of INVESTISH transaction history as well as immediate reports on any issues, obvious errors and INVESTISH unauthorized transactions. If you contact us late this can result in loss of money or essential rights.
You are liable for updating of contact details contained in your INVESTISH account.
If you do not notify us without unjustified delay about any loss of your password or about other event that how you could reasonable expect would endanger security of your INVESTISH account after you got aware of such an event, then case you are liable for losses incurred until you inform us.
If any incorrect payment occurs, we will take applicable measures to help you track the payment.
Our liability upon this agreement is limited to providing you with electronic wallet and related payment services and we are not responsible for quality, efficiency or other indirect output of products and or services purchased through INVESTISH services.
We will not be liable for assessment or payment of any taxes, fees or other charges caused through your usage of your INVESTISH account or services provided herein.
Costs reimbursement: You agree to protect, reimburse or compensate us and secure us against any claims, demands, costs and expenses (including court costs, fees and penalties) incurred to us due to your breach of the present Agreement, violation of any applicable law or regulating and using services. This provision will remain in force after our cooperation is terminated.
We can unilaterally amend this Agreement at any time placing an updated revision (including Tariffs) on our web site.
The updated revision will become effective at the time of publication.
If the Client continues using INVESTISH services after any amendments are entered in force, this will imply that these amendments are accepted by the client unconditionally.
Payer at his sole discretion can terminate this Agreement or any related payment systems at any time notifying us two months prior to that. Termination of the present Agreement will not affect any of our rights or your obligations upon this Agreement.
INVESTISH account that remains inactive for 36 months will be closed automatically and this Agreement will be terminated. Fees resulted from inactive account management will continue being charged after closing of your INVESTISH account. This provision remains effective after our cooperation is terminated.
At any time, we can suspend or cease your INVESTISH account without prior notification if:
You breach considerably any terms hereof and (if this breach is unamendable) you cannot correct this breach within 30 days after receipt of the written notification about this;
If a breach occurs multiple times, any of terms hereof in the way allowing to justify the opinion its provision cannot comply with the terms such as: Reason to believe you are involved in some fraudulent activities, money laundering, terrorism finance or other criminal activities;
Should we have reasons to suspect that your INVESTISH account was used or is being used without your permission or under false pretense.We will notify you either prior to suspension or if preliminary notification is not applicable in existing circumstances immediately after the suspension unless we are not prohibited by law to notify you.
Any complaints against us or services provided by us must be addressed to us first via contacting help desk. We will send you the complaint confirmation by post or e-mail within 72 hours from the moment of receipt of the complaint in accordance with our complaint submission procedure.
We will try to send you a reply or decision concerning your complaint within 30 days. If the error is made on our behalf, due to unexpected circumstances or lack of information, we will contact you.
In order to use other INVESTISH services you can be asked to accept other agreements and terms related to both INVESTISH and the third party.
No one except you has any rights upon this Agreement.
Your INVESTISH account is your personal tool and in accordance with this Agreement you cannot transfer any rights to any third party.
Your INVESTISH account location in Delaware of the United States and the present Agreement is governed and interpreted in accordance with the United States law. Any dispute under the present Agreement or related to your INVESTISH account in any way must be handled only in courts of the United States.
Any scope of the present Agreement will be recognized by a court of competent jurisdiction as non-effective, illegal or legally invalid then this scope will be separated from the rest of the Agreement that will remain in force and be applied to the extent allowed by law. The definitions listed in the Article 1 are used for the present Agreement.
Article 1 – Definitions
“Account” or INVESTISH account means an electronic wallet in the INVESTISH system that allows INVESTISH users to send and receive payments.
INVESTISH Exchange: The service that allows you, using electronic money in the same currency to purchase electronic money in other currency by means of our exchange rates.
INVESTISH Transaction: Any transaction executed by INVESTISH user through the INVESTISH system.
“INVESTISH user or “Client”: An individual or legal entity that is an acceptable client of INVESTISH Finance transaction meaning any transaction executed by INVESTISH user through the INVESTISH payment system.

In addition to will try to provide their observations and make the best review here. But this monitoring is not complete without your comments, messages and reports. So post your comments on the investment system provided at the end of each post or email

NOTE: is not a financial and investment system and it never enter into the investment services’s area.
Our main task is to provide the correct payment for hyips and their related data. has no responsibility for your investments.
Do your investment with more observation and investigation.

Is Scam or Not?
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